Designing a Company Brochure: 5 Tips


Brochures can get a bit tricky, as part of a marketing campaign for a business. A company brochure should entail a few key features and that is a must, but this is the point where one can be tempted to go overboard. It is on very few occasions that one may find a brochure with a perfect mix of information and engagement.
  1. Invitational: This should be the first thing on a designers mind when designing a company brochure. If the brochure does not have an inviting outlook, it may fail to lure a reader to look into the basic facts. So, the dream of introducing a company and its products will become a far cry. 
  2. Descriptive: With descriptive, it means that the essential features must be highlighted and included in the right places. The flow of language should give meaning to what needs to be conveyed. A company brochure should ideally have information about the company, the product details and its usage, locations and contacts.
  3. Engaging: As mentioned earlier, the brochure should have an engaging content, which majorly depends upon the art of writing. A reader must not feel overwhelmed with the content and it should be crisp. The content should be a good mix of writing as well as illustrations.
  4. Precise: The content, again, should be read with a keen eye before the brochure goes into print. Proof reading the content helps do away with any discrepancy in information, so that the business may not have to suffer later. 
  5. Motivational: At times, a brochure can leave an ever lasting imprint on a readers mind. It may be referred to time and again for verification of details, and it may also be motivational enough to offer a lifelong customer relationship. 
Considering these points should be the first and foremost concern of a marketer, when it comes to promoting ones business through brochures, everything else becomes secondary. However, what clearly needs to be taken care of is that a good presentation for a brochure comes only with the perfect blend of the above factors.