Why Article Writing is Good for SEO


In order to make SEO more valuable it is important to have quality content. Good article writing is the best way to enhance your presence and marketing strategy in the web world. Putting together a good article can be a task, but if done correctly then it can produce some excellent results. If your content lacks quality then it would not get search engine optimized by Google or any other search engine. This will then lower or diminish your chances of getting noticed. The world is changing and people take words printed online more seriously than the ones published on paper. 

There are several reasons for why article writing is not only a good, but a great idea for SEO. The few key ones are:

  1. Adding Variety to your Website: Everyone looks for good information and when you write keeping your audience in mind rather than just trying to get a high rank with search engines, it gives you an added advantage over other websites who post just for the sake of posting something. 
  2. Importance of Credibility: By providing authentic and honest information you become a trusted source for your readers. It is important to provide realistic written content to your audience and this would increase your SEO ranking as well. 
  3. Emphasize: if you highlight key words and phrases, it automatically gets picked up by the search engine. But it has to be relevant to your website and more importantly it has to be of relevance to your target audience. 
  4. Quality vs. Quantity: Several writers out there write a lot just to get a desired space on the web, but the lack of quality in such articles eventually catches up and does not fetch the required traffic online. It is important to write good stuff rather than a lot of stuff if you want readers to enjoy your articles and keep coming back for more. 
What one needs to remember while writing articles for SEO purposes is that it needs to be updated and current.  One cannot post something and then forget about it. Constant updates are required with content online if you want to increase the value of your website. It also gets regular readers who keep coming back for more every time. Social networking, creating several links and making it easy for readers to approach you are the key elements for why good articles are a necessity for SEO purposes.