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Tips For Effective Internet Article Writing

Posted by on Aug 31 2010 | Content Writing

Article content, like any other content, is a venture into communication and therefore, needs to be written well. Articles published on article directories are read by many people who are always looking for quality content on the web. If you have to write good articles, there are certain guidelines that you can follow to shape your articles well. These are:

Let the first paragraph provide a rough sketch of the article- The introduction or the first paragraph should underline the idea or theme of the article. Write about the problem and then explain how your article can help provide a solution to it.

Follow the structure of the article- Every article will have certain points that need to be highlighted. Before you start writing the article, jot down the points somewhere and then, accordingly, frame the article.
Let the reader be at ease- It is better to adopt simple style of writing, instead of using complex words or sentence structure.

Make short paragraphs for each points- It is easier for a reader to comprehend the article that is written in short paragraphs with short sentences. Let the number of sentences in a paragraph be three, four or five and not more than this.

Use examples to support your points- You can elucidate your points by using relevant examples. This will give readers a better idea and understanding of the subject.

Good content, that is well-thought-of, will definitely make up for good articles. These guidelines are just some points to help you write well. Use your own intelligence to provide a perfect shape to the articles.

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How To Make People Read Your Blog?

Posted by on Aug 30 2010 | Blogs

Web is governed by words and not by pictures and sounds. Similarly, a blog too sells with the help of the words that you put in. There are a few sure shot ways to bring more people to read your blog posts. These are:-

Make an impression with the written word and not just with multimedia- it’s known that blogs can contain multimedia information but the visitors are readers and they would also like to know more about the pictures that you put up. A picture may speak a thousand words but when your visitor is in a hurry, he would not stress his brain to analyze the picture. Therefore, a blog must have explanatory words.

Hit the goal in the first 100 words- You have a few seconds to catch the attention of the visitor. To make him understand what you have to say, make your point clear in the first 100 words of your blog post.

Write for present as well as future- A blog should not have irrelevant words or extraneous information. A good write up is worth reading even after twenty years.

Wasting words means wasting reader’s time- even when you are writing a powerful blog article, a few waste words can make it uninteresting for the reader. The readers are not interested in knowing petty details and always look for stronger points.

Nothing can beat originality- original content is always a winner. Even if you are not able to write well, some facts in your own words will be well appreciated by your readers.

A blog is not an essay- A blog is necessarily made up of short paragraphs and lines to make it easily readable. Offer information in small chunks that the readers can digest quickly. Keep in mind that your job is to present information to readers and not to confuse them.

Being a successful blogger is not easy. While you blog, the above mentioned tips will surely help you ensure success.

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The Essentials Of Blog Writing

Posted by on Aug 28 2010 | Blogs

Blog writing is something that catches attention of many at a very fast pace. For amateur writers, blog writing is a refreshing way with which they can express themselves. The blog posts could range from anything pertaining to everyday life, latest gossips and happenings around the world to common interests which people might share.  For people really interested in blog writing, a few things should always be kept in mind:

The most important aspect of blog writing is making sure you are writing for the reader, otherwise no one would pay heed to your article.

A catchy headline must be given to the blog post. The title should allow the reader to know what’s there in the blog.

The blog should be kept as lively as possible. You may include pictures and videos to attract several pairs of eyeballs, and the language should be kept informal to an extent.

The opening paragraph of the blog should underline what the blog post is about. A person who is interested in reading about cricket would not waste time on a blog post about tennis!

A blog writer should present his viewpoint in an unbiased manner and not make hasty conclusions or judgments. It’s always a good idea to consider both sides of a coin.

If a blog is written about a topic which the general public can relate to, it would ensure more number of people visiting the website and reading it.

The end of the blog post has to be impactful and should make the reader think and comment/discuss about it further.

Another very important aspect of writing blogs is linking. This would make a reader read about a similar topic in another blog or webpage and add to your network fellow bloggers as well, raising awareness about your blog.

Blog writing could range from an official blog to an everyday blog. It is, in fact, a great way to bring forth your thoughts and ideas and help connect with people with similar interests.

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Writing for Social Media

Posted by on Aug 27 2010 | Content Writing

It’s the Internet age! Everything is happening online- meeting friends, shopping, and latest news from around the world. Earlier internet just meant Google and e-mail. Google helped people get information and e-mail was an effective alternative to the age-old letters. However, internet has gone on to mean much more than just search and mail. It has become synonymous with the new age phenomenon of Social Media.

Most of us spend a lot of time browsing through social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. So, it should come as no surprise that marketers have found this medium to be a great way to advertise and market their products or brands. The presence of brands, companies and celebrities online has given way to writing effectively for Social Media. After all, anyone can write but not everything that is written would capture people’s attention.

The most important factor which makes social media hugely successful is the fact that there is constant two-way interaction. People have now become an inseparable part of this process. It is very important to understand the customers one is targeting. One should write in a way which does not sound condescending. It is important to make the content inviting enough to make people curious while adding a fun element which people can relate to.

Proper research must be done before anything is posted because as soon as it goes online, millions of people have access to it. Any small mistake or faux pas can work in a completely negative manner.

Space optimization is another very important element which goes behind writing for Social Media. There is very little space to express oneself. It is therefore important to utilize the given space in a precise manner. Interesting articles relevant to the page should be written which can ensure a healthy discussion further on.

The language pertaining to the articles should be kept a little informal so one doesn’t feel they are reading a newspaper.  Ideally, the article should be accompanied with lots of pictures and videos. If what we see is interesting, we would be curious to know what is written thereon!

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The importance of writing effective copies

Posted by on Aug 26 2010 | Content Writing

Not everyone is gifted with the ability to write effective copies, however everyone can acquire the skills to do so. There is a reason behind why writing skills are so much stressed upon in today’s business environment. It is important for a person to be able to express himself well so that the other person can think on the same lines as the writer. Writing is an important part, not just for a business but also for our day-to-day activities. There are tasks like writing a resume or even a simple letter or an e-mail to a friend that include writing. If you do not have the knack of writing well, you will fail to get your ideas and thoughts across, regardless of the purpose you are writing for.

If you haven’t faced it yet, you should know that poor writing can cost you a lot. There can be misunderstandings between you and your friends, clients and business partners if you construct sentences haphazardly. You have to know how to write well to be able to put down your ideas into documents and pages that can be read and understood by others. When you write, the readers get to know about you. This is another reason to be clear, accurate and focused so that the readers do not misunderstand you.

Effective writing has certain characteristics. A few of them are listed here.

  • An obvious objective- effective writing will always make the reader know about the objective of a certain document.
  • Proper format- in a well written piece, the information will be arranged in a proper manner with paragraphs flowing according to their importance
  • Conciseness- a good write up will never have useless information that the reader does not need
  • Correct punctuation, grammar and spellings
  • Simple language that is understood by readers of all levels

One can acquire good writing skills if he works upon his language and grammar. Writing effective copies is definitely not rocket science and everyone can do it.

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Car Review Writing

Posted by on Aug 21 2010 | Content Writing

Car reviews are generally written to help people know about the features and performance of various cars. To be able to write a good car review, you need to have sound knowledge so that you can weigh the characteristics of one car and compare it with the other. Good writing skills too are important to explain your viewpoint to the readers. You don’t have to be a good driver to be able to write good car reviews. Mentioned below are a few points that can help write good car reviews and fulfill the informational needs of the target audience:

Know Your Target Audience

This is a pre-requisite for every writer to be able to write any kind of review, as it not only helps understand their requirements but also gives a broader picture of what their expectations are.

Highlight Important Characteristics

Some of the most important sections to be highlighted in the review are equipment, fuel consumption, interiors, exteriors, engine and accessories. It is better to write your review in paragraphs so that it becomes easy for the reader to go through the write-up. You can divide the paragraphs according to comfort, history, test drive, look and performance.

Offer Detailed Descriptions And Observations

Your review has to be fair and objective and the information that you put in should purely come from your driving experience and/or research.

Make Comparisons

This is very useful for buyers who might have more than one option in their minds. Such comparisons enable them to evaluate different characteristics of the cars and help make informed decisions.

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Why updating a blog is necessary?

Posted by on Aug 20 2010 | Blogs

The secret is out and if you do not know it already, you might just be on the losing track. Everyone can write a blog but not all blogs become popular. A plenty of reasons go behind the popularity of a blog with the readers. It has been proved that blogs with the most updates are the ones that get frequent readers. If you too have started your own blog, you need to take out some time from your busy schedule and use it to update your blog twice or thrice or even more in a particular week. The journey to be a blogger begins with blogging itself and if you want to be successful at it, you have to follow a strict routine.

As you go through the day, the blog needs to be somewhere there in the corner of your mind. You should carry a small diary with you to be able to remember the topics for blogs for a particular day. People would not like to read something about your life unless it is different and interesting. Even when you are writing about something else, make your posts interesting to read. It will show in your words if you are fearful and not free minded. Write without being afraid of any mistakes. It is your blog and you have the freedom to express your thoughts, as long as they are useful for the readers as well.

If you think you cannot blog daily, you can get a co-blogger to help you with the task. This will help you take off the extra pressure from your mind. You can explain your requirements to the fellow bloggers and ask them to keep updating the blog to be able to get more readers.

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Ghostwriting: A Lucrative Career Option

Posted by on Aug 19 2010 | Content Writing

Ghostwriting, as the name suggests, is the process wherein a writer puts down content for a client without publicly crediting the work to himself.

Nobody knows when ghostwriting actually came into being, but as far as human memory goes, ghostwriting has always been a part of the literary  and cultural world. Brushed under the carpet, kept mum about for ages, ghostwriting has now gained a status it could never have before. It is now brought out of the closet though it still remains the writing industry’s best kept secret. In the older days, individual writers hired ghostwriters secretively to edit and rewrite their plot. Once the work was done and the success and appreciation garnered, the ghostwriter was paid a pittance for his work and sometimes even cheated of his own hard earned work.

However, things have now changed. With the advancement in technology and media communication, hectic and competitive lifestyles, ghostwriting, that was once labeled to be cheating on the part of the credited author, has been recognized as a necessity. Writers actually don’t have the time these days to concentrate on one book, autobiography, blogs and even tweets!  Sometimes, ghostwriters are hired to carry on the legacy of the dead popular author. For example, remember the ‘Nancy Drew’ series? Carolyn Keene was the pseudonym used for the collection of ghostwriters who wrote the series long after the death of the author, who, by the way was male.

Ghostwriters now get a very good amount of money for the services they provide and many are even acknowledged post the death of the credited author. Therefore a career in ghostwriting is quite profitable and for the creatively stimulated. You have to be creative and proficient in the matter given to you by the client. Take up the work only if it stimulates and excites you. You can be reassured that the paycheck will be fat and the creative satisfaction immense.

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Profile Writing For Pharmaceutical Industry

Posted by on Aug 18 2010 | Profile Writing

Most writers would agree that profile writing for pharmaceutical industry is a job, which is very sensitive because one has to be very careful about each word he writes.

It might seem boring; however the truth is that it is quite interesting. Writing about different elements of pharmaceutical industry makes one alert and knowledgeable about the risks and benefits associated with each medicine.

Here are a few pointers that can help you write an effective medical write-up:

Say NO to plagiarism:

Plagiarism anywhere is a crime. You cannot copy word-to-word profiles and pass them off as your own. If you are unable to understand certain terms, either call up your project in-charge or search on the net for a more comprehensive meaning. Understand it and write in your own words. While doing this however, you have to keep in mind that certain terms and expressions in medical writing cannot be changed.

Do not put unconfirmed information:

While writing such content, you have to keep these two words in mind – ONLY FACTS.  Medical studies are an integral part of Science and Science is based on cold facts. You just cannot cook up content.


Remember that spelling mistakes are akin to crime in not only medical profile writing, but also content writing in general. You cannot afford to make spelling mistakes in the medicine’s name. The content will be read by people who are frantic to find an effectively curative medicine for their medical condition. A spelling mistake will only result in the reader growing suspicious of your content and moving away from your site.

Profile writing for pharmaceutical industry is all about ethical and unopinionated content. Therefore, write ethically and sensibly. Remember – somebody’s life is in the words you write. `

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Hotel Profile Writing

Posted by on Aug 17 2010 | Content Writing

While writing about hotels and restaurants reviews, the author is invariably transported to far off lands, exotic places, snuck cozily between lush green mountain ranges. Ideally a writer would like to experience these exotic landscapes first hand to get a feel of the project; however, time and money being a constraint, he has to work with his imagination.

However, truth to tell, the experience is not bad; one would go as far as saying that it is exhilarating at times. The pristine greenery immediately brings back memories of childhood spent in lush green gardens amidst kaleidoscopic flora and fauna. The writer could easily look at these images for a while; wander off for a little spell of daydreaming, returning back, refreshed with a decent copy to boot.

The other thing that catches the attention is the magnificent restaurant scene. Each hotel would invariably have a restaurant, serving the most exotic of dishes and in perfect idyllic surroundings: dinners served in glasshouse overlooking the bay; luncheons enjoyed in the accompaniment of strutting peacocks and dancing mynahs; and breakfasts in suites within touching distance of the whispering seas beyond. These images are perfect to send the author traipsing through these magnificent vistas; coming back with remembrances of murmuring seas, swishing trees and clear blue oceans.

There are other perks as well, especially those related to health wellness. Reading about these facilities brings images of relaxing spas, mountaineering, wellness center, horse-riding, scuba diving, paragliding, and so on; providing a perfect ambience for the writer to rejuvenate their souls sitting at their desks. For those interested in sports, pleasurable hideaways that come with tennis courts, bowling alleys are perfect to while the time away.

The memories of these phantasmagorical images stay long enough to be put onto paper. The images get dim with time; however, on a perfectly still afternoon, one can still hear the waves crashing against rocks, with the hotel looking on from above.

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