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Improving Website Copywriting Skills

Posted by on Mar 27 2010 | Copywriting

Some of the best online marketers have stated that website copywriting is among the most taxing jobs in order to maintain an online business. This proves that sound copywriting skills can prove to be invaluable in business. While a copywriter is on the learning curve he or she should heavily rely on feedback in order to improve in the minimum time possible. Website copywriting is actually an ever learning process as everyday you may come across a new challenge. But there are some proven ways of enhancing website copywriting skills in the minimum time possible, some of which include:


It is highly advised that you should do an extensive research on a topic before writing about it. You can use some of the most reputed search engines, forums and question & answer websites to know more about the topic. Before writing about a product or service you should try and understand about its key features, nature, benefits, advantages and marketability. It would be great if you collect and add testimonials from the satisfied customers because it will add credibility in your write-up.

Always bear in mind the potential buyers that you are targeting because the entire copy depends on how they perceive it. A simple and effective way of writing persuasive website copy for the target market is to understand the economic factors, culture and character. Website copywriting is not an easy job as it needs a lot of creative intelligence.

Understanding the Advertising and Marketing Channels

Searching and reviewing some relevant websites will help you get a tone of website copywriting. The most important point is to understand the purpose of your write-up. Generally the purpose of a copy is to sell a product but you should try and sell the product in the most creative way. You can include calls to action in your copy which will provide audience several chances to take action while reading. Highlighting the main advantages and benefits of a product or service should be a thumb rule but you should avoid overdoing it.

Putting enthralling headers can be an icing on the cake. Furthermore, you can also include various other details such as testimonials, product performance and verified results. For writing a perfect website copy you should always write in a proper style which is relevant to the market needs. The secret for flawless website copywriting is writing for the audience that you are targeting.

You should also take out time to proof read your copy and edit it accordingly. Take help from someone who has the capability of assessing the effectiveness of a website copy. Try to keep the copy as crisp and relevant as it can get as it will have a larger impact on audience. Determination and preparation are the two words required for mastering the art of website copywriting. Writing effective copy is not rocket science but it is an art which can only be learnt with practice. But the above mentioned tips can help you enhance your website copywriting skills.

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Simple Steps To Cracking Web Copywriting

Posted by on Mar 24 2010 | Copywriting

In essence, web copywriting is quite similar to traditional sales writing as they both aim at creating a need in the audience and thereby generating sales. However, the list of similarities between the two ends here as web copywriting needs to incorporate one very distinct element, i.e., SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Web copywriting that is SEO-friendly has become the need of the hour as writing for the virtual business is not the same as writing for the regular business. As web copywriting basically needs to incorporate keywords at a certain frequency to be adjudged SEO-friendly, this can become quite a challenging task at times.

In order to create a web copy that is not only engaging but also fetches the desired results, keeping the following guidelines while web copywriting shall help:

  1. Understand your audience: The most basic criterion to web copywriting, or any other for that matter, is to understand the audience you are catering to. Web copywriting is quite similar to other forms of writing in this context. You cannot create a need for the audience if you do not understand who you are writing for. You need to find your target audience and understand their needs.
  2. Understand your product or service: The next obvious criterion to web copywriting is to understand the product or service thoroughly. Unless you understand what you are selling, you cannot position it intelligently to the reader. While putting a few open-ended ides into your copy can generate enough curiosity to get readers to comeback, a vague copy can actually do quite the opposite and get rid of any prospective consumers.
  3. Present value addition by the product or service: The success of web copywriting, or any other form of writing, largely depends on how you present the value added by the particular product or service. Since only a handful of products or set of services can truly claim to be new, informing the audience about the novelty of this particular item requires true web copywriting skill.
  4. Research, placement and frequency of keywords: The essence of web copywriting lies in cracking the keywords and later their incorporation into the text at frequent intervals. While research helps zero in on the most appropriate keywords, deciding on their placement and frequency is the challenge that web copywriting presents. Along with persuasive language that can capture the attention of the reader and mould their interest, the keywords need to be incorporated without making them obvious or the copy awkward.
  5. Editing and proofreading: Web copywriting too is incomplete without appropriate editing and proofreading. A copy that has typo, grammatical or spelling errors can be quite an annoying read no matter how well the concept is written or the keywords incorporated. A thorough read in the end is a must.
  6. Practice: Last but certainly not the least, web copywriting needs quite some practice in order for you to master the discipline. With new skills and concepts to be incorporated, web copywriting presents challenges that can be overcome only by regular practice and learning from the errors made in each attempt.

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SEO Copywriting Services; Helping Businesses Increase Visibility Over Internet

Posted by on Mar 22 2010 | SEO Copywriting

SEO copywriting services have become one of the most potent tools in helping businesses reach out to their customers.  A concept which not so very long ago people were not even aware of, has now become critical in deciding which particular website or web page is going to rank higher on any given search engine on any given day. But, and this but plays the pivotal role in SEO, you can leverage the SEO advantage only if your SEO exercise is being handled by a professional SEO copywriting services company.

SEO copywriting services or services which focus on the search engine optimization of a web page or a website in simple terms entail incorporating strategies which are in line with the algorithms and processes search engines adopt in crawling the ever expanding web world. Of course there are different factors which play their own roles to varied degrees in SEO and not all of them are related to the content part. Having said that, there is no denying the fact that even in the sea of factors intelligently written SEO focused content plays its own role. And this is what SEO copywriting services ensure.

There are different aspects of SEO copywriting services which are equally important in the overall success of any SEO methodology. When one talks of SEO copywriting services the things that are involved include not only content on the web page, which though undoubtedly is the most important of all, but also includes others like title tags, meta tags and the like. SEO copywriting services become successful and fruitful once all these factors are taken care of.

On a whole SEO copywriting services can be any business’s answer to the competition one might be facing from the competitors. As the SEO copywriting services have the potential to take your website to the top of the search engine rank page, the end result is, whenever your target customers search for any service provider over the internet they are going to find your website right at the top. With such a strong visibility you can be positive about your business making stronger and faster headway.

Even after having understood the significant role that SEO copywriting services play, it becomes even more important to make sure it is a professional SEO copywriting services company that one picks for carrying out the SEO strategy.  Engaging with the right SEO copywriting services company is the first right step toward ensuring the success of the SEO campaign and helping any business increase visibility over internet.

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Website Copywriting – Because Your Business Needs It

Posted by on Mar 20 2010 | Copywriting

Website copywriting has become a rage in the world of copywriting. The ability to communicate effectively with the businesses can increase your sales, traffic and the visibility in the vast cyber space. It is essential to invest your valuable time and money into website copywriting. Effective copywriting can actually do wonders to a website which will benefit your business in the long run. Most of the small businesses do not undertake all the work themselves and rather prefer to outsource it to professional firms. Same goes with website copywriting that is usually outsourced since it can make a difference to the website in terms of traffic, ranks and most importantly the sales one always aims at. Website copywriting is an all purpose marketing weapon which can increase the longevity of a website even in worse conditions. If website copywriting does not conform to the highest standards so as to serve the readers, then even visual elements prove to be a failure in catching the attention of the readers since they last for mere 30 seconds.

Search engine optimization is another area which must be adhered to in the process of website copywriting as this will ensure a better and profitable business. Do you want to know what website copywriting can do for your business? If so, then high rankings in the search engines due to effective copywriting can take your business to new heights. Marketing a website is an uphill task and for this one has to have a skill with the words. The quality of your website copywriting can actually make or break your online reputation. Persuasive copywriting on the website brings in more sales for the company and hiring professional copywriters can be the best deal for the marketers.

If you really want to sell your product or service, you have to aim at customer oriented website copywriting and make your copy attractive. Your website copy must provide answers to all the questions and only then your conversion rate will ascend. Effective website copywriting is an answer to all your marketing worries as this will work in favor of the website in bringing in more traffic and hence sales. Any good website copywriting must talk about your offerings to let your business use internet in the best possible manner to their advantage. Whether you are new to the online world or you are a seasoned business, effective website copywriting can actually flood your website with high quality traffic.

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Web Copywriting Is A Smart Copywriting

Posted by on Mar 18 2010 | Copywriting

Web copywriting is one of the most trusted ways to promote any business and has emerged as perhaps the easiest way to bring the business across potential customers. More and more businesses and service providers are opting for web promotions and also invest in website developments.  The reach, the growth rate and the enormous amount of success rate of websites are the key reasons to be credited for this mass movement. However, a good web copywriting service provider will aim at creating maximum impact through content.

1. First and the foremost thing to be kept in mind while developing a web copy is that the content has to be very crisp and engaging. If the content is not interesting, it would    not be able to retain the reader’s interest and it just takes lesser than a second for    the reader to switch on to some other page. This also includes keeping the paragraphs short and simple. Too much of complexity and the reader will click the page away.  One can also make the page interactive by incorporating question-form-headings.

2. One should be crystal clear about the target audience for whom the web copywriting is being done. The kind of approach, the type of tone and the language should therefore be decided as per the prospective audience who will ultimately be reading the web copy. It is also important that a consistent tone be maintained throughout the web copywriting project.

3. These days the consumers are way too educated and more aware than one can expect. Therefore it is in the best interest of the company and any business to keep things honest and not hype it too much. There are certain guidelines which should be followed in web copywriting. For one this should be considered that a person who is opting for web medium to know about certain subject would be a more or less educated being and therefore would sense the truth in no time.

4. Even if there is a need to elaborate on certain subjects, it should be done smartly. More often than not, the longer web copy articles loose their effectiveness. One should always try and break the long paragraphs into smaller ones and should give appropriate headings and sub headings so that the reader does not get bored or too confused.

A good web copywriting service provider knows that the internet is a large ocean where there is no dearth of options. With just a few clicks one can surf through many different options. Therefore, it’s of utmost importance for the web copywriter to do the job of web copywriting smartly.

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What is SEO Copywriting?

Posted by on Mar 16 2010 | SEO Copywriting

SEO copywriting is a technique of writing an effective web copy that targets specific keywords in certain densities. SEO copywriting basically aims at increasing the search engine ranking of the web page. Higher the rank in the search engines, better the visibility. While traditional SEO Copywriting is aimed at just increasing the visibility of a web site on the other hand, modern SEO copywriting aims at converting website visitors into patrons. It is about creating effective web content that persuades people to visit a particular website frequently. SEO copywriting not only increases your business but enhances your goodwill and authority.

How to write an effective copy?

A good SEO copywriter must know the tactics of keeping readers engaged. Following are some points that should be kept in mind while doing SEO copywriting.

Incorporating keywords

Incorporating right keywords in the right manner makes your website rank higher in the search engines thereby diverting more traffic towards your website. However, an effective SEO copywriting is much more than infusing web page copies with keywords. Inserting too many keywords or ‘keyword stuffing’ can make your copy look colorless and boring. Moreover, search engines grade these kinds of sites as being spam. On the other hand, putting the key phrase or keywords only once or twice while doing SEO copywriting won’t help because then, the search engine won’t be able to associate the keyword with your website. A good SEO copywriter must know the art of using keywords appropriately in apposite places.

Using simple language

Using simple language ensures better readability. While doing SEO copywriting, the writer must make certain that the information which is to be presented on the website is understandable. Avoid using jargons and even if they are to be used, explain in simple terms. Keep in mind that you are writing for the customers, not for technocrats.  Using short sentences enhances the comprehensibility and makes the expression clear.
When it comes to the web, we all have a very short attention span. While doing SEO copywriting, one must know that the ideal way to keep the reader’s eye hooked to the screen is to split long paragraphs into shorter ones. Creating separate headings for different ideas is a good way to keep the readers’ eyes glued to their computer screens.

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SEO Copywriting Services

Posted by on Mar 10 2010 | Copywriting

Copywriting for small businesses who aim to create a thorough, extremely professional and serious virtual touch point for themselves online has moved beyond the confines of tried and tested methods of stylized copy.

SEO copywriting services have become an indelible link between the motive with which the small business invests in an online representation and the return on creative investment that website content offers.

A website is created after studying the routines of consumer behavior in the particular vertical and then scripted to capture this target market. However it is only a matter of time before the website gets lost amongst the many that are created every day.

What keeps the online image afloat and visible for any small business is the strategy it implements in optimizing the site. This is where SEO copywriting services come in as the big players of the game. Nothing works better than a site that keeping in tandem with the fundamentals of SEO copywriting services makes keywords and a reasonably frequent incorporation of them the pillars on which the website constructs its virtual popularity.

As small businesses develop and become more aware of the need to have a wider reach in terms of their end users, SEO copywriting services are moving from the niche in content writing that it used to hold to becoming an exclusive service in itself.

Content and copy creation agencies now offer SEO Copywriting services to people and businesses who would like their virtual image to be both transparent and more importantly crowd (read business) pulling.

SEO copywriting services survive on a healthy marriage between SEO agencies and content providers. It is only when both parties are in agreement as to how the content is to be positioned that SEO copywriting services will serve their purpose.

Unlike what others might be led to believe, quality SEO copywriting services go beyond the mundane and annoying inclusion of irrelevant keywords at almost damaging frequency. Instead good SEO copywriting services will strike a balance between aesthetic and SEO centric content.

Outsourcing SEO copywriting services to content writing agencies is a smart move that most businesses are making and with the expertise writing for various verticals that these agencies have gathered it is an effective and practiced way for business to have interest generating websites.

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Tips For Writing An Essay

Posted by on Mar 08 2010 | Copywriting

Writing is much more difficult than it seems but all it requires is practice. There are some basic rules of writing an essay and you can play around with these rules. You should always understand while writing that the reader wants to learn something from your write up. If you are doing an essay for education purpose then you should not try to bend the rules too much. You should make sure that you are writing something which entertains and educates the reader at the same time. Following are some points which one should take care while writing an essay:

Writing according to the subject

It is generally believed that an essay should always be written in a personal manner. But actually the essay should be written according to the subject matter or what your professor actually requires. Keep the essay very simple so that whosoever reads it understands it pretty easily. Always make sure that your essay does not have any sort of impersonal anecdotes otherwise your professor might not like it.

Spell it right

A good essay writer has to spell right and with the advent of word processors there is no reason for spelling mistakes. Keeping the spelling right is a must because if your essay has spelling mistakes then nobody will take your writing seriously. Spell checking your essay is essential and there are no exceptions in this case. Writing an essay with no grammatical errors will leave a better impact.

Keep it straight and to the point

If you want to write a good essay then you should make sure that the story is written in a straight and to the point manner. There are 5 W’s of an informative story which include who, when, what, why & where and you should try and include them in order to make your essay more interactive and informative. While writing an essay you should always make sure that it has a beginning, middle and an end so it is highly recommended that you should prepare an outline beforehand.

Mentioned above are some of the thumb rules for writing an essay and by following them you can write some of the most interesting and catchy essays. The most important thing is the writer should be capable enough to inform the reader in an interesting manner.

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The Basics Of Writing Content – The Foundation For A Good Read

Posted by on Mar 05 2010 | Content Writing

With internet marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ruling the internet space and making new rules when it comes to developing content, the basics still remain the same for writing content which shall make for a good read. Whether the content is to be used for SEO or not, the basics that help in writing content that appeals to its readers never change. Keeping the following four steps in mind, anyone can successfully create a copy while writing content that makes for an engaging read.

  1. Pre-writing preparation – The first step before writing content is to understand the topic at hand and gather your thoughts. By giving the topic proper thought and research, framing and writing content becomes a relatively easier task. Relevant research and getting the facts right is an integral part of the preparation required before writing content. Brain storming and free writing (as in jotting down random thoughts on a notepad manually or digitally) are a few techniques that can help immensely in writing content that would translate into an informative read.
  2. Creating a draft – The second step involves giving a structure to the information gathered so far. Once a structure is in place, writing content to fill in takes half the time. Creating a draft is an important step; as herein the writer brings together the research and information in an orderly fashion that goes on to determine the flow of the entire piece. The draft is an outline as to how the information is to be presented to the audience. A well drafted piece will make for a read that is informative as well as one which is interesting enough to persuade the reader to carry on.
  3. Review and editing – The next step after writing content would be to review the piece. In this step, the objective would be to fine tune the content according to the audience it targets. Though writing content is the primary task of a writer; however, checking the copy for technical, grammatical and spelling errors is equally important. Even a well-written copy can fail to make the requisite impact if it has grammatical and spelling mistakes.
  4. Proofreading – The final step includes proofreading the content to scrutinize the copy and double check for errors. This is one of the most crucial steps that can ensure that the hard work put into writing content bears the desired fruit. Proofreading can also be described as placing the cherry on the cake when it comes to writing content.

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Posted by on Mar 03 2010 | Content Writing

When a celebrity dies, his death becomes fodder for web-stories and newspaper headlines that stream newspapers and fan sites. Though fans all over the world grieve their death yet the stories that they leave behind seldom die. Their work leaves an ever-lasting image in the minds of the people and it becomes very difficult to accept the fact that the celebrity is no more. Even I experienced the same thorny feeling while researching and writing about the celebrities who died early.


Many celebrities left the World at an early age. The shock and despair that the news brought made the media go wild and that became the basis for my research. I researched a lot about the pre-mature deaths of these celebrities. The research was a time-consuming process. It involved a thorough understanding of the subject. For example – if a celebrity died a natural death, then what exactly was the cause, what the autopsy reports had to say, the family’s reaction, etc. The research helped me in knowing what exactly contributed to their deaths. So, I can say that research is the most significant part of your article. Only a well-researched copy has the potential to keep the readers’ eyes fixed on it.


In order to make the article more authentic, I had to include some quotes that either described the family’s reaction over the death or gave the doctor’s statement on the probable causes of death.  The quotes, along with the sources from where the quotes were taken added credibility to my articles. Moreover, including quotes in the articles helped maintain the flow and made the articles more interesting.


The most challenging job was to write the article. Writing an effective copy does not really mean copying the matter and pasting in your document. It requires a lot of effort. Research gives you an outline; it is your job to fill in. Structuring the article properly with all the information you have is a little difficult. It was difficult for me as well. But that is how everyone learns. Adhering to the word limit was the most important and the most interesting part.

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