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It’s Time to Taste Jargons

Posted by on Jan 24 2012 | Content Writing, SEO Copywriting

Jargon words are not only interesting to know, but quite educational at times. You must have heard people speaking jargons in their normal conversation and believe it or not, they make an impact on others. The most important thing with jargons is to use them properly and at the right time. Let us, look at the following jargons that are used by different businesses or by the common public.

“Ahead in the Count”

If recently your boss said that you are “ahead in the count” then it’s time to feel proud of yourself, because you are doing well than others in the organisation.

“Bang for the Buck”

This is mostly used and one of the favourite business jargons. This means the product that you are delivering is worth spending on.

“Connect Ear-to-Ear”

“Let’s connect ear-to-ear” will not bring someone close to your ear, but you will be certainly discussing the project in more detail in a meeting.


Do not think you will get some at the tea time. “Cookies” is a computer jargon that is referred to the data placed on your computers. It helps in keeping a record of the websites you visit, remembers the password and helps in loading the pages faster and in many other efficient operations.

“Riffle Approach”

Approaching focused targets and expecting high percentage is what is called as the “Riffle Approach” in marketing.

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Writing for Reinvention!

Posted by on Jan 23 2012 | Content Writing, SEO Copywriting

Your business is going down and none of your marketing strategies are working, your banner is hardly looked upon at, there are no hits on your website and no takers for services, then probably you need to reposition your brand, the way you connect with people and approach them.  Here are a few tips if you are looking for a change and a complete new brand image.

A new tagline, a new life- Create a new tagline in sync with your brand. A tagline of 5 words is as powerful as your entire website. It stands for who you are and what you offer. People often associate your tagline with the quality of service that you offer.

Interact one on one- Interacting with your customers one on one makes them feel being taken care of. The one place where you can get people to talk and give you honest feedback is the social networking websites. This is where many people spend half their time. Use Facebook and twitter. People will update their posts or retweet your messages if they like you. This creates reliable word of mouth publicity for free.

KISS, Keep it short and simple – While repositioning your brand, remove all elements you think are hindrances to sales and recreate the content keeping it short and simple. This keeps tacky content out and the simple message gets conveyed.

Don’t write, just play- Wherever you are placing the content, the website, the brochure or your blog, welcome your customer with a creative idea instead of a huge write up on who you are. They will automatically associate your brand with youthfulness and creativity.

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Once Upon A Time the Knowledge was Free……

Posted by on Jan 20 2012 | Content Writing, SEO Copywriting

For twenty four hours you cannot accesses Wikipedia, yes a world without free information will be experienced by all of us in coming hours. How difficult it would be to get information without the giant encyclopaedia available online? It will be annoying isn’t it? The blacking out reason is to protest against the SOPA and PIPA bills that will soon be presented in the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate respectively. During the blackout time (midnight January 18) you will not be able to access any information on Wikipedia rather there will be a message seen on your screen that is to raise the awareness about the SOPA “Stop Online Piracy Act” and PIPA “Protect Intellectual Property Act.”

This kind of action by Wikipedia of blacking out has taken place for the very first time in the history because the Wikipedians feel that these two bills will severely reduce people’s access to online information, which is the major source of information for people. And it’s been over two decades that Wikipedians have built treasure of information for people to access. In this world where information is required to be free and open, does SOPA and PIPA make it restricted, this is the biggest concern faced by protesters and will affect individuals all over the world.

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Designer Wars!! Not just about wardrobe malfunctioning

Posted by on Jan 19 2012 | Content Writing, SEO Copywriting

Don’t mistake this post as a write up about a T.V. show on which renowned names in the fashion industry reconfirm their caliber each time they are called upon. Neither is it a “perfectly-knitted” story about a fashion disaster on the ramp. Away from complex cuts of the fashion worlds, this fabric is more about our routine tryst with trends.

A few would like to talk about their times with the mirror winking at one’s reflection. Some would consider it a waste of time but secretly take a subtle glance at the mirror, smile and move ahead. Fashion conscious or not, all of us struggle for a perfect look but somehow feel that is something lacking. Many must be nodding their heads by now either left and right or up and down. Those who disagree, why bother to purchase a brand new suit for your best-friend’s wedding? Why not wear your pajamas at the party too?

Making a statement matters, and the age old adage that clothes maketh a man still holds true. You can’t afford to lose your job over an ill fitted shirt hanging loose out of your low-waist jeans just because you think that it is trendy. The same way wearing salwar kameez to the disk would prove disastrous until you can carry it with much aplomb and are not shy of being counted in the odd’s-list. Now this doesn’t mean that you need to bear with uncomfortable cuts and fits; a simple well fitted and cute T-shirt is much of a fashion statement in itself. Those who chose to be bold can go for “T-shirts with quotes” that speak your mind.

I feel that- “Comfort is Cool”

So for me a designer war is when I struggle to redo my closet every time I think it needs a breath of fresh designs. The challenge for me is more about the fit than about the cut. Consulting a stylist is a little heavy on my pocket so some primary research on places that suit my style does just fine for me.

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It’s Time to Write and Make your Career Bright

Posted by on Jan 18 2012 | Content Writing, SEO Copywriting

The biggest concern as soon as we are graduates is to look for a job that we can actually enjoy. For some of us, career is merely to earn livelihood, but for those who want to follow their interest and passion, it’s altogether a different story. If writing is your passion then you surely have a lot of options to consider. Earlier, when people use to say writers, a few names that would come to our minds were authors, novelists and journalists, who were actually into the writing profession to earn their living. But today the scenario has changed completely. There are more than 20 writing jobs that people can actually indulge in as per their interest and skills.

Recently, technical writing, creating web content, resume writing, science writing and ghost writing is rapidly developing and there is a need of talented writers, who can actually understand the requirement of different type of writing. Like, a technical writing would involve writing for technical subjects or technology based topics involving computers and electronics. Whereas, when we talk about ghost writing, it will involve memoirs and autobiographies on behalf of people who wish to get well written stuff to be presented with their names. Some of the other interesting and creative writing topics include advertising, travel writing, article writing, columnists, video game writer, blogger and comic book writer. The choice is unlimited and if you are among those who enjoy writing, you can surely spend your whole day writing on different topics.

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The SUN is not alone-The story of Planet X

Posted by on Jan 16 2012 | Content Writing, SEO Copywriting

Another mystifying discovery about the universe has left many gazing at the sunny sky with their eyes searching for the twin Sun or what the scientist refer to as “Nibiru”. Along with many other mind-boggling projections which many not believe, 2012 has brought along certain “facts” which were less known a decade or so before. One such recent discovery has been made about the existence of the second Sun which many believe is the long lost Planet X

Early speculations about the existence of Nibiru were made approximately around the year 1840 when a French mathematician proposed the argument that the disturbance in the orbit of Uranus was caused by the gravitational pull of an undiscovered planet located even beyond Neptune. Many claim that this universal body is yet to be discovered. A number of contradictory arguments were made against this hypothetical assumption. Much later, in 1911 an Indian astronomer gave a mythological turn to the debate of Planet X and proposed that there exist two trans-Neptune planets and represented them as Indian deities namely Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma.

A lot of work has been done by various schools of thought about Planet X. Many still consider it completely hoax while others support its existence validating their pint by n number of perplexing photographs. A group of pessimists even promote it as the catalyst for doomsday. With so much negativity about it in the universe, the twin sun does not seem to shine upon us at all.

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Be a Reader First, Writing is your Skill Anyway!

Posted by on Jan 13 2012 | Content Writing, SEO Copywriting

writers are like zombies looking for solace in words and expressions. The love for words and creativity marks the beginning of a Writer.

Read like there is no tomorrow – Let the coffee cups surround you more than your diaries. Reading is a skill too, that requires a lot of patience and of course interest. To brush up the one’s writing skills, a regular dose of reading is a must. A writer has to be a protean individual who can mould any idea into a full fledge written piece of perfection. Reading will give you us an insight into other styles of putting across a thought.

Change the author you read- A writer must never surrender himself to an author. From Chetan Bhagat to Taslima Nasreen, reading different subjects will give you an open mind to think free and try different style of writing. Read a simple Love Story and then a book on a serious topic like Finance.

Read what comes your way – Yes, a writer needs to read everything. From a blog to newspaper, a Facebook comment to a tweet, from newsletters to advertisements. Each of it provides you with different structures and different compositions of words.

Observe – Go out and read what comes your way! Read the messages written on dirty walls while crossing a subway, read the flyer you love throwing in dustbin regularly. Read the taglines of TV ads that you watch, read the billboards while travelling. These experiences will enrich your mind with a variety of approaches towards capturing attention.

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Write for your Readers by following Reader’s Profile

Posted by on Jan 12 2012 | Content Writing, SEO Copywriting

Before you actually start writing on any particular topic, probably there are a number of thoughts that preoccupy your mind. A number of times you must have heard that one should write for the readers and make the message informative and targeted. This is told for the same reason as it helps you settle on the thoughts that provide you clear ideas to communicate with the readers. Writing for the readers and keeping them into consideration will help you remove the confusion and lack of direction from your blogs.

An ideal reader’s profile is what will help you recognise the problems and you can produce a practical and useful piece of writing that can eventually help your readers. Readers profile will not only provide you direction while writing for the readers, but it will also help you understand whether, it is fruitful or not to communicated on a particular topic. Sometimes, we tend to write just for the sake of writing and not actually looking and studying the matter. It avoids giving irrelevant information and helps in providing practical and important information.

Remember, you are writing for people that fall under different age groups and have different preference, therefore make sure that you create your reader’s profile accordingly. The needs and requirements of your reader is the first things that you should keep into consideration after maintaining the connectivity between your readers and the subject you are writing on. You will certainly be surprised while writing, how easy it becomes for you to target particular readers and in what particular manner after preparing reader’s profile.

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All work and no play-“will give you a perfectly BORING copy”

Posted by on Jan 11 2012 | Content Writing, SEO Copywriting

All work and no play was a topic of debate at times when people believed more in hard-work than in smart work. It is still a strategy adopted my many when students are competing for a seat in medical or a top-B school or preparing for any other exam that could “only to say so”, secure their future. Many a times it seems more beneficial than harmful to slog yourself at work and push your limits each day for that could fetch you if not a promotion, at least a raise. Isn’t it? Till a decade back the answer would have been a YES!!, but not anymore.

This is not something new being written or talked about but offers a fresh new perspective to the age old saying that all work and no play makes jack a dull boy. I would rather say that all work and no play would make anyone a donkey with a lazy attitude and muddled up grey matter. And if that donkey turns out to be a writer he could better be designated “Head-Bland writing”.

So why don’t you, yes you the zealous writer, just get up from your seat and go for a 10 minutes’ walk. Got loads of work, let your walk take you to an exploration spree. Now I am not talking about a walk through the World Wide Web, that you already must be regular with. It’s now time to write about what you see in the real world. Use live examples from your environment and you will be able to relate to words better.

To exercise your brains “ask question” and “give answer”. They may not be logical and may be precisely termed “non-sense”, but will surely give you a reason to contemplate and think.

Last but not the least, go for brainstorming, play with words and keep the humor alive!!

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The Music behind the Music

Posted by on Jan 10 2012 | Content Writing, SEO Copywriting

You are all set to leave for your office, to start another day in your professional life. However, before you leave, the last thing which you need to garnish your mood is some good music. You plug in your earphones and switch on to your favorite track. You may turn on your ‘shuffle’ button to enjoy a wide array of mood swinging tracks, but you would hate to answer someone asking you to move aside while you are either in a public vehicle or in your own car. Although Music may be the last thing which can save this earth, its mammoth variety has always been an interesting area for exploration.

If given a chance to enlist all the genres of music in the planet on the paper, it won’t be a hefty task. But I do not wish to indulge you into a typical fifth grader ‘History’ class. I will just to try to find out the vents which act as the perfect getaway for various human emotions while listening to the music. It may sound vague initially, however, towards the culmination you start realizing the fact that ‘it’s not that impossible’. As far as Indians are concerned, being born to a multicultural society brings in with it all kinds of unique musical flavors and tastes. It is so hard to find a fine line between the music of a particular region with the other. On technical terms, it may sound different, but most of them reflect the organic flavor of the particular regions of the country.

There is a reason as to why Indian musicians are being recognised and respected all over the world. Traditional Indian classical music has been one of the oldest forms of music in the country. Since the mythological times, music has been used as one of the greatest aspirations to human civilization’s greatest achievements. People, who truly admire its value, know the fact quite well that such a rich culture cannot die away that easily. The modern music genres found in the Indian sub-continent may have some of the worst critical acclaim from traditional Indian classical music veterans, but the popularity for this new form of music has grown to immense heights and continues to grow till now.

Incorporation of various musical cultures from all over the world by Indian musicians in their musical ventures has not been a new phenomenon. ‘Fusion’ has been the most demanded and obviously, one of the most popular music genres in the Indian sub-continent. A unique mix of classical and western musical flavors, Fusion music has acted as the cementing factor for the tormenting relations between India and Pakistan. There is no need to mention the fact about the popularity of Pakistani musicians in our country. Sometimes, we do agree that the Indian musicians have a lot to learn from their Pakistani counterparts.

Talking about the western influence on our musical architecture, it has been immense. Since the inception of cinema, western music has always been a huge source of inspiration for composing timeless melodies. Excluding the genius of a few musicians in Bollywood who do not believe in changing even the originality of their inspiration, western music has been adapted and remade in a typical Indian style of composing music. People like A.R Rahman and R.D Burman have been the pioneers in bringing in the western essence blended with true Indian flavor in order to suit the Indian ears.

Folk music in India is apparently the road less travelled. Commercial needs have become the need of the hour, and so, regional music has been unable to receive its due of respect and admiration. Thankfully, unique projects like “The Dewarists” have started their quest to find out more about the musical treasure hidden in each and every nook and corner of the Indian sub-continent. Fortunately, some regional musicians in India have been travelling the world to spread the magic of organic Indian music, but there are more to explore and many more to suit the international standards.

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