4 Tools for Effective Content Marketing


If one does not belong to anything that pertains to prehistoric era then, one must know something or anything about content marketing. It is the way through which the marketers have now achieved the task of getting beyond the clichs of traditional marketing efforts and communicating more to the consumers. Lets have a look at the eminent tools that help with it. 
  1. Wordpress: Exactly what one has been waiting for. It is one stop shop solution for sending out content to market the brand or its products. Wordpress gives the advantage to sort the content, the way one would like it to appear. Apart from that, it welcomes others to contribute to the page and leave comments and share it on social media platforms.
  2. Google Reader: An online space that renews content every second. This is a tool that becomes ones personal web organizer for all kind of rich and interesting content that is spread over the internet. Google Reader allows one to subscribe to their favorite websites and get regular updates on it. This saves time searching for the content with every new update.
  3. Facebook: Speaking of social media, Facebook is one place that offers ample opportunity for content marketing to play its role. It is a platform that gives the benefits of variety from posts to contests and apps to ads. Every little bit of it is driven by content; content that invites customer engagement.
  4. Twitter: Last but not the least, Twitter needs to be featured here. One should not be surprised to find out that with a limitation of 140 characters for a tweet, this social media site has allowed marketers and brands to reach out to millions over a period of time and there is no stopping that.
Paying heed to the suggested four tools for content marketing is sure to bring in the desired results for ones online marketing efforts.  It is a given that in each case, a well thought of strategy in place can make a bigger difference.