eBooks Are Your New Best Friends


If you think that eBooks can never be your new best friends because you cant hide the rose you received on Valentines Day between their pages, dont you think you losing out on their purpose? Books were meant to be your companions. They were supposed to be with you every time you found yourself alone and in isolation. But their bulk made you think twice before you packed them up and carry them on your back. With technology stepping-in you have little to worry about. The books are prepared to be your perfect companions. eBooks are ready to embrace the role of your new best friends. Will you let them?

The Who is Better Debate

No matter how much you criticize the new bottle with the same old wine, you cant say that the experience wasnt worth it all. Whether it is an eBook or a normal paperback one the reason why you read is not limited to the type of book. Lets face it; there is absolutely no difference when it comes to the end experience, if you are a voracious reader. Of course you cant hold an eBook in your hand, but does that restrict you from going ahead and reading the meaningful, magical words on the screen? The only reasons why an eBook and a book are not the same are as follows:
  1. An eBook is not running text from right to left and top to bottom: In a typical eBook you will find text arranged intelligently to catch the readers attention. Its the F-pattern that eBooks make use of to keep the online readers hooked. An eBook is also more practical alternative. You cant rely on huge newspapers and fashion magazines to give you your daily dose of creative inspirations. With eBooks, on the other hand, you are quite sure about a quality dose of good reads. All the more better if you have your iPads and mobile phones with you while you commute. If you read as you travel you will complain less about the jams and the rush in the metro (provided you get a seat).
  2. An eBook is something that you can write: You always wanted to write a book, but you couldnt imagine yourself writing pages and pages of text that was extremely well-structured and absolutely spot-on. You wanted a writer who could manage things well with brevity. eBooks are exactly that kind of books not more than 5 pages long, extremely comprehensive and simple reads. 

When eBooks Cant Be Your Best Friends

If you are the type of person who likes to smell a book before you start reading it, an eBook wont be of any help to you. Also, not having a computer or any device that supports reading online and having an eBook, is just like having a cake but not being able to eat it. Then there is the problem of reading it while going to sleep can be cumbersome. Only the paperback books can be your bed-time story tellers.