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Word Limits: Are they a Hindrance or Aide in Writing?

Posted by on Mar 31 2012 | Content Writing, SEO Copywriting

It is always interesting to read an article that is concise, crisp and conveys the message effectively. Writers certainly have to strive in order to get the message clear in minimum words or rather the word limit assigned to them. Sometimes, it may not be very pleasing for the writer to stay within the word limits, but if we look at the brighter side of using word limits, there are a number of advantages. At the very first place, it is important that the writer should respect the word limits, and comfortably produce an effective piece of writing.

A reader will definitely not spend more than a few seconds if he finds the very first paragraph of the article not addressing to his/her questions. This is the reason that word limits help the writers to stay focused on the main topic and not beat around the bush just to add to the length of the article. It becomes important to make the point clear with fewer words. Fewer and powerful words will also make the article thought provoking for the target readership.

Remember, readers’ time is valuable and a writer must take this into account while writing an article. Word limits help you generate a piece of writing that will definitely not waste readers’ time in reading something that is of no use for them. On the other hand, if a piece of writing involves all the required information in fewer words that requires less time to read will certainly satisfy the reader and as well as the writer. Word limit if utilized properly can be surely an aide for the writer and not a hindrance in the writing process.

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Time For Day One

Posted by on Mar 30 2012 | Content Writing, SEO Copywriting

There are a lot of facts hovering around us which we are least interested in. Fortunately or unfortunately, we are also a part of these facts. You will definitely not be put through the same old astrological predictions about your future (No offenses for people who believe in it). However, our busy life never really allows us to ponder over these facts. Human psychology has been an endless well of myriad quests. Part of it leads to unexpected results and the rest of it achieves what it wants. A continuous streak of spiraling thoughts is garnered through a number of experiences that a human mind goes throughout its life on earth.

Delving no more into extremely serious discourse further, let’s talk about the habits which we often forget to ponder upon. Right now, the fact that’s crawling my mind is entertainment section of a magazine! Glitz and glamour are the top luring factors used by the magazine publishers to garner immense readership. How many of us have not really turned over the last page of an ‘OUTLOOK’ magazine as soon as it’s in our hands? Initially you would definitely deny the fact. However, the stealth of your desires would definitely agree with fact.

Why does the word ‘celebrity’ gain so much of hype? Today, even the slightest event of their life is never really hidden from us. Some of us are really disgusted with such unnecessary publicity stunts. But then you wonder how many people do really hate to listen or see such news! The obvious justification would definitely be their popularity quotient. Be it newspapers, magazines or the cyber world, a celebrity news always makes up for the perfect recipe for the day. It’s not about caring for the future generations, but it’s about the amount of heed that we lack in providing to the required discourses.

It is an obvious sentiment to get irritated by being bombarded of news about violence, corruption, poverty, global warming and many other such grim issues early in the morning. Refreshing information accompanied by some luscious images adds on to the spice for the day! Right now you may feel like stepping inside some boring philosophy class which you would never like to attend in your wildest dreams. However, denying the deteriorating human values would be too childish. We need to admit the fact that we are losing faith in our own conscience and in our own intellectual capability.

Reading news articles can never be termed as a monotonous activity as long as we keep on skimming through entertainment and lifestyle news. However, a greater inclination towards other important information will not only steer the readership of a particular region towards the required knowledge bank, it will also help in developing an optimistic framework for a country. An instant solution will definitely not surface itself, but taking the first step always helps in creating the required atmosphere to do so.

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The Importance of Branding for a business

Posted by on Mar 29 2012 | Content Writing, SEO Copywriting

Brand building is one of the most important exercises for any business and plays a great role in advertising. It creates a brand image and helps people identify a brand’s USP (unique selling proposition). A brand is an intangible asset for any business. Once a positive brand personality is established, it doesn’t matter how small is the size of your new store or of your staff, it will sell. What stays in people’s mind is the perception that they already have built with their past experiences with your service quality.

A business without branding is just like a lonely camel in a desert. It exists but stays far from the rest of the world. Brand building ensures that your business has a stable and unique name, logo, tagline, service throughout its presence. It inspires loyalty and trust in your current customers and provides them with a sense of familiarity.

So, what goes into brand building?

Consistency – A brand must be consistent in advertising and service that it offers. It has to make sure that it uses the same logo, tagline, colours, patterns etc. in every medium chosen to advertise. This prevents confusion in the minds of people and gives them an opportunity to explore your services across your various operational offices.

Service – The business has to take care that it offers the same services to all its customers across its various outlets or showrooms. Each and every employee must be taught to behave in a certain manner with its current and potential customers to help in brand building. People tend to form an image with the type of service that you offer.

All in all brand building is a must for any business and must be taken care of to gain an edge over your competitors in the market.

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Telling a blog from an article

Posted by on Mar 28 2012 | Content Writing, SEO Copywriting

A budding blogger often gets perplexed on being introduced with the differences between a blog and an article. Even though it is not that obvious but a blog differs tremendously from an article. Sometimes it becomes completely impossible to distinguish one from the other. While trying to differentiating between a blog and an article remembering the basics will help.

An article is said to be a more elaborate form of writing while a blog will stick to a word limit not exceeding 300. Structurally too both of these mediums of writing are remarkably different. Another difference between the two is that while articles are pure content a blog can comprise of a mix of audios, visuals as well as content or focus on one of them completely. Another possible difference between the two could come from the element of interaction. Where blogs tend to be infused with interactive elements, articles are elaborate, descriptive and often explanatory.

Another difference that shows blogs in a brighter light than articles is that the former have a larger access to social networks and more sharing rate than the later. The impact of blogs is much more profound than an article; however, more than a differentiation this is an opinion; and, the statement is not always true.

The nature of the two writing mediums also is a differentiating factor. The work of a blog writer tends to be much more elaborate than that of an article writer. Moreover blog posts are simple to write since there is not any limit on the content. Articles on the other hand have defined set of guidelines to be followed. Hence it is said that article writing is more of restricted creativity.

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Posted by on Mar 27 2012 | Content Writing, SEO Copywriting

Communication as a career choice has surpassed other career options in India. Though engineering and medical science continue to stay at the top, communication and journalism programs have created the much needed noise for an attractive alternative available for generation next! Media in the Indian sub-continent has been one of the most influential sectors in terms of entertainment business. The dissemination of vital information among the public has acquired special attention in the recent years. Being information rich is a job half done. Using the acquired information for the right purpose brings in the actual role of media. This is the sole reason behind the craze for joining communication programs in some of the top Mass Communication and Journalism colleges in India.

Freaking out with your parents while selecting the best suited communication college for yourself is nothing unusual! The list of Mass communication and Journalism colleges just does not seem to end. Every other day, a new pop-up about a new communication college surfaces on your screen and you wonder whether it is a better choice than the other options you went through a few days back?! Given below is a list of top five communication colleges in India which will help you contract your choices into an optimum and authentic level –

 IIMC, Delhi

Known as the ‘Centre of Excellence’, the Indian Institute of Mass Communication is recognized as the best Mass Communication and Journalism institute in India. In order to meet the present dynamic media environment, IIMC provides knowledge and skills to communicators in a number of disciplines. These include print journalism, radio and television journalism, photo journalism, development communication, communication research, advertising and public relations. The institute harbors a highly acclaimed and experienced faculty coming from various streams of media.

 Asian College of Journalism, Chennai

The Asian College of Journalism has been producing some of the best journalists in the Indian media industry. Offering post-graduate courses only to its students, this institute has been providing world-class journalism education keeping in lieu with the particular needs of the Indian media. It primary aim is to hone its post-graduates to the level of achieving the highest standards of work in all branches of the journalism. The ongoing trend and the convergence of technology in the media have raised the bar of information dissemination in the Indian sub-continent. This has also increased the consequent demands for multiple skills made on the contemporary journalist.

FTII, Pune

Established in the year 1960, FTII (Film and Television Institute of India) Pune has been the haven for India’s best filmmakers and production heads. Affiliated to the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, it has proved to be the apex body of direction, acting, production and many other vital communication courses. FTII resembles the rich legacy of Indian film industry. FTII provides three year Post Graduate diploma courses in Direction, Cinematography, Sound Recording and Sound Design, Editing, Two year Post graduate diploma in Acting, Art Direction and Production Design, One year Post Graduate Certificate Course in Feature Film Screenplay Writing, Television Direction, Electronic Cinematography (Television), Video Editing (Television) and Sound Recording and TV Engineering (Television).

Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication (SIMC), Pune

The Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication, Pune has proved to be one of the best communication colleges in India in the last few years. Strong academic environment and world class faculty has been the key winning combination for SIMC. A brilliant amalgamation of theory and practice in its programs and state of the art technologies has helped provide the best media and communication courses to its students. SIMC provides post graduate program in Mass Communication (MMC) with Journalism and Audio-Visual media as the primary branches of the course.

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Writing Copies That Win A Larger Audience

Posted by on Mar 26 2012 | Content Writing, SEO Copywriting

A top ranking seems to be getting tougher and tougher as new websites keep popping up daily bringing in more competition to the existing ones. How can one then in such times create a copy that is not only intriguing but also engrossing enough? Smart stealing is what many would swear by for coming up with a perfect copy. But that won’t always come to your aid. A few tips on how to write bamboozling copies may come to your rescue at the time. So take a sneak peak at how you can turn an absolutely simple copy into an extraordinary one:

Write A Headline That Is Captivating And Convinces Te Audience To Read. A headline that leaves a read wanting more is a perfect way to start a hit copy. For example, “The Road to No Where” is an interesting theme or topic that will want a reader to figure out what an article is all about. Trying to infuse in an element of creativity in dry and boring subjects can help you attract a large audience from diverse arenas to read your works.

Reader Focus Should Be Maintained. It should be remembered that in the end you are writing for the audience and not yourself. Hence you should write with a focus on your target audience. The words should speak to the readers and make them think as if you as a writer are talking to them, narrating a story. That is what would be a customer focused copy.

Pay attention To Readability. Keep your content witty and light but don’t go over the board by using too heavy words that is beyond the comprehension of the majority of options. Verbs won’t lend much of feel and emotion to a write-up as much as will the arrangements of words and sentences.

These are a few things that should be kept in mind while attempting to write a piece for the audience on the internet. Much more care needs to be taken when writing a book or a novel where one has to convenience the reader at each and every page to read till the end.

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TVC – Its Advantages and Disadvantages

Posted by on Mar 23 2012 | Content Writing, SEO Copywriting

A TVC (television commercial) is a visual advertisement of a brand or a product that aims at telling a story or an idea to a target audience urging them to buy the product or the service. Often shown on TV or internet, TVC’s present a brand in a much engaging way capturing the beauty of photography and video. Considered as a most effective mass media marketing technique, a TVC has its own advantages and disadvantages. On one hand, they help a brand build an image amongst a large population of people and on the other they are considered as the most annoying form of advertising.


Visual Representation- There is no denying that TVC’s depict a product in the most detailed manner and tend to be much more convincing than advertisements on radio or on roads in the form of billboards and banners. A TVC makes use of various techniques and effects, thus making the product look aesthetically appealing and attractive.

Information- TVC’S tend to be informative and introduce a viewer to a product he might be looking for. They help people understand the features of the product much better and make a decision wisely.

Brand image- TVC’s help a brand establish a desired image and personality through the use of visuals and celebrity endorsements. People tend to associate a product with the image of the celebrity who endorses it. In many cases, people buy the product if their favourite celebrity is being shown using the product on screen.

The feel good effect- Many brands use the soft sell approach to gain customers and infuse a sense of brand loyalty in them. The dairy milk ads, as we see them on our TV sets, never really tell us to buy the product. Instead, they focus on the good feeling that the product brings and the sense of satisfaction that it imparts.


Annoyance – TV ads are often considered as the most irritating advertisements by the TV viewers. They appear in the middle of a programme and talk of the product which may not even be relevant to the viewer. This leads an individual to change the channel and the entire purpose of a TVC gets dissolved.

Limited audience – TV commercials target people who regularly watch TV programmes and have the time to invest in the idiot box. They completely tend to ignore the target audience with no access to TV or the time to pay a careful attention to it.

Time period – A TV commercial appears hardly for 30 seconds and an advertiser has a pre determined time slot to convince the viewer to buy the advertised product. This often works in the opposite direction and people tend to judge the product on the basis of its depiction of a certain idea being conveyed.

However, despite various aspects to a commercial, they still rule the advertising industry with their popularity and the biggest of brands are gaining many loyal customers everyday with the new ideas being shown in their TV commercials.

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Social Media Tools and Their Uses

Posted by on Mar 21 2012 | Content Writing, SEO Copywriting

A wide variety of social media tools are being used everywhere and every day. A lot many businesses use social media tools to improve business interaction. For example, it is said that the first step to developing a marketing activity technique is listening. That one step takes a lot of patience and research and social media tools like as well as a few others come to your rescue. A number of specific tools are also there to help marketers with campaign planning etc.

Social media tools are so much so in rage that each time one pops up a list of other with improved features follows. A few of the social media tools are explained as follows:

  • Social Scope:   This is a very interesting and useful application for blackberry users. This application can combine twitter and facebook on one screen together.
  • Traackr: This application or tool is a significant ways of keeping a track of all industry leaders. It helps you identify who are the leading players and influencers in the industry. This can be a useful tool for advertising agencies and campaigners.
  • RSS: This tool is a syndication format that makes blogs and websites distribute the content that is shared on them. It is a simple and convenient way of sharing content and getting or providing feeds.
  • TweetLevel: This is another Tweet Metric Tool that helps search for hash tags. It helps making followings relevant to your interests. Mostly public relationship managers and marketing managers opt for this application or tool.

Through such tools and techniques it becomes much easier to manage your online content and business. Content sharing and online audience becomes more defined. Social media tools are great way in reducing the marketing research effort that goes into pre marketing planning.

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Making Sense Out of Nonsense-Oxymorons and More

Posted by on Mar 20 2012 | Content Writing, SEO Copywriting

Here I talk oxymorons, paradoxes and other concepts in language that are lesser known language secrets that many will deny any meaning as a layman. A person not less than a master of English language will be able to tell whether, “Colorless green ideas sleep furiously” is really a sentence or not? For those who would like to know and even care to, yes it is a logically correct and grammatically correct sentence structured in an appropriate manner. Yet it fails to have a decipherable meaning.

A number of oxymorons used here and there in great writings have a great appeal about them. Bitter sweet, living dead, dark light, solid water, noisy silence are just a poetic expressions making heavy use of oxymorons as paradoxes. Although oxymorons are true, many a fallacies are being built around them. It is a myth and misunderstanding that oxymorons are nothing but a representation of contradiction.

Where oxymorons have made language a treasure of poetic expression of truth, sarcasm has made it all the more colorful. It would have been difficult to be a friendly critique hadn’t it been for a dash of sarcasm. A little taunt wouldn’t hurt anyone and if it does the person is far too vulnerable for a full-blown remark on the face. It is easy to get away with tricky answers when one says, oh! I know you too well, by replying, sure you do. Who knows who is being sarcastic here?

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Why Your Content Won’t Get Shared

Posted by on Mar 19 2012 | Content Writing, SEO Copywriting

Ever wondered why the link you posted on Facebook or Twitter failed to create a buzz or get shared with a few others at least? What is it that is missing from your message, advertisement, or knowledge that you have tweeted, which makes your content forgotten within nanoseconds?

I this is something that you are wondering about its time to recheck your content language structure. As anonymous puts it, “Simple is sharable”. According to the recent study of Dan Zarella, the more difficult the language, the lesser it gets shared on the web. His book Hierarchy of Contagiousness points out the inverse relationship between complexity of language and the number of times it is shared online.

Within the language structure what is given the maximum weightage while online sharing is the grammar portion of the content along with zero spelling errors. An article fluffed with adjectives would not simply qualify for web sharing as it would lead to unnecessary complexity. Adjectives hence must be used sparingly in the content that is being generated for the web. Moreover the quality of adjectives being used will matter more than their quantity. The formula is simple; to keep is appealing and understandable for a large group of audience.

What’s even more surprising is the Harvard Debate on verbs vs. Adjectives. Here too it’s thumbs up to verbs and thumbs down to adjectives. According to the intense debate that is going on, verbs have a more powerful selling impact than adjectives. So while adjectives might express your qualities, verbs will prove them right there. For example, an exceptional leader is a line that has to succumb to the influence of Led a team of 40 people effectively. Remembering this simple yet exceptional rule will help you create content that will be vastly shared.

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