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What is Technical Writing All About?

Posted by on Jul 23 2008 | Content Writing

What is it?

Technical writing is all about writing for a specialized field. Copies created by technical writers are all on a specific topic which is far away from the general articles. Technical writers mainly undertake the writing, designing and editing of professional documents such as web pages, proposals, manuals, lab reports etc.

Know your audience

The basic quality of a technical writer is to know the audience. A technical writer must share his/her knowledge about a particular topic and that shared thoughts must be true. Then only you will earn your readers faith and trust.


Accuracy is the key factor behind every good communication whether written or verbal. Your content should always be accurate in each and every way then only it will attract readers.

Subject Matter Expertise

Your expertise on a specific topic will be of big advantage and you’ll be able to deliver an intelligent technical article. A technical writer needs to have a deep knowledge about a topic on which article is to be written.

Simplified writing style
Technical content is very rigid and cumbersome which mainly include facts than creativity. A technical writer must try to avoid jargons wherever possible. And the content should be written elegantly.

Anticipate user question

This sense will come with experience. A technical writer must know what’s there in readers mind and should try to solve their queries. This will surely grabs readers attention in huge.

Task based information

The content should always maintain a balance task based information accompanied by reference information. The usage should and must be appropriate otherwise it will ruin the content.

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How to write medical content?

Posted by on Jul 18 2008 | Content Writing

Medical content writing is totally opposite to what we write in general articles. This form of article writing is somewhere close to technical writing as it contains jargons and technical language. There are many content writers who are specialized in creating medical content and they very well knows the nitty-gritty of that sort of writing. Here we share few tips of writing medical content. Tips as follows:-

Medical Jargons

A medical copywriter must know the meanings of the medical jargons otherwise it will create a mess in the copy. Apart from that he/she should also know the literal meaning of those technical words which is being used in the article.

Research Work

Research is not only required in medical article but also in general articles. One has to do thorough and deep research regarding medical content and jargons related to that. Research works in the only key to make your articles look intelligent.


Clarity is essential in any form of communication whether it’s written or verbal. In medical articles clarity is must, must and must if you want your readers to understand what you have written. So keep your copy crystal clear.

Recommend a professional

If you are working on a very specific medical topic, then it is better to consult a professional practitioner until and unless you are sure about what you are doing?

Your content should not contain any false information otherwise it will expose you as an amateur writer.

KISS (Keep it short and simple)

Your copy should not be full of cumbersome text otherwise you will surely loose reader and visitors. Apart from keeping it simple, the content should be short as well because if your content comes out lengthy types then it will not hold the readers for long.

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Tips to Write an Attractive Article

Posted by on Jul 16 2008 | Content Writing

Article writing is not an easy job as it involves thorough study, research and good understanding of a particular subject or a topic. Whenever a writer creates an article for a website the first thing they should keep in mind is “TRAFFIC”. Your article should match the standards of the website then only it’ll be able to attract more visitors. If you have never developed an article then just follow these instructions to create the same:-

Subject Selection

You can choose any topic of your interest or if you’re already given a topic then starting writing on it by following the steps involved.


Careful and deep research is the key to write an intelligent article. If your visitors will get detailed information about the topic then your article will get more traffic. Above all your content will be recognized by the search engines.

Word Limit

You should be stick to your word limits. If your article comes out to be a lengthy one then it will surely loose the readers. Standard word limit of an article is 500-600 words.


Being the first line a title should complement your content. Title itself contains the core information about the article. So keep the title innovative and attractive which can create eagerness in visitors.


Your article should be grammatically accurate and correct. As a result it will enhance the level of accuracy. Cumbersome text will ruin the soul of your article so always use simple words and sentences.

Use of keywords

To gain exposure on the web, you have to stuff your article with appropriate keywords and phrases. Its actually comes in use when you do article for Search engine optimization. So your keywords are primary requirement when it comes to SEO articles.

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How to write a Press Release?

Posted by on Jul 15 2008 | Press Release Writing

A press release should be very well crafted otherwise it will certainly not attract journalists’ attention. You must keep certain things in mind while writing a news release. Instructions are described below:-


Press release is created to inform the masses about your news item. A perfect press release should answer the primordial 5 W (what, when, where, why and who) and 1H (How) questions. But one thing a writer must keep in mind that a news release should not appear like an advertisement.


Headline reflects the importance of a news story. So your headline and the first paragraph (lead) should be strong enough to grab reader’s attention. A week opening will ruin your copy.

Consider Media

News release is like a hot cake for media organizations. On occasions or press conferences, media outlets and journalist will pick you news release and run it as stories and publication will publish it with few modifications. Try to develop your story as you like to tell.

Use Facts

Always try to create a factual foundation for your news release. Never include fluffs and exaggeration otherwise it will put a question mark on your news credibility. Journalists are naturally skeptical. Even if your copy is true still you have to tone it down.

Take Permission

Always take written permission from an entity or an organization before quoting anything regarding them. Otherwise in case of dispute your press release may get pulled as resolution will favor the company.

Only News is news

Every thing is not news. According to you if there is any exciting information that doesn’t mean you have a newsworthy story. So check that information correctly and look it from distinct angles. Then only consider it as a news item otherwise it will question your news sense.

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How to Write an Effective Ad Copy?

Posted by on Jul 13 2008 | Ad Copywriting

Two very commanding promotional tools for all kind of businesses are print media and the web. What you say in these tools is what makes the difference. Words have the power of conveying the precise idea behind a product or a service. The prospective client is already flooded with scores of advertisements of the same product, service or idea of your competitors. What can be the persuasive factor about your ad copy that he wants to spend his precious time reading it? To be able to grab the attention of a reader in a few seconds, you have to put the point across in as few words as you can manage and then stimulate enough the reader to act on your words. There are no set rules or guidelines for making a revolutionary ad copy just that it needs to catch the reader’s eye without letting it wander away. If you follow some fundamentals rules to start with, your campaign might just be a success.

To be able to write a convincing copy, you need to know what it really wants to achieve. Having clarity of thought before embarking onto the creative aspect, is what serves you in the long run. Once the purpose and objective of the job at hand is clear, you can proceed to putting it in words. Without grasping this information, your copy is going to be sloppy and talking about everything under the sun except for what it was actually written for.

Once you achieve the understanding of the campaign, the task thereafter is to catch the attention of the prospective buyer. For your message to reverberate, your Headlines need to be very attractive and crisp so as to force the audience to read on. Let’s say you are selling a pack of 4 Nursery Rhyme CDs online. There are so many out there to choose from. Will this attract you: “Buy a pack of 4 Nursery Rhymes VCDs at Rs.555/- only”. Chances are that it won’t!! What if we add a little spice: “Do you want to encourage your little one towards some fun based education!!” Sounds better, doesn’t it? Well begun is half battle won!!

Coming now to the body of the ad copy, you need to zero down [H1] the specific utilities and the advantages of what you are selling.

  • The reader is here to be benefited someway or the other by the product, service or the idea you are selling. It’s a good plan to straight away come down to telling him the benefits he is going to get rather than beating about the bush!!
  • The language you are going to use in the complete format should not be colloquial. We tend to use slang when we are talking but in written format they are a big no.
  • Keep the text explicit with no spelling errors, as it can lead to a complete loss of interest on the reader’s part. A company which is not able to write correctly about its products might not be selling a correct product.

Emphasize on your ad’s appearance? Is it easy to read? Use capital letters or boldface type for prominence. If everything is caps or bold, then nothing stands out

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How to Create Ad Content?

Posted by on Jul 12 2008 | Ad Copywriting

No one can measure the depth and intensity of ad copywriting as it is much more than just advertising and marketing. Ad content surely is meant to sell a product but it plays a very vital role in grabbing potential customers. Each and every word included in Ad content must be powerful and influencing. In Ad copywriting a copywriter can show his/her creativity at large as compared to other forms of copywriting. So ad content writing is all about creativity from top to bottom. We are sharing few tips with you regarding how to write Ad content? Tips are mentioned below:-

Relevant and Concise

Ad copy writer must refrain writing too much otherwise it’ll turnoff your readers. They must keep their copy relevant, crisp and concise. The content should be properly organized with complementary captions and sub headings.

Avoid Technicalities

Your content should not be too much technical otherwise you will loose your readers. But if your product includes technicalities then use reader friendly words and phrases. Always try to include powerful and dominating words.

Carefully Proofread

The content should be grammatically correct and should not include any spelling mistakes. In short, proofread your content carefully otherwise it will expose you as an amateur writer.

Contact Information

Your Ad content should specify the contact information. The contact information could be of distinct forms such as mailing address, websites, URL. And the mode of payment should also be mentioned on the same.


Once you are through with your copy, you can design the catalog. In the catalog each and every product should be mention with the description. Your catalog should be catchy and attractive so that it will get the rightfully deserved attention.

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Why Choose Content Writing as Profession?

Posted by on Jul 09 2008 | Content Writing

If you are passionate about writing and your skills are influencing and impressive, then Content Writing is a profession coming your way. From bottom to top content writing is all about writing for websites. Content is the only medium through which a website can express their motive and services. So it’s obvious that content writer is in demand now days. Advantages and benefits which are of this profession as follows:-

Career Option

Apart from choosing it as a starting point or a part time work one can also make a long term career in this field. Yes, it is true; there are several content writers who have opted for this profession as there career. So if you are considering it as a permanent profession then there is no harm in that.

Employment Opportunities

In present scenario, each and every entity possesses a website and for the content they approach some agencies or appoint content writers. So it is crystal clear that there are great opportunities available for a content writer in the market.

Salary Packages

Experienced content writers receive handsome salary packages. But it doesn’t mean that fresher will not be entertained, they’ll also get equal opportunity to expose their talent and creativity and paid accordingly.

Language Improvement

Everyone knows that practice makes a man perfect. You may retain an excellent understanding of a language but nobody’s perfect and there’s always a scope for improvement. In the same way more you write content it will surely enhance you language and vocabulary.

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Want to be a Content Writer?

Posted by on Jul 08 2008 | Content Writing

Profession of a content writer is the hottest and the most talked about profession of the town. If you have recently turned into a graduate and hunting for a starting point. Then content writing is the profession which is very in now days. But a content writer need to posses some built in or inculcated qualities such as:-


It is the preliminary requirement in this profession. A content writer converts his/her thought into a written form which needs to be crystal clear. Your copy should be sensible and should complement the website. So it is the key to copy.


A content writer is being paid to write a relevant content. So your content should justify the traffic visit to a website as Users always seek for an appropriate, informational and relevant content online.


Content writing is all about consistency. A content writer has to be consistent in his writing within the site itself so that users will get appropriate guidance regarding the website.

Errorless Content

A copy with errors will not only expose you as a amateur copywriter but it will also spoil the user experience also. So do use your spell check religiously.


Try to avoid superfluous words. The main requirement in content is conciseness which holds the users attention and eagerness to read more.

Integrate with the site design

A website design always has a huge impact on its content. So a website designer and a copywriter should possess an iterative course of action between them.

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Want to become an SEO content writer?

Posted by on Jul 05 2008 | SEO Copywriting

Are you an SEO content writer? Are you still struggling hard to understand the concept? If your answer to these questions is affirmative YES then hold yourself as we have a solution. This segment of content writing requires some specific talents and possesses some algorithms within the ambit of which the writer has to work. If you are aspirant to become a successful content writer, then we would like to share few vital tips with you which are as follows:

Understanding Search Engines

An SEO copywriter needs to be well informed about the search engine and its working procedure. The copy created by an SEO writer must be web friendly. As intensive research on the search engine’s working is the foundation in the building of an intelligent and successful SEO content writer.

Keywords and phrases

Natural and organic SEO content totally relies on the keywords and key phrases. A copywriter must know the tricks to identify relevant and required keywords. Judicious utilization of the key words and key phrases will optimize the website on the search engines. As a result search engine will recognize your content quickly.

Perfect page structure and layout

The first thing which traffic observes on a website is the layout and the structure along with content quality. A copywriter must suggest the website owner to opt for an uncomplicated structure which will give right exposure to the content. If your website undertakes a friendly layout then the traffic will surely get influenced by your products and services.

More to come in sub-sequent articles…

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How to prepare SEO Content?

Posted by on Jul 04 2008 | Uncategorized

Each and every content writer must have created SEO content for a website. But only some of them have managed to deliver a perfect copy. Most of the content writers consider it as a keyword chocked content forgetting that it is the foundation in the process of optimization on the web. Now, here you will get few key strategies for writing an original and accurate SEO content. The keys are mentioned below:-

Understand the Structure

Before you begin with the content, you have to be crystal clear about the structure of the website. Always try to provide complementary structure and don’t write cumbersome text. SEO content should resume with introduction, continue to brief structure and end with the summary. SEO article should possess the quality and reliability otherwise the traffic at your web pages will not accomplish the main motive.

Use of Keywords

A content writer should know what to write? And what are the relevant keywords? This is the primordial condition for writing SEO content. Relevant keyword means the words utilized to find required results in the search engines. The keywords must be repeated in an SEO article several times otherwise it will not be recognized by the internet search engines. A writer can use the keyword in the main headline, between the chapter and inside the content itself.

Crisp and Concise

It is very true that most of the people believe that search engines like hard and long copies. But experienced copywriters are aware of the fact that SEO copies need to be crispy and concise. The keywords should be prominently written in clear paragraphs. The sentences should be brief and well written in uncomplicated language.

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