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Serving copy- hobby style!

Posted by on Jan 30 2010 | Copywriting

When some people live their lives with their hobby as their profession, I think they do the right thing. The best of professions have always been one’s that have built itself on the firm belief that when your passion becomes your profession very little can keep one away from making a success story out of one’s life. And the same applies for making copywriting services one’s profession-part time or full.

Copywriting services unlike the connotations of the twin words are not services unless one could call translating a client’s requirement and vision in words a service. Copywriting services go a step further and co-create the client’s vision, giving it clarity and a direction that have at times positioned copywriters as brand evangelists. When rendering copywriting services, a writer does not think twice about the kind of involvement they would ideally like to put into the work. What motivates the writer who is providing the copywriting services is the reason behind getting the copy written, what it would eventually go on to influence and the target group it is looking at affecting through content.

Copywriting services vary from the mundane to out-of-the-box. There may be times when the client’s expectations may not be elaborate and may also border on complete ignorance, in such cases the onus lies on the writer to take the project completely under his/her wings, nurture it and give it his/her best possible attention. The idea at the end of the day is always to give more than the client could expect, because good copywriting services are the fundamentals to championing a brand and the image it will finally hold.

The most exciting of copywriting services are those that demand from the writer in terms of the mental, verbal and communicative facilities that he/she has to optimize to create the best possible content for the product in question. Feasibility is the fuel that drives the act of copywriting services, keeping it from derailing onto tracks of fantasy and always keeping it grounded in the practicality of the purpose of the copy.

Most copywriting service premises at the end of the day are grounded in the belief that the writer who scripts the copy brings to the table a complete understanding of the effects of good copy and also take responsibility of the words he chooses to use in the copy. Some call copywriting service a professional hobby and some call it a hobby-turned-profession but what matters the most is that any copywriting service is only rendered its best when the soul of the brand and the words of the writer come together to serve copy, hobby style.

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Research – A credible pillar of copywriting

Posted by on Jan 28 2010 | Copywriting

To write well is equivalent to thorough research which is an ideal foundation for putting across the most profitable and relevant of ideas. Some of the greatest ad men or copywriters always emphasized on the importance of conducting research before penning down even a single word of the advertisement copy. Research is that great pillar without which no article can be written or developed. Without effective research, any writer is like a blindfolded person who is trying to hit the bull’s eye which is turning out to be a failed attempt every time. Credibility is one single most important factor that decides the readability quotient of your article or advertisement copy and a well-researched piece of writing promises to deliver the same. Whether it’s the usage of modern English or the flair for writing but allocating ample amount of time for conducting detailed research is the soul of credible writing.

There are various techniques that a writer can incorporate while researching. One of the most essential rules to be followed is the reliability of the source of information. The internet is a reservoir of information; therefore, all of the information is not true. It is always advisable to focus on more than one website in order to gather the information on any product or topic.

In this write-up, I will be discussing the importance of research in writing articles, an advertisement copy or a website copy.

  1. Understanding the product – You would be shocked to know that most of the companies are unaware of the advantages and the drawbacks of their products. Either the company is overconfident about the product or they simply underestimate their product and no copywriter can actually present the true picture in his writings or a copy without well planned research. One must know the true appeal of the product before giving it your own words.
  2. Judging the competition – A careful study of your market competition is crucial to the success of any piece of advertisement copy or website copy. Knowing their USP and their way of communication to the audience will help you give a right angle to your website copy.
  3. Identify your target audience – Writing for the audience is the most important basis for writing for the web. You just cannot keep stuffing your article with anything under the sun. Understanding the needs of your audience will help a copywriter to write something concrete and useful.
  4. Conducting keyword research – Bringing more traffic to the website is the biggest challenge for the writers. Effective keyword research is a key to enhanced SEO results that the company is looking at. Include all those keywords that have been overlooked by your competitors in your article so that your competitor’s loss can be your gain.
  5. Focusing on web usability research – Design your copy in a manner that it is widely read and not just flipped over. Write all the stuff which engages the attention of your visitors and force them to spend some of their quality time in reading your copy.

    If your audience does not get the credible and accurate information, then they will, in no time, make their way to some other website. Just like the four pillars of democracy, research is the strongest pillar for an effective ad copy or website copywriting which gives it a true meaning and logic.

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    Blogging Is Not Rocket Science

    Posted by on Jan 23 2010 | Blogs

    Today every second person is engaged in Blog writing. People coming from different backgrounds see Blog writing as the best way to express themselves and to talk about their interests and forte. The outburst of internet accessibility among the urban youth has given way to Blog writing. Be it fashion Blog, Travel Blog, Food Blog or a personal Diary, the important thing is that this new born child of internet is growing bigger and bigger by the day and is being considered one of the most famous and capable ones of all of them. And that’s exactly the reason for which it is being called the most efficient tool for marketing as well. In this virtual war of sorts among various blogs, to secure the top most places on a web engine, there are a few things that should to be given importance. What differentiates a Blog gaining popularity from the one which still remains juvenile in terms of its ratings on the webpage determines how good a blog is.

    1. For somebody who is blogging using a personal PC and simply wants to connect with the people having similar interests, it is Okay to use informal and peppy language but if you are somebody who is engaged in Online Marketing for a client, it is essential to only and only write your article in a Formal language and shape it up in a Matter-of-Fact manner. But remember that you’re writing for living human beings therefore it should have the grip to engage a reader.
    2. It should be pondered over that the writer’s state of mind reflects in the write ups. If suppose the writer is not very sure of the topic or is in a confused state, it will reflect in his works as well. Therefore before sitting and typing the article, it’s better to be sure about the topics and the things it brings along.
    3. This leads to another major consideration- Research. One has to gear up and get ready to do immense research to get the hang of what the subject holds inside it. For filling up the write up with random things makes no sense and might not get the blog good ratings at the end of the day.
    4. It’s been said and done that the secret to make a blog successful lies with keywords. And I will do the honor to bring it to the fore once again because all efforts might bite the dust if appropriate keywords are not used. Also, it should be used in moderation. Overuse of Keywords might also result in Spamming.

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      Content Writing; Things to be kept in mind

      Posted by on Jan 22 2010 | Content Writing

      Content is the key factor in attracting the prospective clients towards a website. Every Search Engine Optimization service provider will also be a content writing services provider as the two go hand in hand. Content writing is a very big field in the world of web. For online success of any site good content is required and if the content is outsourced to an expert content writing firm then the success is almost achieved. Writing content is not as easy as it looks as some of its key factors should be kept in mind while writing content for the website.

      The most important aspect of a website is content. Web content attracts customers and has the power to convert customers into consumers. The content written on the website has to be innovative as well as captivating. The content should be relevant and convey the correct message across. If you are hiring content writing services then ensure that the appropriate and streamline information should be placed on the website. Some things you need to keep in mind include;

      Simple Content: The content on the website should be direct and to the point, exact and simple to understand. The simple content is liked by readers because of its simplicity and has a comeback value.

      Crux of the Matter in the First Paragraph: The main point should be mentioned in the first paragraph. The visitor can understand what you are going to discuss in the future paragraphs. It is very important to have an interactive content otherwise the reader will lose their interest and move on to the other websites.

      Focus on Target Audience: Before writing an article it is important to know who all the target audience is. The article should be simple in style so that your regular readers can enjoy the given information.

      Informative Content: The main objective is to get the information across in a very concise manner. While writing a website copy, writer should be careful with sentence formation and selection of words. The subject should be explained nicely. Only the required information should be placed on the website. The information should be placed systematically so that the readers can understand it.

      Write Small Paragraphs: Internet writing is different from regular writing as no one wants to read long descriptions. The content should be divided into small paragraph as it is difficult to read text on the computer screen.

      Headlines and Sub-Heads should be Catchy: Creativity in the language can be seen with catchy headlines and attractive sub-headings which form the structure of the content.

      Use of Bullets, Sub Heading and Pointers: Readers on the web usually scan an article hence the web content should have bullets, sub-heading and pointers. These three should be highlighted so that the reader can see the website quickly.

      Readability of Content: To make the content appealing as well as readable the writer should use pointers and bullets. The visitor can quickly go through the content and also remember the crux of the content. Bullets and numbers also grab attention of the reader and they are hooked on to the article.

      Correct Keywords: Keywords is the foundation of any website content. Appropriate keywords should be used to bring in traffic to the site. The key phrase should be smartly and appropriately placed in an article.

      There are many service provides for content writing but it’s important to know which content writing service provider is able to write content which brings in target audience traffic.

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      When being opinionated pays off

      Posted by on Jan 20 2010 | Content Writing

      Writing a review is a delight for any writer, as this is one of the few opportunities that a professional writer gets to share his or her own opinion and experience. Though, a word of caution is that one should not get too personal with a review. The first key to writing an engaging review is to understand the target audience. Yes, the cardinal rule of professional writing applies here as well. One must know the forum on which the review is to be posted, whether it would be published as a professional review or as part of a blog. The tone of the review would need to be adjusted accordingly.

      However, no matter where the review is to be published, one must avoid too many dear diary moments. If it is to be published on a professional platform, then the information needs to be kept to the point, enumerating the specials of the place along with the charges. However, if it is to be published as a blog, then the tone can be kept conversational and an effort should be made to keep it interactive. You can feel free to express yourself; however, refrain from deviating from the subject too much or filling it with too many comparisons.

      Another word of caution would be to refrain from getting into the intricacies of the ingredients or style of cooking too much unless you are a qualified professional in the field or a food critic. The focus should be kept on the final dish, which is a concoction of the ingredients and the final taste is what matters and your taste buds will be the best judge of the same. Since, people would more or less trust your opinion do your homework before trashing a place. A few common points which are to be included in a review are the ambience, décor, staff, service and price. Rest feel free to put into words whatever your taste buds tell you.

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      Content Writing; Writing for the Target Audience

      Posted by on Jan 18 2010 | Content Writing

      One of the most important things that is fundamental to any content writing job and must be borne in mind and but is usually not realized is that whatever is being written is being written for the reader or target audience or group. It is very important to bear this aspect in mind but surprisingly even the best of content writers at times fail to recognize that and make a very basic mistake.

      Someone who comes to the web world, even if is not looking for anything in particular would like to read only the content that would interest him. Otherwise there is no reason why someone would spend any time on the piece you have written. And even though it may be a well written piece if it is not written keeping in mind the factors that would entice the reader it may go waste.

      The situation becomes even more alarming if the write up is for a target audience or group. Here If you have not done complete justice to the copywriting job then you can be pretty much sure that all your efforts are going to go down the drain.

      So how do you get over this situation and ensure that you can get the best out of your efforts. Well, the answer to the content writer’s dilemma lies in the dilemma itself. First of all, Know your audience. Know what they would be looking for? Know what would be of interest to them. Once you have understood that, rest as they say is a piece of cake.

      But mind you after being in the field of copywriting for quite some time now, I can spoil the fun here. I don’t know who ‘they’ are here or anywhere for that matter but I do know one thing, it is among the hardest jobs of all. Anyhow, if you are a wanna be copywriter and looking forward to doing successful content writing jobs then my wishes are with you.

      And yes, keep visiting this space, may be you’ll get the insight on as to how to get the copy right.

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      A window to the world at large

      Posted by on Jan 13 2010 | Content Writing

      Writing has for a very long time been associated with a process by means of which people have expressed their understanding and responses to what life presents to them. While some have been able to pen their thoughts in words, some have let others express the way they have lived and experienced the vagaries of life.

      Blog writing has over the past decade become a means of expression for many, and like all forms of writing has surpassed the mere segregations of regionalism and cultural boundaries. Blog writing, which had started out with being a way by which people would share their perceptions and opinions of the way things worked in the world and at times the universe at large, has now gone beyond the private realm and entered the public domain.

      Now anyone who can type, and has some or the other opinion of anything in the world and wants to share it with everyone has started his/her own blog. This is not to suggest that blog writing has become a matter of travesty and what print goes online at times may be frivolous. There are blogs that are personal, entirely subject to the discretion of the author in question and there are blogs that are maintained by business sites with a view to popularizing the company and roping in potential customers as blogs serve as an excellent magnet for client engagement.

      Blog writing is no longer limited to a style of writing that adopts that of journal writing, it no longer presents itself as unkempt remains of personal outpourings. It is a skill that requires practice and has to have a structure into which the words will fall and create a logical, well argued blog at the end of the day.

      Businesses have always and forever been on the lookout for techniques and manners in which they can engage a client in the processes that run the business with a view to providing a certain transparency to the system that runs the business and in effect capturing the potential customer’s interest. It is a very subtle way to involve people into finding the interest in the workings of one’s business and a smart businessman will always like to invest in methods that have a long term, proven and sustained track record in business-client relationship build ups.

      Blog writing is a resource that is outsourced by most businesses to content writing agencies that have trained professionals who analyze ways by which they can very cleverly weave business interests into the blog, presenting a more wholesome profile of the business and doing away with the monetary contours that may otherwise define it.

      A blog on a company site which is regularly maintained by a professional team of writers, and presents the company as a socially responsible and engaging entity is a great device that businesses are increasingly waking up to and in liaison with content partners are finding newer means to write the eternal story of client business relationships.

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      Content Writing Jobs in Delhi

      Posted by on Jan 07 2010 | Content Writing

      Delhi is actually brimming over with well educated people who can write pretty well. This is evident for a number of content writing jobs in Delhi. It is true that in the past few years, content writing jobs have increased all across India and this is because the western countries have realised the benefit of outsourcing content to a developing economy like India. The job of writing content for web is a full time job more often than not. The content writing jobs in Delhi would require the writers to write website copy, blogs, articles, etc. Most of the work is based on research and the writers may also have to write press releases.

      There is an overflow of content writing jobs in New Delhi and you can easily search them on any of the most reputed search engines. Content writing has played a very important role in providing jobs to educated people all across the country. There are various skills that a person needs to have in order to get an English content writing job. The first and foremost requirement is that you must have a command over the language. Another requirement is that you must have good researching abilities so that you can quickly research on a topic and write in an all new way.

      The content must not be copied and should be totally original. The last quality that you should have or you can develop is that you should have a habit of proof reading because it minimises the mistakes. Most content writing jobs in New Delhi have some eligibility for the contenders who want to be a content writer. The basic eligibility criteria for content writing jobs in Delhi are that the candidate must know how to use Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. The writing capabilities are a must and they should also have a Bachelors degree in English or Journalism.

      In order to get content writing jobs in Delhi the writer must have a decent level of interpersonal and communication skills. If the interpersonal skills are as good as the writing skills then you automatically become a strong contender for any content writing job in New Delhi. A person looking for content writing jobs in Delhi should be internet savvy.

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      Wholesalers Makeover Through SEO writing

      Posted by on Jan 06 2010 | Search Engine Optimization, SEO, SEO Copywriting

      Asserting an online visibility for the wholesalers is the biggest challenge for the writers as wholesalers are mushrooming in the cyber domain for marketing their products. My tryst with SEO centric wholesale sunglasses articles has been really interesting, captivating and sometime monotonous also because “Are you planning to buy an exclusive pair of wholesale sunglasses? …” is the line which became stereotypical and symbolic of my writings. But these were also lines that best described the need of a wholesaler from his prospective customer.

      In an ocean of choices for buying sunglasses on the wholesale, how can one wholesaler get an edge over the other? An extensive SEO centered exercise to increase the online visibility of the website is the key to this. And SEO articles plays a small but very significant part of this very exercise.


      There is a strong relation between wholesalers and SEO writing because for them gaining top organic listings is an indication of their successful online presence and popularity. While writing SEO article for wholesalers, it is extremely important to focus on main key phrases or keywords which are to be used repeatedly in the article. The problem of attracting more traffic and higher search engine rankings frequents wholesalers and this problem persisted with the client in question as well. The challenge in my project is to form an effective SEO copy which tops the search results along with living up to the client’s expectations. Generally the copy for wholesalers’ website lacks the insights to search engine rankings and the study of the visitor’s nature and requirement. If your SEO copy has not incorporated keywords effectively and logically, then don’t expect your SEO’s success because an over usage of keywords may also lead to spamming.


      While writing articles for wholesale sunglasses, I work with an objective of making everyone hum about my client all over the cyber space regarding the products and services offered by them. ‘Mesmerizing’, ‘fantastic’, ‘superlative’, ‘captivating’, ‘exclusive’, ‘attractive’, ‘elegant’ and ‘beautiful’ are the few keywords I play with in wholesale sunglasses articles along with the repeated mention of the client’s name which is essential for enhancing the online visibility. Fixing up these problems is not very tough; all it requires is well written content for online wholesalers with the inclusion of keywords and the name of client’s website in the SEO article to highlight vision over value. If you are an amateur writer and still in your learning stage, then follow this direct approach to optimize your wholesaler’s website.

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