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Effective tips to corporate profile writing

Posted by on Sep 28 2010 | Content Writing

Let the world know that you exist in the business world but how? It is really simple; all you need to have a crisp and well written company profile. Remember that only an exclusive profile can entice and engage the right customers for your business. Are you eager to show your valued features to your prospective customers? Then you must take advantage of this remarkable advertising technique. Do you have a good profile? Want to get it written by experts? You must do this and following tips will help you come up with an exceptional company profile.

Before you get on to writing profile for the company, remember to find an interesting twist. Do you have an extra edge over others? If yes, then you must mention it as part of your profile writing. This means talking about an interesting product or service that is denied to impact society in the positive way.

Are you thinking of including an important quote from the C-level executives? If so, then you can easily pitch it as a human interest story as part of your profile writing. You might its difficult to get this interview as businessmen usually stay away from the media. One single quote can make your profile really powerful and effective.

As part of your profile writing, do not forget to add goals and accomplishments. Here you can mention the milestones the company has crossed and the noteworthy events in the organization. You must include the logo of the company and this is one of the most ignored parts of corporate profile writing.

Your corporate profile writing must include a picture or photo on the profile as this increases the interest of the visitors manifold. Usually, image of the headquarters or may be a snapshot of the President or CEO can be included.

No corporate profile writing I complete without the mention of the staff and the people behind the organization.

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6 things to focus on while writing

Posted by on Sep 24 2010 | Content Writing

Every work environment has some or the other distractions. Working within these distractions can degrade your quality of work. The distractions can include people as well the things around you like your cell phone. Here are some tips to follow when you are writing something.

Wear headphones- too much noise in the office or at home can disturb you. You might lose your track while writing if you get distracted. Put on your headphones and play some nice music. Use headphones with noise-cancelling feature to get rid of the outside noise.

Turn off your E-mail and IM- popping messages are a big distraction for everyone. The co-workers and friends will keep hitting you up to have a chat with them. As you need to give an immediate reply to these conversations, you will have to give attention to the IM as well apart from the project you have undertaken. To avoid such distraction turn off email and IM for a while.

Work at your own desk- it is important to stick to the formal work environment if you wish to get the best quality out of yourself. Sitting on a couch may be comfortable but it might just make you feel like taking a nap. In such a case, you will end up wasting a lot of your precious time. Work on your desk to make yourself feel comfortable and responsible towards the work you have been allotted.

Work in chunks- The time you spend in the office or at home working should be divided into smaller chunks to ease work for you. This way, you can also follow some time-table you have made for yourself.

Keep your cell phone out of sight- opt for a voicemail box and concentrate on your writing. This way, you won’t miss any calls and will be able to concentrate on your work too.

All these tips are important to help you focus on your work and accomplish it in the given time.

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How to write an informative article?

Posted by on Sep 22 2010 | Content Writing

Writing informative articles is not a difficult task and with the help of some good writing advice, you can writer perfectly.

The first thing to keep in mind while writing the articles is that you should write about things that you really know about. It is important to conduct a search to be able to find out details of the subject. This will help you in getting more knowledge. The knowledge will show in your articles. Using a search engine, finding information will be much easier. It is a fact that many of the people who come to read your articles have much more knowledge of the subject than you. This is why you should write about topics that you have knowledge about.

Readers who come across your article will take more interest if you tell them how you solved a particular problem. This will help them as well if they are facing the same issue. The article will then become informative as well useful for the readers.

Do not clutter up information while writing the articles. It will be wise to leave some space between the paragraphs. This makes reading easier. You can also give sub headings to the article so that the reader can sift through the information and read what he is looking for. Reading full article may be a pain for people who do not like to read much and have some problem in neck and eyes.

Do not make paragraphs too big. Small paragraphs are easy to read. Reading long paragraphs is also very monotonous. The last thing to do is to edit the articles more than one time to make sure that they do not have any mistakes and wrong information. If you follow these tips and make available the true facts to the readers, your articles will be read by a bigger audience.

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How Business Writing Can Protect And Project Your Image

Posted by on Sep 16 2010 | Content Writing

Through your business, you not just sell products and services; you also project the image, values and standards of your organization. The business letters and writings also serve the same purpose. Any form of business writing, may it be a letter or a proposal, that goes into the hands of your client defines you and your business. Business writing needs to be clear if you want the client to read the whole document. Poorly written documents will fetch you nothing and the reader will not go beyond a few lines. The impact of a business letter or proposal has to strike the reader in the first few lines itself.

Business writing services can help you project a positive image of your company with the help of professionally written documents for internal and external business purposes. Professional writers at a business writing firm pay complete attention to your business and make sure that you get the work done in time. You can very well underline the image of your company with the help of effective business writing services. Amateurish business writing will never win you accolades from clients.

Business writing conveys a message to the reader and it is up to you to decide over the message that you wish to convey. A business copy is not just about words, there is much more to it. Asking experts to do business writing for you is the wisest decision that you could ever take to see your business achieving new heights. You do not need to struggle for writing effective business copies when professional help is available easily. Choose the best business writing services company that offers its services at an affordable cost.

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What You Need To Know About A Business Website Homepage

Posted by on Sep 15 2010 | Content Writing

Website of a business is its identity and if you have to write content for the same, there are some things that you need to keep in mind. The homepage of the website should not be stuffed with content. It’s not a dumping ground for the content and if you wish to invite customers to deal with you, you will have to treat them with the best and relevant content. There are other pages in the website as well where you can put the information you want your customers to know. If you put all the information on the homepage, it will end up shooing the people away.

You need not display all your products on the homepage. There is a separate page for services and products where you can put the information. You need to know that people would not buy your product by visiting just the homepage. This is why being too pushy may irritate the customers who had come to the website to buy your products and services. You can put in some links on the homepage that lead the users to the inner pages and open them up to the services and products that you make available.

Full text from the announcements and press releases need not be there on the home page. You can have different sections for that. Every website needs a homepage and various inner pages and your customers know this. Making them read the whole press releases on the homepage is not a good idea. You can give a hint about the subject of the press releases or the announcements and if the customers find the topic interesting, they will click on the relevant links. The homepage can attract or distract a major portion of your customers so you should make all the efforts to fill it up with only the best and relevant content.

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How To Write Effective And Original News- Views Articles

Posted by on Sep 13 2010 | Content Writing

Giving views on any reported news is a challenging task. Writer needs to be extra careful while giving his own opinion on certain news item as that news could influence many others. Writing needs to be responsible enough to give analysis on the issue which could either be sensitive or bizarre. Originality needs to be maintained while writing news-views articles as your opinion can be of use to the reader who is reading the news article. Writing for news and views articles depends on the contribution of the writer who would want to share his experiences, opinions and ideas with the readers about any campaign, project, development or an initiative.

Before giving his view, writer needs to be careful with his words and the statement as even a use of single wrong word can change the meaning and it might project a changed picture to the readers at large. Following guidelines will help you write effective new-views articles

Give a suitable customized title to your write-up. Ideally, the title should be between 30 and 40 characters and must include the keywords. Be precise and clear while titling.

Lead of an article is a summary which tells the readers what is in store for them. It comes second in the list of news-views articles and gives a general idea to the readers.

The text of news-views articles has to be original and interesting so that readers stay engaged in it. The view and the opinion of the writer matters the most here, therefore a careful thought needs to be put in before analyzing the news. Do not sound like a promoter of your opinion about a certain political issue or any other topic. Views of the writer should be thought provoking for the readers and let them dig deep to know more.

Attach the related document which supports your argument. This will give credibility to your view which is a real and original analysis of the news item.

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A Guide To Writing Effective Landing Page Copies

Posted by on Sep 10 2010 | Content Writing

A landing page is a jump page from the email your client gets to the website you want the client to go to. The importance of a good landing page can be seen by the way it generates leads and diverts traffic to the website.

These pages thus, need to be full of lucid and crisp information that will pave way for greater interest and retention. You need to write them in a manner that is engaging yet not overwhelming.

When you write a landing page, make sure you focus on only one theme

Your jump page should have one explicit premise; this includes event registration or completion of an information page, whitepaper downloading etc. Do not have too many distracting leads on the landing page as it can pilot your visitor away from your site to some other website and that is so not what you aim for.

Build an unambiguous call for action

Place your call of action button on the top or side of the page. This means that you need to place your ‘call for action’ trigger at a convenient, highly visible location around a compelling copy.

Capture your prospect’s personal information and keep it private

To retain your visitors, you need to have your prospect’s information with you at all times so that you can send promotional data to them and induce them to come and visit the site again. However, nobody likes to give away their personal information online for the fear of SPAMS and other such inbox flooding programs. Promise privacy and stick to your words. It will only help your website be trusted and visited more often.

Ensure that the ad campaign matches what you say on your website copy

Use the same images, designs and words you have used in your website copy when you begin an ad campaign. This helps in telling the visitor that he is not lost and has come to the right destination. It thus helps in reinforcing the message you are trying to get across and increase the credibility of your content and as a result, your website.

Thank the visitor!

Last but not the least; thank your visitor for coming to your website. This helps in maintaining a personal touch and also making them realize that they have come to the right link.

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What Does It Take To Become A Copywriter?

Posted by on Sep 08 2010 | Copywriting

Unlike other fields, copywriting doesn’t necessarily require you to have a professional degree, it’s something you have a natural flair for. And very often, deep down you know whether you have it in you to make it or not. So that’s the first question you ask yourself before you read ahead.

What skills do you need?

As a copywriter, ‘words’ is all you ever have and that’s the potential you need to exploit to its fullest. You’ll be required to creatively sell the most mundane of commodities, come up with good catch lines and write body copies in various styles with no apparent USP of the product you are trying to sell.

Can you acquire these skills?

Not really, but you can definitely hone them if there’s a creative base.

Reading will definitely help. Become a voracious reader. Learn to grasp the nuances of language and understand how a word used in different contexts makes different impact. Try reading on history as well as popular culture. Knowing the pulse of your target audience would help you articulate their feelings and emotions better.

Be fun, interesting and cool. It’s believed if you’ve got an interesting life, it’s easier to pen down an interesting copy drawing from your own experiences. So, you’ve got to live out of that comfort zone and be exposed to life.

Observe deeply. Make note of your aunt’s nasal twang, your maid’s uncanny dialect, your friend’s shrieking laughter, squabbling squirrels…you get it, right? Observe things you might not have paid attention to before. Big ideas very often come out of things we choose to ignore and deem insignificant.

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How To Write SEO-Friendly Blogs?

Posted by on Sep 06 2010 | SEO

If you have a blog, you can hire a SEO firm to optimize it for you but it is important to know the fundamentals of writing blog articles that are SEO friendly. If you know some of the basic tips to make your blogs SEO friendly, you will be able to save a lot of money and efforts. Below are a few tips that can help you in the process:

Make Sure That The Search Terms Appear In The Post’s Title

Incorporating the search term(s) in the title helps search engines index your website. In fact, the headline or the title of your blog post is the first thing that search engines and people notice and consider them as the most important words. Thus, making search terms appear in the title holds a lot of importance from the SEO standpoint.

It is always a better idea to put yourself in your readers’ shoes and think from their perspective. Learn about what search words they would be using when looking for your products or services. This will help you include relevant words in the title.

Create A Link Between Earlier Blog Posts And Important Words In The Current Blog.

Search engines prefer blog posts that have been linked over those that have not been linked. They also take into account the words that have been linked. Better link building process makes for better search engine rankings.

Tag Your Posts

Most of the blogging platforms provide you with this option so that you can organize your posts. This also helps the search engines and netizens find your content easily. Google identifies these tags and then prioritize your site accordingly.

Make Use Of Google Insights To Find Relevant Terms

This can help you find search terms relevant to your blogs.

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Some Useful Editing Tips

Posted by on Sep 03 2010 | Content Writing

Not everyone is born a writer. Writing and editing skills can be acquired over the years. Even when a document is well-written, editing and proofreading can help make it better. Here are some tips to help edit documents in a professional manner:

Read out loud- this will help you identify the errors. Also, you would know of the awkward passage formation. After reading the document, if you think that the right message is not being conveyed, you can research further and write again.

Reverse reading- this will help you get rid of the spelling errors.

Wait till you get on to editing- Keep a gap of a few hours before you start editing your documents. There might be some logical errors in the document that you might miss out if you edit the material straightaway.  Clear up your mind and take some time to relax before beginning to edit.

Do not add more words while writing- Editing is all about making the documents readable. If you keep on adding more words, the wordiness may confuse the reader and your message might get lost.

Justify the content- Every line and word in the document should have a reason to be there. Do not include useless phrases and words. When reading through the documents, if you find out any such word or line, just press the delete button.

Do not use passive sentences- Inclusion of passive sentences in the documents makes them weak and unconvincing.

Good editing is nothing but a form of art and you can master the skill over a period of time. Developing editing skills is not difficult. While you might take some time to develop the skills, the final result will benefit you by making your documents accurate and precise. Your audience will understand what you want to say and your objectives will be achieved.

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