A Beginner's Guide to Social Media Content Writing


For brands, social media presence is one of the ways to get closer to the customer. At the same time it also serves the purpose of solving issues in real time, the baseline being getting on to a platform where the consumer and the marketer may get face to face, virtually. This purpose is served better by intelligent content writing for social media, which may range from a one line post to a product blog. It is crucial to see what elements influence the social media content of a brand. Lets see:

Audience: It goes without saying that the target audience and their needs and aspiration play an important role here. The content at all times should aim at fulfilling those needs. These may not be direct but vary on the consumer lifestyle, social behaviour or spending nature. 

Product: On the other hand, there is a product approach. Here, the brand is set to give out content that speaks more in terms of their product, where the part that it meets certain consumer expectation is understood. In which case, the social media content would be more focused on brand awareness and positioning side of it. 

Attention: The content on social media can only bring in engagement if it grabs enough eyeballs. So, if the content cannot be differentiated from a competitors then, it would not materialize. The focus should be on bringing in content that educates and entertains as well. 

Interactive: A consumer on social media is not without a mouthpiece, which means that the marketer has to do a lot of talking. So, constant interaction via the platform is important, which means interactive content. This signals out a positive message that the brand is alive and there are updates from both ends. 

The above few are just the stepping stones into social media content writing. A gradual development takes place when the brand is able to make its presence felt. In most of the cases, a brand fails to make its connection with the consumer because it ignores one of the important points discussed above. Getting the basics right for content writing on social media is an important step towards successful communication.