Engaging the Wanderer: 5 Tips


Travel writing is a whole new deal when it comes to online content. While posting travel blogs, writing for travel destinations, offering expert view on travel or sharing one of the recent excursions, authors are making it more exclusive with each passing day. So, what exactly does it take to make travel writing more interesting?

  1. Been there, done that: For a reader, hearing the firsthand account from a writer adds to the thrill.  It is all about the details, the nuances of the writing that captures the attention. A seasoned author can keep the essence of the place alive with a personalized tone of experience. 
  2. Invent and Improvise: The second step of language in travel writing is skipping the exhausted lines. A reader never appreciates the same blue sky over the Himalayas as over the Hawaii. So, the writer should invent and improvise on the vocabulary to make it more interesting. 
  3. Whats the catch: What allures a person to a destination? In most of the cases, it is the best known site, historical significance or cuisine from an area. To engage the audience, it is important to know the catch of the place. Mentioning an old palace or an exquisite art form adds to the mystic factor. 
  4. Get it right: An author must always keep the facts right while going into the intricacies, which includes the geography, ethnicity, adjoining areas, language and culture of a place. This gives certain validity to the writing.  A reader appreciates verified facts in a travel writing which suffices for crucial information. 
  5. Add the flavour: The author should always have his own special touch to the writing. Here, bringing interesting incidences into light from the journey is good. Apart from that an author can bring humour, exoticism or even magnificence to play a crucial role in building in the travel content.

These tips are certain to make travel writing engaging. A wander lust in search of the next destination can find the way out from a tastefully written travel review. With travel writing it is not always about what one reads but how it transforms into the picturesque.