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The importance of an advertising copywriter for a company

Posted by on Jun 30 2011 | Copywriting

In the internet age where every business enterprise aims to reach out to its targeted audience, it’s important that they choose all the forms of media that the people associate themselves with. In order to sustain a business, one needs to expand and develop on a constant basis. This expansion comes as people understand the aims and goals of the company with a sense of trust and clarity. The face of the company that is presented to the people comes through content posted on various modes such as television advertising, websites, blogs or even through social networking sites. The quality of content should be such that it’s comprehensible and saleable to the readers. Development of this content and ideology of phrasing the matter is done by the advertising copywriters.

Advertising copywriters are people who develop appropriate content that the reader feels nice while reading. Apart from the bright graphics that appeals to the eyes, content appeals to the mind. Both of them work in driving the adequate traffic to the websites. When more people visit the website, the business grows as a brand. Advertising copywriters also works in defining those apt catchphrases, slogans, leaflets, straplines and messages for printed advertisements. Without a proper message a product loses its meaning and its ability to get retained in the minds of the consumer. Copywriting in advertising also involves making scripts for TV commercials and radio jingles. They also work in tandem with media planners and production department who work in developing a complete product campaign.

Businesses can hire advertising copywriters that are adept in handling and designing content for the enterprises. Hiring professional services not only saves time but also ensures that a right message is send across the customers. These copywriters understand the changing perspectives of the masses and serve as a key in promoting the company and its services.

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Adding credibility to a press release

Posted by on Jun 24 2011 | Blogs, Content Writing

Press Release is a cost effective way of announcing a new product, a new service or an upcoming event. Press release writing is different from advertising writing, in the sense that you cannot really brag in press release content.  The content for press release has to state the facts as they are. Sure you can list down the plus points and hide the negative ones, but you cannot use too many adjectives and make the content all fancy.

For press release writing, there are certain things to be kept in mind. The first being the title of the press release. A catchy title is what will make the reader, read the content. If the title isn’t attractive enough, no one will really give a glance to the content. Press release content should be presented in such a manner, that the reader can visualize what you are trying to share; therefore providing a detailed description along with examples can be beneficial. When writing content for press release, make sure you add the sources from where you got the news.  If you are stating statistical facts and figures in the content, make sure that what you share is absolutely correct. Another point which is to be remembered is that, you don’t add jargons in the content. To make the readers, read the content till the very end, try including reasons about why the press release is meant for them. The last important factor of a press release is the news it carries. The news should actually be substantial enough to be made into a press release.

Press releases add a lot of credibility to the product as well as to the company, so it is necessary that the content has the ability to attract the targeted customers.

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Blogs – the most popular way to get found!

Posted by on Jun 22 2011 | Content Writing, Copywriting

With the world depending on the internet for every little thing, from shopping to school projects, from travel bookings to bank transactions, every company is interested in coming up with blogs to talk about their products and services. The first thing we do when we need information about anything, we go to a search engine, type in the relevant keywords and read up the various blogs that come up. Blogs are considered to be an easy-going way of publicity, where the companies don’t really brag about their services but try to provide information and reviews about themselves in an informal manner.

In this fast paced world, there is a service available for every need that you might have. Thus came up, blog writing services. There are a number of content writing services available today that help enterprises with online promotion. There are a number of factors that make blog writing a good means of cheap publicity. Cheap because, all you have to do is search for a good content writing company that has decent credentials to boast about their work and hire them. The writers at the company will do all the work for you, from coming up with constructive information and present it with a creative flair for your business blog. Blog writing increases your page rank on search engines, enhances your online popularity and attracts new customers. When people know that the blog they are reading is directly related to the company, they are assured that the information provided is genuine. Business blogs can have reviews and opinions from other customers, helping the readers to understand how your service was taken by the public. The readers no more have to tolerate pesky salesmen who drone about the services or products in a monotone. Blog writing services help you talk directly to your customers.

You might feel, why do you need to hire people to write for you when you can do that yourself? Well the answer is here, content writing consists of a lot of research, from producing content that the readers would actually read to making the content it search engine friendly. So save yourself some time and energy and hire writers who have the sole objective of spreading a good word about you!

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Essentials of content development

Posted by on Jun 21 2011 | Content Writing, Copywriting

With a new website and a new blog coming up almost every day (or should I say hour?), what matters most is the content present on the page. Writing is not really a difficult task, you just need a ‘message’ or ‘information’ that you want to present to the readers, what is important is how you write and present it. Developing content is a major part of content writing and more so content that is sensible, relevant and persuasive. Content development needs a lot of research on the subject you are writing, you should follow a definite format for your content and present it in an appealing manner to the readers.

Content development consists of three major elements: first, identifying the audience you wish to target, second, writing the content in a persuasive manner and third, using relevant keywords.

There is no limit to what all you can use for content writing. You are free to use photographs, quotes, stories, videos, et al. But what you add to your content depends on the readers you want to reach. For example, news content has to be crisp and to the point. If you are writing about a new product, you have to present the reader with enough reasons to buy the new product. The last point that should be kept in mind while developing content is to add relevant keywords to it. The main motive behind writing content is to get readers to read the content. A reader when looking for information, types in certain keywords on a search engine. Adding appropriate keywords will help you make your content more searchable and thus increase the readability. Apart from all this, the content should communicate a certain message, so that the reader feels that he got some new information from your article or that reading it was indeed useful.

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Professional writing Service

Posted by on Jun 16 2011 | Content Writing

Writing content for a website is all about striking the right balance between persuasiveness and capability to convey an idea across. There are many well known website owners who outsource their web content to professional writers.

The reason being their expertise in writing web content both effectively and attractively, paying special attention to Search Engine Optimization needs. Keeping in mind the increasing need of professional writers, many Professional writing Services have come up in the online content domain. However the thing about SEO articles is that even though they are easy to write they are ones that can go terribly wrong as well. If the structure of the SEO article is not right and does not provide any worthwhile information to the reader then it is of no use. The first negative effect of this is that it will leave the client confused and he will have to struggle to find out more about the website or the product.

A customer always looks for something that pertains to him or something that is of his interest, in case he doesn’t find any of these he loses interest. Second negative effect is that the reader won’t be able to see you as an expert in your field. Good content reflects the ideals and the concepts of a company if the impact is lacking the reader won’t be impressed. If you are planning to hire a professional writing service then make sure that the content reflects your expertise and capability. The professional writers should have a very clear idea about the kind of content you expect and as a writer you will have to keep in mind the key writing principles and use them to devise the draft of your content. It might sound like a very lengthy procedure but it will eventually save a lot of time. In the end keep in mind to come up with content that is not only convincing but coherent as well, only then will you be able to lure potential clients.

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You need SEO – and we know that for sure.

Posted by on Jun 13 2011 | Content Writing, Copywriting

Words are something that can convey a lot of ideas in a very apt manner, but only when they are smartly put. No matter what kind of business you are doing, you need to know how to put forward your notions and concepts so that people around you know what you are trying to communicate. You might not be necessarily perfect for this job and this is exactly where external expertise comes handy.

For a crisp and precise copy, you’ll be needing services that are professional and have a thorough understanding of search engine optimization. SEO content writing is not an easy task, as a writer you should be aware of the basics of the business and its different aspects. SEO content writers can actually help in making your site more visible and help them place on the top of search engines.

However SEO content writing is not only used to make the website visible it also provides information about your product to your potential customers. Therefore make sure that you hire the best SEO content writers for your website. However there are a few things that you should keep in mind if you are writing SEO content. Make sure that you don’t sidetrack the ideologies and the concept that the company is trying to promote. As a writer you should write a copy that has a professional undertone and is simple to understand. It should be to the point and should contain information that attracts the people as they might be your potential customers. Also make sure that the content is not too lengthy, use a convincing language that will lure them to your website or to the product that you wish to draw attention to. While writing a copy makes sure that you keep the above points in mind and create a content that not only talks about a specific product but represents it as well.

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Get more clicks with quality website copywriting

Posted by on Jun 13 2011 | Content Writing

While making yourself comfortable in your chair, you double click the internet browser in your computer and search for the information you were looking for. Hundreds of links pop up on the browser’s homepage, giving you numerous doors to all kinds of information necessary to enrich your knowledge bank. Today, internet has become the one stop solution for all kinds of information from all kinds of professional fields and other subjects too. Providing the appropriate amount of information is an important part of a website and an extensive content on a particular subject holds the key to a popular website. This is the reason why content writing for websites is gradually becoming a vital part of online marketing these days.

Quality website copywriting helps the online business marketers to generate huge profits for their business enterprises. Appropriate content always poses the potential to attract several potential customers. Entrepreneurs create the websites to promote the business of their organizations effectively. The subject matter should be essential for the website content writing. Good content conveys the nature of business and establishes the identity of an organization over the Internet.

People involved in website copywriting need to pertain to a few guidelines in order to attract more number of potential customers to a particular website –

Web visitors should find the content relevant enough. In other words, the content should be able to answer all the queries of the visitors or the customers.

The content should be rich in keywords. Instead of stuffing keywords unnecessarily, they should be put in a logical pattern in order to keep up with the standards of a quality content.

Justifiable use of keywords helps the search engines in recognizing the website pretty quickly. This in turn makes a particular website more accessible to the viewers.

Writing fresh and crisp content is an indelible part of content writing for websites.

The content should be written keeping the target audience in mind.

Regular updating of the website maintains higher ranking of the website in the web portals.

Also, catchy headlines, sub-heads and a good conclusion helps in wrapping up a brilliant copy for a particular website.

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Product Description Writing that Sells the Product

Posted by on Jun 08 2011 | Content Writing, Copywriting

Many of us think that product description writing is just about telling the features of the product so that we get a good copy for the website. Now let us think from the consumer’s point of view. If you want to buy a product you will definitely look at the product description but your basic motive will be to find the solution of the problem which led you to buy the product in the first place. Now this makes us realize that product description cater to the interest of the consumer and make them identify with the product. Make product descriptions sound catchy and interesting so that the readers can enjoy every bit of it. Pick out the kind of approach that you wish to have. You want it humorous or narrative or simply a product review. Use the style that you feel will be best for you to bring out the brighter side of the product. Every product has its own unique selling proposition (USP) and this should be the main aspect that you should highlight in your writing.

There are a few things that one needs to know before writing for products. Know about the product very well. The positive points of the product should be researched thoroughly. You have to be sure of what you are writing and have an informative approach. Consumers will rather believe on facts than any kind of fantasy that you write. The next important thing that you should know is your consumers. They play the major role in deciding the destiny of the product. Remember you are writing product description for the consumers or the target audience. Take into consideration their age and attitude. You may bring in the fun characters or Disney world altogether if writing for children product but same cannot be done if your target audience is businessmen. There has to be a difference in what you convey and to whom. To be able to write smart product descriptions, the psychology of the target audience should be recognized very well. Never forget you basic aim to make the consumers buy the product. Write in a manner that they believe in the product and appreciate the product description.

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Posted by on Jun 03 2011 | Copywriting

With the mushrooming of various types of businesses in the scenario of globalization, there arises a separate need for creative experts. These creative experts have the requisite skill and knowledge to carry out and design a innovate concept that can be made into a base to establish the product in the market. An organization handling the advertising and conceptualization aspect of the product or services offered by a company is known as a creative agency or an advertising agency. The sole purpose of an ad agency is to create and plan the concept of promotion, through which a company will market its products. Promoting a product in the right manner is important for its survival in the cut throat competition. With new forms of social Medias coming up in this technologically advanced society, agencies constantly device new methods to reach out the consumers.

A Creative agency works at various levels to create an advertising campaign fit for the product. The main sole of any ad agency is the team of copywriters and art directors who formulate a concept and intelligently develop the content for the advertisement. After the concept team get an idea about the product from the account department the creative team generates ideas that can be worked on further. All the creative writing services work in tandem with the several production houses and production studios that further shape the concept. The production department is the next step of the process which is responsible for formulating the idea into a proper advertisement.

The main clients of a creative agency generally include private firms, NGO’s, multinational companies and government companies as well. These companies hire the ad agencies based on their requirement. There are various types of creative agencies in India such as, Specialist Advertising agencies, In-house Advertising Agencies, Limited-Service Advertising Agencies and even the new form of agencies called the SEO agencies and Social Media Agencies. The need is growing manifold and so is the output in terms of strategy.

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Direct marketing copywriting

Posted by on Jun 03 2011 | Content Writing, Copywriting

The tern direct marketing copywriting is coined from the concept of new age marketing tools. Use of various channels to communicate directly with the targeted audience is the sole concept of Direct Marketing. There are various ways through which the message is put across the customers that includes social media, email, catalogs, direct mail, interactive television, online advertising etc. Direct marketing is like a branch of marketing in which a direct communication is made with the customers through a direct channel. Other mediums of advertising and communicating like television, radio etc is used to communicate to masses and is hence not used in Direct Marketing. It sends the message to the consumers directly without the use of any intervening tools that can dilute the point. The other benefit of Direct Marketing is that a direct measurable response is possible for the message as the consumer can revert back to you.

Writing and developing relevant content for direct marketing tools is known as Direct Marketing copywriting. All the various tools that are used in communicating with the customer directly require effective writing so as to engage the reader. If the writing is not interesting then the consumer will very easily overlook the message, which obviously, no company would want. Developing content for the purpose of Direct Marketing channels should incorporate the certain points so that the content becomes impactful such as, relevance, purpose, preciseness and engaging writing. Also target audience is the most important part of the direct mailer and the content should be designed keeping him and his requirements in mind.

A lot of marketers are using the content marketing techniques to achieve a number of business goals. Businesses profit from this form of advertising as it leads to improved branding, considerable increase in the sales and better customer relations. The content that is written is used in different modes to engage consumers or a client that is relevant for the growth of the company.

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