6 Skills You Need for Creative Writing


The lack of inherent traits that are integral to any creative writers psyche does not entail another persons inability to develop these skills, though the task may be considerably more arduous. Practitioners of a meticulous nature will benefit greatly from their writing and attempts to hone writing skills. These are six primary characteristics of the creative writers skill set.

Perseverance/Determination/Persistence: Genius physicist, Albert Einstein stated, You never fail until you stop trying. If you want success enough, you will endure what you must, to gain what you seek.

Natural Ability: This only means having an unbridled passion that you must constantly tend to, and train so that you can use it. An unrequited passion is wasteful, we each have distinct passions, but we must work to better them. 

Reading: Every writer reads, every potential writer should as well. Improving our understanding, knowledge, flow of language, usage, adaptation, and vocabulary at anytime should not have a definitive end line. Irish author, Michael Scott, put it aptly, saying The day we stop learning is the day we die. 
Withstand Critique: Whether constructive or intentionally destructive, facing criticism is a skill that you will develop at some point of time. Sieving the thoughtless trolling is the important part, so that you can accept the positive suggestions, and work on improving your style thereon.

Vision: If you can picture something in your head or when youre pensively gazing off into the distance, use those conjured images. This is a large part of creative writing. Develop a habit of vividly detailing nuances of lesser recognized occurrences or places.

Technique: Technique transcends the ability to grip a pen and put it to paper. Become a better typist, understand the fundamentals of web publishing, and formats, before you experiment on your own. This is the simplest of the six skills to acquire and working on this, will help you with the others.

Often, there did appear, many lost, in a fix.
With only morbid fear, held stones and brandished sticks.
They all, peering slowly, at quills and lighted wicks.
Asking whod be skilled first, and acquire all six?

Start as soon as you can, incorporating these ideas into your writing process. The six skills that you need for creative writing will guide you and augment any latent prowess that you possess. Across a short span of time, depending on how much and how smartly you work at it, your writing will exponentially improve, and these skills will be etched into you, figuratively, that is. Good luck and write this way.