Website Content Writer


Put some Arundhati Roy in a bowl of William Dalrymple, mix it all with a pinch of Stephen King, and you'll get the perfect mix for an ideal Website Content Writer. However, the ideal, like the ideal Gas Equations, is never to be found. Hence, for an aspiring or even a practicing website content writer amongst us ordinary mortals, here are a few common writing tips.

Focus on information: A good website content writer needs to keep in mind that information sits right on the top of the priority list. Unless you have something good to offer in terms of information or product, you can't expect anyone to suffer through your website. One question here, what if you're stuck with the unenviable job of being the website content writer for, say a toilet paper company which had been running on a shoe-string budget for the last hundred years? The answer to that will be clear only if you read on!

Keep your porch beautiful: A website content writer has only a few seconds to catch the attention of the audience and keep it until the audience is hooked to the website. Hence, for a website content writer, maintaining impressions is indispensable, for the adage about first impressions being the last, truly holds for him/her. Therefore, you need to keep your homepage simple although visually delightful.

Hyperlinked paradise: A website content writer needs to do what short skirts do - show some, hide some; show as much as to make sure the beholder would be craving for more. Hence, rather than cramming in all the information that you could on the homepage itself, provide a path to the same using hyperlinks. Although, this is what a website content writer considers as an obviously basic rule, when it comes to actual implementation, many times it's the obvious that gets overlooked.

Keep things easy: Humans have an ingrained propensity towards being lazy, in other words, doing things with the minimum effort possible. A website content writer needs to humor this characteristic human trait and keep the structure of the website simple. Make it easier for your visitors to find what they are looking for by avoiding illegible phraseology and insurmountable structures.

Lion amongst hyenas: Rather wolf among the sheep; which means to say, every website content writer needs to focus on the USP of the site and determine how different it is from the many other similar sites on the net. Your Unique Selling Proposition needs to be truly unique, in the truest sense of the word. If there is none, then find one. In fact, that is what that will save your toilet paper company from its long overdue bankruptcy as well!