5 Things to Avoid in Travel Writing


Travel writing is perhaps the most exhilarating way of writing, and when bloggers travel to exotic places and write about their different travel experiences, it can get very tempting to just write without a real filter process. This filter process however is very important, and there are certain dos and donts one must follow to ensure that they deliver quality over just quantity.

Things that a writer must avoid while jotting down their interesting escapades:

  1. No Personal Information: While writing or creating a travel blog, it is not wise to give out personal contact information, street addresses or itineraries. There are all types of readers out there, and this also includes the ones with a criminal mind. Therefore, it is best to steer clear of any private or confidential information.
  2. Physical/Health issues: People want to read about the exotic beaches youve seen, or the amazing landscapes. But they really do not need the extra bit of information regarding your grandmothers diabetes or cancer. Health issues are personal affairs and should not be brought to light in your travel blog.
  3. Leave out the Mundane: While its a great idea to write about some crazy experience with exotic foods, it is not necessary to mention the usual everyday things you ate, which everyone is already familiar with. So, give them something new to read about, but not the ordinary.
  4. Stress Depress: People read blogs to get a sense of positivity, and if your travel blog is going to highlight the anxieties or stress levels you felt during your trips, its going to weigh down your readers thoughts and would bring out an overall sense of negativity.
  5. Gossip: Avoid this like the plague! While you may think that including your cousins crush on one of the people she took a cruise with would excite the readers, it would also give out unwarranted information about that certain individual. This is just in line with the basic code of ethics when it comes to writing.

To describe a place is easier said than done. While its important to be well travelled in order to be a good travel blogger, it is also important to be well read, especially on the places you travel to. Being well informed would help bring the uniformed structure that your travel blog needs, and would avoid you from going off the topic. The aim of successful travel writing is to bring a certain place alive in the minds of the readers, while expressing your own experience.