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Enhance Your Social Media Writing Skills

Posted by on Jan 20 2011 | Search Engine Optimization

Social media has penetrated deep into our lives and all of us are associated with it in some manner. Sometimes it gets very frustrating when you write with all your heart but desired attention remains a dream. There are certain methods by which you can enhance the value of your content drastically; all you have to do is to remember these basic guidelines while you write.

A killer headline always works. Whenever you set your fingers rolling on the keyboard make sure that you have an eye catchy headline. Always remember there must be million others who will be writing the same stuff so this is the first step that makes you different. Follow it with a great opening. Opening should talk about what you have in your mind, your thoughts in a very conversational manner. Keep your great vocabulary in the closet and talk in a “social manner” without being fluffy or boring. Make sure that your writing brings a reader into the conversation, a personal and interactive tone are great tools for effective social writing.

Never be “cheesy” in approach and always have an opinion about what you write. Internet is filled with individuals who write just to prove “me too” attitude. Discard this approach and stick to your opinions. Opinions give an edge to your thoughts and make you distinct and original. Research is an integral part of writing. A well researched writing always gathers applause.

Social media is a place where people look for fun and little education. This is the bottom-line for you as a writer. Mix your content with pictures, videos if you can; as been already proved a picture speaks louder than words, but picture should only substantiate your writing and nothing else.

Social media content writing is a creative field and every individual has unlimited liberty to play with words and thoughts as per the style. There is no set formula for a great content as it completely depends upon your approach.

Writing for social media is fun as it is the only place where you can easily comment and people like it!

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