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Blog all the way!

Posted by on Dec 23 2008 | Blogs

Your blog is your reflection. Yes…your blog is the best way to express your opinion about an issue, to share with other people your stories,  your memories, your experience, your viewpoints…it is all about YOU. Moreover, you can have other people to comment on your blogs as well and find out what they think of it. Blogs are the latest medium of expression. The term ‘blog’ is made up of two words- Web and Log. It is like your personal space in this big virtual world. And I am sure you all want to be a part of it.
Though the best blogs are the ones whose writers are completely original when it comes to style, still here are a few standard tips that shall definitely help you to write better blogs. Make sure that you keep these in mind while writing your next blog.
1.    Focus on Headlining
The best way to make your blog attractive is by giving it a catchy headline or title. Make sure that it tells the readers what’s your blog all about. Moreover, you should always have sub-heads included in your blog text. This shall make the entire blog a lot more digestible and easy to scan.
2.    Write worthwhile
Write a blog only if you have something to write about. In other words, don’t write on an issue just because everyone else is writing on it. And if at all you do plan to write then keep your blogs short. About 250 words or so is more than sufficient. Keep it short!
3.    Writing style
Don’t deliberately try and be too formal while writing. Write in your natural style. This shall help you maintain consistency. Always write while keeping the audience in mind. Write in a very conversational format. Try and give the feel  as if you are talking to the reader only.
4.    Links and References
You should always provide links and other references in order to support your text or matter. This increases the credibility of your blog and definitely plays a role in effective network building as well.
5.    Keyword naturally
While writing your blog-post, make sure you include the keywords in your text and repeat them often. It should not look forced though. This shall help you increase your search engines rankings i.e. more and more people shall visit your blog.
Now once you are done writing your blog-post, make sure of the following things:-
•    Check your post for any spelling or grammatical errors.
•    Edit your post if needed.
•    Check if the sentences are simple enough to be understood at one go.
•    Check for the use of any technical terms or jargon. Either rephrase the entire sentence or explain what the term means.
•    Check the headline…if it is attractive enough to arouse the interest of the readers or not.
•    Check if you have answered all possible questions that a reader might have regarding your blog.
Enjoy Blogging!

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