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SEO Articles: Tips on Writing them Effectively

Posted by on May 30 2012 | Content Writing, SEO Copywriting

SEO (Search engine optimization) as a tool to increase traffic on your websites is widely used by many companies and businesses for marketing and similar purposes. One form of utilizing the idea is to write articles and submit them to various websites that help you bring in more visitors. SEO article writing does not follow any rules as such, but it surely needs a specific set of guidelines on order to be completely effective. Here are a few pointers; one must keep in mind while writing an SEO article

 1.  Be conversational

An article written for a website and the one written to promote a website are very different from each other. One has to use a conversational style of language in the latter one in order for it to capture attention of the reader. If it turns out to be an extremely formal one, no one would be interested in reading, forget about visiting your web space.

2.  Use of a specific Keywords

Apart from the quality of the article, the technical aspects matter too. Find out a set of keywords and make sure to incorporate them in the written content. This will improve its chances of getting ranked at a higher place by various search engines.

3.  Introduction

The basic purpose of an article is to help you get more visitors. While you are submitting your articles to a website, don’t forget to introduce yourself and your business. Use the resource box provided by these websites at the bottom. You can also provide a link to your website below it.

4.  Follow website guidelines

Almost all the article submission websites have a certain set of guidelines to be followed while writing. Make sure you keep a check on the word limit to save your article from being the victim of omissions.

To write articles that serve the purpose right, you can also hire the services of a professional SEO content writer. Being aware of SEO copywriting and various aspects of it, these individuals’ help in producing the right content with the keywords placed at the most suitable places.

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Writing Product Descriptions – A Little Should Say A Lot

Posted by on May 24 2012 | Internet Marketing, Product Descriptions

Words hold the power to convince and contradict, even in the case when they are being used as an instrument of sales. Selling products online is a task that cannot do at all without the support of crisp and concise copy that conveys a lot about the object of sale. A good product description should hold the power of convincing the prospective buyer to purchase the product after spending a few seconds on reading the information that is relevant, appealing and sufficient to sum up the “Why Buy” of the product in 50 -100 words. Seems tricky, right? Was the same for me until I figured out the strategy for getting my product descriptions right. So, here is what I did, and what professional writers usually do too:


Read about No Touch Sales: It may be surprising but it is true that people are more drawn to ecommerce because it minimizes human contact. People purchase online when they read about a product and are longing to see the words take a shape (in the form of the product that is for sale.) So the words have to be really powerful to draw maximum consumer attention.


Understood the Tone and Language: Point to be noted. It is as important to hold back certain information as much it is to give out the rest of it. This simply means to focus on the ‘good points’. You should also refrain from giving out too many details about the product to an extent that the customer loses interest. Make your content compelling, unique and intelligent.


Kept It Original: Of course I refered to some great sites that gave me ideas on writing ome really whacky product descriptions, but managed to keep my content absolutely original. Keping your product descriptions original is important because your site can be penalized in case any copied content is published on your website.


Besides the above points, a definite structure to the product descriptions proved to be of great help. So in 100 word descriptions content writers should spend some 40 words writing about product features, approximately 30 words on style recommendation, another 20 on its utility and the remaining 10 on catchy lines and adjectives. But, often 100 words are also too much for a product description and at that time focusing on the “core functionality” + USP of the product suffices.

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How to Identify Well-Written SEO Content

Posted by on May 23 2012 | SEO Copywriting

The world of Internet today is ruled by millions of websites. Websites of various companies, brands, people and so on. There is absolutely no dearth of writers who specialize in writing for web and social media. But then there is equal amount of competition to deal with. Companies out there have adopted various strategies to excel and they leave no stone unturned to make sure that their online space is well developed and designed and reaches the maximum number of target audiences that it can. So, what are these strategies?

SEO copywriting- You reach an internet user only if you are highly visible. To enhance this visibility, you post content on your website or the blog that contains a set of specific keywords that helps in increasing your page ranking and hence the visibility.

Now, to say that content must be relevant is an understatement. There is so much more to a content to deliver desired results than just this. Well written SEO content is high on keyword density; it is relevant, efficient and has the power to engage its readers. It speaks of sense and is not just a plain description.

Content writing for SEO needs to be exclusive and unique in order to ensure that it achieves the targeted goals set by a company.  Web content writing as a part of promoting a brand is not only a trend but also a necessity. It takes your brand to new heights at the same time, retaining its value and image. So, how does one get the right content? The simple answer is SEO copywriting. If you can’t do it yourself, hire a professional. An SEO copywriter specializes in producing content for your personal space that is well written and tends to hit the right chord with your target audiences in terms of establishing a permanent and healthy relationship as well selling.

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The Pros and Cons of SEO Services in India

Posted by on May 22 2012 | SEO Copywriting

SEO services in India have recently taken the longest strides in the world of online marketing. The internet boom in a multicultural society like India has always been observed as the biggest platform for creating a plethora of opportunities not only for the people of the country, but also for those who depend on our IT aura. Information technology in the Indian sub-continent has gained immense heights in the last few decades. The upsurge in the creation of websites itself tells the story. Today, there’s a web portal for each and every need of a normal human being. Be it shopping, buying homes, starting a business, getting a life-partner etc., you just need to sit in front of your computer screen and ask your genie to show you what you need!!

SEO services in India and its demand adds to the peripheral of the outsourcing business in the country. Outsourcing in India has become a major contributor to the country’s IT revenue. What lies behind the success of an online business website is a successful online marketing campaign. The real problem lies in getting a particular website recognized on the web. For those who do not know much about SEO, trouble lies ahead if you are planning to bring the website on the top of the search result pages. Keeping a website on the top end of the game is not only a huge task, but at times it can be quite merciless as far as emptying your pockets is concerned. SEO outsourcing or hiring SEO services in India can be an answer to all such questions and fears.

A huge number of SEO services in India have popped in the recent past. However, one needs to be aware of both the bright and dark side of choosing the SEO services in India. The Pros and cons of choosing SEO services in India are listed below –

  • The primary reason of outsourcing SEO services from India is the advantage of the savings opposed to what it would cost a website owner to hire an in-house SEO expert. However, it is important to remember that outsourcing SEO reduces cost not only with infrastructure but with also training time as well, not to mention the overhead costs of recruitment, management, staff turnover, etc.
  • Globalized standards of living differ from location to location. SEO services in India have successfully adapted themselves with all kinds of SEO demands from various website owners all around the world and thus have established themselves as the best SEO service option in the world.
  • With the right documentation and effective communication, SEO services in India help in efficiently reducing the delivery time. This is because most of the established SEO firms in India have an evolved and have proved themselves to be diligent as far as work ethics is concerned. They also have SEO as their primary focus and have developed processes and best practices that a website can benefit from.
  • Since India is one of the biggest markets of the outsourced SEO services it is safe to say that there is the requisite knowledge base in the country. An outsourced SEO service in India is known for its good quality services for both on-page and off-page optimization, as well as for other online marketing activities. SEO services in India are affordable for most any size of international offshore companies.
  • Apart from all the above benefits, SEO services in India provides content development with effective keyword density, technical SEO compliance, image, local & industry-specific search engine optimization, participation in relevant blogs, forums and other customer touch-points and continuous monitoring, refinement of SEO strategy and much more.

But on the other hand, there are a few things which should be taken care of while outsourcing SEO services to India –

  • Outsourced SEO often means that the SEO service in India handling a website’s SEO projects is not in the same location as the other respective company. This could potentially be a problem if the website owner is not positive that the SEO knowledge of a particular SEO firm in India being hired is up with the ever-changing technology and times. One needs to make sure that the SEO firm chosen should not employ older techniques and practices.
  • Due to the difference in location, provisions must be made by both parties – the SEO companies in India as well as the client – to keep up to date. Time difference could be a problem during holidays or weekends when the time zone is not the same. This is both a pro and a con in its self. Clear and consistent communication is the key to bridging these gaps.
  • While outsourcing SEO or any other service, a website owner needs to make sure that the SEO services in India have done their homework to qualify that the company is appropriate one. Many times, it is hard to know how long a company has been in business.

Thus, SEO services in India are the next big thing in SEO outsourcing. However, one needs to take care of the above points before choosing for a SEO services in India.

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A Miracle called ‘Bhutan’: Diary of a Content Writer

Posted by on May 19 2012 | From the Writer's Desk

Blessed by the universe to flourish as an independent country, Bhutan is what one can call ‘a miracle of life’. The dragon land is known for the simplicity of life that it offers to each and every citizen and to the tourists. The Buddhist country claims itself to be the happiest in the world, and indeed it is. Rich in architecture and diversity in culture, it is where one can find all the goodness stored for each person.

Having called myself a frequent traveler for over a year now, it was about time that I gained some nature consciousness and allow my creativity to enhance as a result. What else could be better than a land enveloped in passion and enlightenment from all sides. Bhutan is where I explored my sense of being and found a sensitive side towards the flora, fauna and avifauna.

After four days of hectic travelling in trains and buses, I touched upon Thimpu with the image of green mountains and blue rivers resting in my eyes. Far away from the hues of a hectic city life, it is situated in the lap of nature amidst the flowing rivers of faith. A trekker’s paradise as it is called, the city is home to some of the ancient Buddhist monasteries built years ago by the monks.

On the first day, I was given the instructions to carry lots of water, warm clothes and oodles of physical strength. At 6 am, as the bright sunlight played hide and seek with my feet on the roads, I was made to climb a 1000 feet high mountain.  What seemed impossible at that time, turned out to be an enlightening experience, much to the inner peace of my soul.

The next city to conquer was Paro. A three hour drive from Thimpu, Paro has the only airport in the country and indeed a spectacular one. Imagine stepping out of a plane to witness the beauty of mountains and the rivers even before getting out of the airport.

Waking up every morning to the sight of crystal clear water washing the white stones at the riverside can be such a pleasant experience for anyone. Life got happier as I went for evening walks with the sound of white water running across clear streams hitting my senses each day. This is what Paro had in store for me, a solace to accompany me all the time and an ocean of belief to take a deep dive in the enigma of life.

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Tips on Website Content Writing

Posted by on May 18 2012 | Web Content Writing

Tips on writing for the web can be a tricky (to the power infinity) task. Well the writing part resembles much to writing for any other medium but the problem here lies in understanding the ‘core purpose’ behind writing for the web. Good web content writers and great web content writers are separated by a fine line, which is the understanding of the audience on web. Here is my personal collection of notes that I have memorized in case I need to refer the same while writing for the web:


1)     Keywords Is The Key: Writing for the web largely entails working with and upon keywords. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is what we are targeting while utilizing keywords. Depending upon the keyword density and organization into the content the rank of the webpage/content page on the World Wide Web is decided.

2)     Profound Research Is the Motive: Doing research is the most helpful way of getting an idea about what people on the net like to read. You will get a better picture regarding the language, structure as well as topics that are most searched and read on the internet. Try and follow a similar pattern but do not restrict your own creativity. Take an idea from them and don’t follow blindly.

3)     Blogging/Writing Is the Function: One you have decided your audience you need to share your work and research with the rest of world. Social media and blogging allow you to convey your message in a quick manner to a greater audience. Be crisp and clear in your writing. Use simple language and make it interesting to read. Use humor but know the limits.

4)     Sharing Is Promoting: Rather than waiting for people to come and view your works promote it by sharing it with others in the same blogosphere. Share their content as well and form a content utility network.

Writing for the web can be great fun once you know that tricks of the trade. Keep your content alive by regularly breathing freshness into it. Keep content updated and regular.

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Web Content Writing – The Do’s and Don’ts

Posted by on May 17 2012 | Web Content Writing

Writing website content is becoming a big challenge these days. People pay a closer attention to what is written on the websites they visit. Therefore, it becomes important to deliver good content to the readers so that they find it helpful and at the same time are engaged while reading the content. In order to make your website content helpful it is important that you follow the do’s and don’ts for effective writing.


Keep it Short and Simple: always make sure that website content should be written to the point. This is because most of the readers would not like to spend time reading something that is long. Readers would be ready to read short and brief content, clicking on links and may end up buying something.

Follow SEO Writing Rules: it is important that while writing content for website, you keep SEO in mind. This is important because you must have written the most engaging and interesting content for the website, but until and unless it does not appear in the search engine results then no one would be able to see it. Therefore, SEO keywords are extremely important for you to be able to make your writing visible in the results.

Importance of Titles and Subtitles: It is important that you break down your content into titles and subtitles. This is will make your content appear more organised, and the readers who are just visiting the websites for a few seconds can actually read the subtitles to get an idea about the entire write-up.


Never Use Sales Language: Avoid salesman pitch when writing for web. While giving all the information about the products, your language should be action oriented and not sales oriented.

Do not Sound very Formal: Remember you readers would like to read something that answers their problems in a friendly manner, therefore, use conversational style of writing.

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SEO Copywriting Services in India – The Changing Trends

Posted by on May 15 2012 | SEO Copywriting

When it comes to SEO copywriting, the only factor that keeps ticking in your mind is traffic. It is definitely way different from the honking carnival that you go through when you are in your vehicle on the way to your office. The website traffic I more of a friendly asset which actually brings prosperity to a particular kind of online business. All said and done, what is actually this SEO copywriting? Well, if you are into online business, SEO copywriting is the sole key to your success. SEO copywriting services always help you spread your wings in the online arena.

It’s the first few lines of a web page in a website which play a major role in engaging a reader. If the article or the SEO copy is worth reading, visitors prefer reading through the entire stuff. Quality writing is an essential part of creating a compelling SEO copy. Qualified and experienced content writers are the people who take the onus of writing engaging SEO copies for the websites. Another important factor which plays a key role in adding to the success of an online business is the selection of proficient SEO Copywriting services. Also, these SEO Copywriting services should be comprised of proficient SEO copywriters and content writers who possess the ability to write high quality and informative content copy.

India being one of the most competitive IT grounds in the globe; the visibility of the Indian online business sphere has increased exponentially during the past few decades. So has the need for SEO Copywriting services in India. A plethora of websites in the Indian sub-continent have surfaced themselves in the recent past. Starting from online shopping to all kinds of business portals, SEO Copywriting services in India have gained huge momentum in terms in their importance. As far as the new changes in the SEO Copywriting services are concerned, several new trends have been introduced in order to meet the demands of the ever-changing needs of the online business hemisphere.

It not only the keywords and its uses which matters these days in the SEO Copywriting services in India; these days,  a professional SEO copywriter always uses different optimization methods with the  web pages. These include image optimization, text optimization, flash optimization etc. Generally, this particular set of optimization activities is referred to as on-site optimization.  Another important SEO technique used these days is the Geographic optimization. This particular optimization technique is only used when demanded. The basic purpose of this optimization technique is to include web pages in search listings for internet users who search services in a particular geographical region, county or state.

Creating a host of content rich blogs on word press, BlogSpot, blog flux, hub pages are among latest trends and it has really proved effective in improving search engine rankings for most of the websites in India. Social bookmarking is in trend for a pretty long time now. Hundreds of social media websites that allow ‘follow’ backlinks helps in improving your link popularity as well as some quality traffic. Last but not the least, another trend in SEO Copywriting services in India is unique article marketing. Well, it is all-time hot favorite SEO technique for webmasters. However, one should prefer manual submission of unique article only in few top article directories rather than submitting in thousands through software.

Most of the new trends in SEO Copywriting services in India have been using these methods to create a new era in the online business market in the country. And the result is in front of us, online marketing has supposedly acquired the status of being the biggest and instant revenue generator.

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The Nuances of Editing

Posted by on May 14 2012 | Copywriting

Probably a few examples will cull out the crux of this write-up before we even start up with the explanation. Have you ever gone through sentences that at the first glance look absurd and at the second read seem absolutely hilarious? There is nothing so funny about the sentences in themselves but the tricky grammatical and spelling errors make them a blunder. Take for example, ‘Let’s Eat Grandpa’ without a comma that should have been placed before ‘Grandpa’.

Another example that strikes my mind as I explain the significance of the comma is that of a book titled “Eats Shoots and Leaves”. Look at the brilliance of the sentence (or if I may call it the brilliance of punctuation) that theses three words can be interpreted in three different ways owing to editing and punctuation or for that matter the lack of them. Say for example, ‘Eats, shoots, and leaves’, and/or, ‘Eats, shoots and leaves’.

Someone once said that that most of the writing is rewriting, and that’s how I derive the nuances of editing. The subject matter in a rough form takes the shape of the first draft that must be worked upon again for bringing out more refined work. Editing is something that comes into play during the rewriting phase. Broadly speaking there are three arenas that editing comprises of. These include copy editing, proof reading and structural editing.

Even though editing is a fluid process, all writers are not born with the editing germ in them. A few mature to the level of making their work error-free and some are born with a microscopic vision as well as a clear and organized thought process. The later make extremely efficient copy editors, proofreaders as well as language editors.

Editors are experts in language and refurbish your work in a manner that it fits your audiences’ need precisely. So be it content for marketing, academic purposes, financial analysis or concerned with dissertation, an editor gives it the right tone, language, style and direction. An editor makes sure that there is no redundancy and repetition in the work and that the document is free of all errors. As Mark Twain puts it, “Substitute “damn” every time you’re inclined to write “very”; your editor will delete it and the writing will be just as it should be”.

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Predicament of a new Blogger

Posted by on May 07 2012 | Blogs, Content Writing

Alright, here we go. After repeated reminders from my boss and “Writing a Blog is no big deal” statements from my colleagues, I am finally Blogging! But, what is it that I am supposed to blog on??

Well, that is the question that lingers in on just about anyone’s mind, worse some of them never get the answer. Whilst some folks only decide to blog because they hear someone making a fortune through blogging, there are also some who get *inspired* to write a blog after they come across a wonderful blog from their favorite celebrity. And probably that is the very reason they do not know what topic to write on, since it is not the love of writing that is drawing them to blogging, it is something which has absolutely nothing to do with writing. Let us have a look at why people wanting to blog don’t blog:

  • No Love for Writing Really

As pointed out above, blogging is all about wanting to express yourself through words. Money can be one of the motivations, not THE motivation.

  • Lack of Confidence

Not being sure if what we write is up to the ‘standards’ is the primary reason why people stay away from blogging. People read other blogs and start comparing the quality of writing on those blogs with their own writing capabilities and that is where the doubts start creeping in. This is what must have prompted Mark Twain to say, “All you need is ignorance and confidence and the success is sure”

  • Expecting Too Much Too Soon

Web is full of stories of people churning out heaps of money by just blogging. So when some new writers on the block do not see the riches pouring in with just a smattering of blogs, they quit writing.

  • Who has Time?

In this hustle and bustle of our daily lives, squeezing out some time for blogging makes up for one challenging task, unless you are a professional writer. You need an uncluttered mind to write blogs, and that is the only thing one never has a luxury of. Writing a blog requires time and an internet connection and while latter can be easily acquired, you cannot buy time!

There must be further more reasons for you not writing a blog even after registering yourself with number of websites. It’s time you give up those reasons and give in to the gratification you get from writing. I for one, surrender!

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