3 Reasons E-books are Better than Paper Books


With great advancement in technology, everything around is getting smarter and sharper, and this fact is also reflected in how one reads books as well. There are several reasons why e-books are better than paperback, but lets take a note of the top 3:

  1. You can Password-Protect your Books: Whether it is a controversial book or something you wish to keep for your eyes only, you can do that in case of an e-book. Nobody has to know what you are reading since it is for you only. This is however not possible with printed literature.
  2. Save Paper, Save Trees!: With everything being inclined towards saving trees, saving the earth and saving paper! An e-book encourages you to do just that. A paperless and lightweight way of reading is possibly the best way to entertain yourself. Also, you can store as many as 25 books in your usb! Imagine trying to carry 25 books in your bag wherever you go? Forget that being a good idea; its not even worth an idea to begin with!
  3. Quicker Accessibility: With information going live instantly online, there are e-books available for download even before the printed version hits the book stalls. So, if you need specific information immediately, you can download an e-book and get it faster instead of waiting for it to get published.

E-books are a smarter and hassle free way of reading and accumulating knowledge. Whether you are at home, in your office, or on the go, you can carry an e-book and read it any given point of time. While they take up less space and are easily portable, they are also upgradable. Information changes constantly and an e-book would provide up to date information whenever downloaded. Technology can only get better from here on.