4 Ways to Make Your Blog Brand Friendly


How do you get brands to notice you through your blogs? And how do you make it easy for them to read the information in your blog which is of relevance to their brand? There are several ways in which one can achieve this. 
  1. Social Media Links: Make it easy to spot the different social platforms on your page. You can ensure you place social media platform icons like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus on the top of your web page.  No one should have to scroll the page up and down several times in order to search for them. In addition to that make sure you include a search field on the side so that the brand marketers can search for their name and get instant information. 
  2. Visual Appeal: Pay attention to the visual layout of your page. It is important to reorganize your posts from time to time. Make sure you place snippets of your recent articles on top, and the older ones at the bottom. Also, if you include a few phrases just enough to give a hint about the underlying content in each article, it would help the brands and your readers to skim through and pick out important information, and that way they would not keep returning to older posts. 
  3. Connecting Made Easier: Make sure you are easy to reach. It would be rather awkward for anyone to get in touch with you without knowing your name. Contact information should be on top and easy to locate. You can also include a section which speaks of your achievements and awards. Word of mouth goes a long way, so dont be hesitant in including testimonials since this would also provide the credibility factor to your page. 
  4. Consistency with Posts: When brands scan through your site they take frequency into consideration. Your posts should be up to date with the brand you wish to promote as this will also get you devoted readers in addition to recognition. 
Lastly, an easy approach to your website and the content information is what attracts the brand marketers the most. Hassle free browsing, quick uploads and visual appeals are some of the key components in making your blog successful and brand welcoming.