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Conundrums Of Ad Copywriting

Posted by on May 30 2011 | Copywriting

Ad Copywriting is tricky business, one that requires utmost finesse and pragmatism in writing, not to mention creativity. Picture this: you have a pen that you wish to sell to your friends. If you go with the same old monotonous droning, “This is a pen. It writes.” how many people do you think will respond to your call? Zilch. However, you say, “Hey guys, this pen has amazing features! You can use it as a nail-cleaner, entertainment device, self-defence weapon and for scratching parts of your body that you normally wouldn’t reach! Oh, and if you want, you can write with it too!” Which advertisement will succeed? Well, probably neither seeing as your friends are probably too broke or have pens of their owns, but the point is that to sell a product, one needs to go beyond the basics and revitalize the product with a refreshing charm that appeals to the target audience.

Ad Copywriting entails certain do’s and don’ts that need to be adhered to. Beware that purchasing space for advertisement content requires a fair bit of budget, and as a result, it is crucial that you generate enough revenue out of the ad so as to cover your expenses whilst making a substantial profit. This can only happen if the said advertisement content attracts enough eyeballs and consequent purchase by the audience so as to make it a success. Here are a couple of pointers that can give you a fair bit of understanding of how to go about copywriting for ads:-

Headline: Boon or Bane – The headline is your threshold on what makes the advertisement content click. It is essential to realize that most people treat ads as tough nuggets in an otherwise succulent meal. If you’re headline isn’t strong enough, then the best advertisement content in the world will not suffice to attract eyeball traffic. While copywriting for ads, you need to load your headline with the best feature that your product/service can boast of, and with a subtle play of words, present it in an appealing manner. This will definitely get a second glance out of your audience.

Humour is a tricky temptress – In Ad Copywriting, usually the best way to attract the public is to induce humour in your ads. Understandably, in a life full of stress and chaos, one does remember an ad that brings a smile. However, you need to be very particular with the kind of humour you present; it cannot be so specific that it is understandable only by a few sections of the audience. If you have imbibed your advertisement content with humour, try showing it to familiar people or someone who comes under the category of target audience. If it doesn’t click with them, simply re-work your content.

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Posted by on May 28 2011 | Copywriting

Blogs have come to fore recently to become a source of advertisement or even a livelihood for some people. Blog is a short form of Web Log that is essentially a record of the constantly changing content of the website. Readers who are interested in new content will look for the articles at a blog and will subscribe to receive them. These readers will be notified as soon the content is updated. This is highly beneficial for the people who own businesses as through a blog they can communicate with their customers on a regular basis. Businesses can inform and advertise important developments about their company and products and that too without incurring any costs.

Blogs writing is increasingly used for article submission where people post their articles to share their thought or look for people who would want to buy them. A blog is preferably a private space with the freedom to express freely and with no restrictions. Blog writing is also taken up by individuals as a freelance activity where they write articles. Any person who wants to start blogging have essentially two modes to start i.e. either through Blogger or WordPress. Any person who has the requisite skills, blog writing can become a lucrative career option. The basis for writing a blog is ability to understand and applying a bit of common sense.

The first step for becoming a freelance blog writer is to create a blog of your own. It serves as a platform to display the work on a large platform. Blogs are meant to be updated on a regular basis so it is essential that the writer updates them not just timely but also with high quality content. As the readers start liking the articles, traffic will increase at the blog, establishing the blogger in the market. Blog writers can then start earning money by doing freelance writing full time at earn a decent amount too.

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Get more visitors and search engines through quality SEO copywriting

Posted by on May 25 2011 | Content Writing, Copywriting

When you open a website, your eyes go through its graphical features more than its content. But the content of a website holds a very important place as far as the popularity and rank of the website is concerned. Recently, businesses all over the world have realized that internet is a wonderful platform to explore new marketing possibilities. Online marketing is the new buzzword in the business world today. Millions of small and large business enterprises worldwide have their own websites for a better hold in the market. But building a website is not just enough to attract visitors and other business prospects. SEO copywriting is an important tool while building a website for a business enterprise.

SEO copywriting is one of the fundamental components of internet marketing. SEO copywriters are responsible for producing content that is liked by both the search engines and visitors. A human vision becomes impatient when it does not get its desired information in front of its eyes. Content with complicated vocabulary and haphazard information does not add to the quality of content. Fresh and simply written content attracts more visitors and search engines. This is what SEO copywriting is all about.

A professional online advertiser and a regular blogger always look for more readers for their blogs or websites. SEO copywriting plays a vital role in bringing more readers and web spiders for a blog or a website.

Keywords used in a SEO copy are generally the name of the website for which the copy is being prepared for or the words from the supplied content. The keywords must be positioned cleverly in the web content and these should be of precise length. Apart from optimizing the webpage content, SEO copywriting services also includes optimizing other page factors such as page title, headings, keywords, description, and ALT tags.

SEO copywriting is more effective when there is a lack of search terms to target, the competitiveness of those terms are low or mediocre or when the internet marketing campaign is long-standing.

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Posted by on May 24 2011 | Copywriting

News release Writing is a company’s effort to catch the hook of publicity by meeting the needs of the journalists. News release or press release is pseudo news prepared by the company about its achievement for the consumption by the media. It is a genuine statement of facts and information but prepared in a form that is newsworthy for the media and in-concern with the general public. The news release is prepared in a proper format with all the requisite information for the news. The release is the reflection of the image of the company so it is prepared with utmost care.

The main concern of the news reporter, who decides the fate of the news item is ‘Is it newsworthy enough to be published?’ and ‘Is it important enough to generate interest?’  If the reporter gets convinced regarding the worthiness of the release then he will publish the news through newspaper, magazine or online methods. A well written news release can help the company increase its sales manifold and give the image a boost, as it is exposed to large masses. People generally trust a news article more than an advertisements that have exaggerated claims. News creates a lasting impact on the people’s mind as a level of credibility is attached to it.

The proper format of press release writing is as follows, if the news is for immediate release it is mentioned at the top of the page following which comes an apt and eye-catchy headline in bold. A subhead elaborating the headline is written beneath the same. It is important that a person uses right key word to grab the attention of the reader.

The body of the release includes paragraphs with the most important information at the beginning generally in the first paragraph itself. A release also follows the pattern of the inverted pyramid where the highlight of the news item is kept at the top. The remaining paragraphs of the release explain the details and provide facts and quotes. The concluding paragraph elucidates on the company’s activities and achievements. Contact information is also added at the bottom of the page for the reporter, in case he needs to find more information about the company or the activity.

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Be the number one with professional writing services

Posted by on May 20 2011 | Content Writing

Millions of people around the world dream of becoming a professional writer. It is a common perception among those aspirants that professional writing is a tedious task. Undoubtedly, it is an uphill task, but many of them never realize that there is a writing career available for them online right now. One does not have to write a novel or submit stories to magazines in order to be an established writer. Anyone can start a career in professional writing services and get their content published immediately in the internet.

It’s a known fact that a reader develops an opinion about a particular writer based on the way they write. This is applicable to all the professional content writers who are involved in content writing for various business enterprises around the world. Online business enterprises communicate with their customers through the content on their website. All this is done to create an image of high standards of professionalism for the particular business enterprise. Hiring quality professional writing services signifies the removal of the prospect of the readers losing faith from a business enterprise. It also helps in creating an excellent first impression in the minds of the readers.

Professional content writers of professional writing services provide content that is written on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) principles. The content writers create optimized content, which means that search engines will find the website easily and the number of visitors will skyrocket in a few days. More visitors mean increasing the chances of selling the product or service of a company.

Professional writing services help in allocating the right keyword with a perfectly suitable title tag which is appealing and at the same time significant in terms of increasing the site traffic. Without much concern for the business owners, blog maintained by the SEO service companies will constantly watch out to beat the competitors and provide you unique content for blogs thereby avoiding spam blogs.

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Why Article Writing

Posted by on May 19 2011 | Uncategorized

SEO article writing services are now amongst one of the most demanded online services, the reason being that these keywords along with good content generate good page rankings across various search engines. The article writing services can offer the marketers with optimized articles that are very well written. When you approach article writing services for content writing, you should specify the keywords that you are looking for in the article. It will help in making your website visible on the net. The article writing services provided by content development agencies are equipped with excellent writers whose focus is on quality SEO content writing. The main idea is to make your content stand out and attract more viewers and eventually increased traffic. Such articles help in increasing the popularity of the site thus publicizing your site and making it the top choice of the viewers.

Good Content writing is very important as your online presence is the face of your product or your company. It should be impressive enough to make the viewer interested in your website. This is exactly where the Article writing services come into play. An impressive content development strategy will help in turning the online traffic towards your site and rank it on the top of search engine. Search engine optimized article writing is extensively being used by advertisers, businessmen and online marketers to redirect the traffic towards their sites. A professional SEO writing assistance will generally differ from article to article and product to product. You cannot hire any article writer to write content for your business. Making sure that he specializes in the field that you wish to advertise for is very important. Research before you hire a content writing service, and specify the keywords that you wish to optimize for your website.

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Blog writing: a new tool in the world of online business

Posted by on May 16 2011 | Blogs, Content Writing

The last few decades of the 20th century and the initial years of the 21st century were ruled by the onset of internet in the human civilization. Internet has not only revolutionized the corporate sector of the entire globe, it has also transformed the complete social architecture of the human society. No one in the world today can imagine a life without internet. Earlier, the websites hardly had a dedicated space where the users could put down their own opinion about any topic in the world; share their own experiences with the other users of the website.

Today, almost all the websites that we surf has a dedicated space for its regular users and its visitors. Such a private circumference around which one can pour down his or her own opinion about a particular discussion or a topic is often known as a blog. Blog writing nowadays has become a new tool for the internet surfers to come into the limelight and express their views boldly.

A blog is usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video. The content of a blog is generally interactive and conversational in nature. Blog writing gives an individual the complete freedom to exhibit his or her writing skills. There are various kinds of blogs found in the internet these days – personal blogs, Corporate and organizational blogs, blogs according to the genre, media type and device.

Blog writing involves a few important points which one should remember before writing the content of the blog –

· An outline should be prepared before writing a blog.

· Every blog has its own audience. Before writing a blog, one should keep in mind the kind of audience it’s being written for.

· Title should be attractive enough to draw more readers for the blog.

· A consistent style should be maintained throughout the blog.

· A blog should be short, crisp and interesting.

· To invite more readership, a blog should be full of links.

Online businesses all over the world have taken up the idea of blog writing as a new tool to increase the readership of their websites. There are several blog writing services all over the world that help the online business enterprises all over the world in supplementing their internet marketing campaign.

Usually a blog needs to be updated frequently with quality content. Blogs with good content help in improving the search engine optimization of a website. It is a good idea to have an in-house person, a professional copywriter who can write quality blogs for a particular business enterprise.

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Delving Into The Depths: What Makes For Good Content?

Posted by on May 13 2011 | Content Writing, Copywriting

You know what is the main constituent that serves as a cartilage between a content writer and his audience? That reinforcing bond which draws eyeballs to a particular article/blog et al, and ensures repeat reading, with a satisfied sigh of contentment afterwards? It is when a content writer formulates his copy in such a way that the readers feel that they knew the plot all along, like it was simply niggling away at the back of their subconscious and was now, mercifully brought to the fore. That feeling of contentment instinctively forms an appeal for the write-up in the reader’s mind and makes him/her appreciate the value and message of the copy exponentially.

A good content writer can be suitably compared to an illustrious raconteur; if the said raconteur manages to transport his target audience to that mystical, fabled land of lore and make them feel like they are in the thick of the action, it’s a job well done for him and will draw loud applause at the end, along with a fat paycheck. Similarly, a good content writer needs to form a connection with his audience and through the impact of words, involve them as an integral part of the story, whether it is about travelling to exotic locations or something as arbitrary as chimney sweeping services in some remote corner of Birmingham. Forming a union with your reader is of prime importance; incepting that feeling of joyful satisfaction in their minds of knowing exactly what you were up to is just the succulent cherry on top.

Search Engine Optimization can be progressive only if good content rules the roost on the concerned website. For good content to prevail, the content writer must be able to get the desired message across in a crisp, concise and cohesive manner, without being overtly frivolous as this makes the content unfavourably exhaustive. Use of excessive number of pretty words is not advised. Lastly, tweak the article a little so as to accommodate the prescribed number of keywords, and voila, you have an article for the taking!

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The Magnanimity of a Content Writer in India

Posted by on May 12 2011 | Content Writing, Copywriting

With the outsourcing enterprise in India booming and thriving with every passing year, content writers have become a dime a dozen. You will find applications for content writers being flooded with responses, akin to the 3rd class berth of a Mumbai local being overloaded by all and sundry. How then, does one differentiate between a good content writer and the run-of-the-mill, would-be content writers who come to the employer’s office together as a mixed bag?

One of the basic tenets of content writing is one’s lucidity with the language. In crude terms, one’s flow, that determines whether the desired reader will be engrossed in his work or not. A good content writer is proficient in speaking, writing and more importantly, thinking in the language. Thinking in the language means that one doesn’t need to go through the trouble of receiving the information in a certain language, deriving its meaning in his/her preferred language, and finally converting it into the required language. Basically, you don’t need to stand in the queue; simply take the fast track way through. This grants efficiency and effectiveness as both time and fluidity are optimized to the maximum.

Another inherent element that plays a pivotal role in content writing is one’s ability to judge the audience that is being catered to, and subsequently write the article keeping in mind their needs, whims and fancies. This is the aspect where experience comes into play. Freshly-weaned content writers would tend to be selfish in their work, seeking to write as they please, thinking that if the article seems fine to them, how could it not appeal to the target audience? Perish the thought! However, as one grows, and becomes acquainted with the nuances of audience psyche and the subtlety of content writing in general, it becomes quite apparent that the road to the meadows has many forks, and the veteran content writer will travel the one that leaves his companions aka audience, verily satisfied.

The final facet that is instrumental in sculpting a superior content writer is his/her ability to learn how to fit the appropriate number of keywords into the copy, without taking away from its appeal or tainting its flow. One needs to be judicious with keywords; they are a blessed boon, but if used with recklessness and gay abandon, they can reduce a fine article into undignified gibberish. An admirable trait of a good content writer is to fit the keywords in the copy and not harm the content itself, rather enhance its quality. These are the fundamental cogs that make for the well-oiled machine that is a good content writer.

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Article writing and its importance

Posted by on May 09 2011 | Content Writing, Copywriting

A simple write up which may be used for publishing purposes in electronic as well as print medium is often referred to as an article. An article is often written for a brief idea about a particular research result, an academic analysis, and debate. A lot of articles are also written for news propagation.

Article writing is also one of the most important sections of a website. Articles in a website describe the entire framework of a particular business enterprise, individual online presence or anything that a website describes. People involved in article writing play a major role in building a company’s name in the cyber world. Today, there are millions of copywriters across the world who write articles for a number of business enterprises. The basic information for these articles is often collected from other articles based on the same topic. Thus, quality article writing not only helps the businesses, but it also helps the copywriters and their articles in disseminating information to a bigger section of the business fraternity.

Before starting an article, a copywriter should have an appropriate title for the article in his/her mind. A title is just like the key to start the engine of a vehicle. Once the engine is on, you can decide on your own fixed routes and speed to reach your destination. The title introduces the reader to the issue that has been discussed in detail in the later half of the article. Thereafter, a small introduction about all the important points of the topic sets the tone of the article. The body of the article is the next important part of article writing. It describes all the important points mentioned in the introduction.

Last but not the least; a proper conclusion completes the entire structure of the article. A conclusion sums up the entire article in a short and crisp way.

The World Wide Web is a dynamic medium and content is the most important aspect here. An informative article is an important tool to guide the target audience as it explains your service with utmost importance. Article writing plays a very big role in becoming the driving force of your marketing and promotional activities that guarantees your credibility in the market.

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