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Top 5 Twitter Tricks for Writers

Posted by on Oct 31 2012 | Social Media, Twitter

Microblogging site, social networking platform or an IM – call it what you please – Twitter is the rage of the day, week and era! So, if you love to interact with people and stay connected, and then increase your followers by following some writing tricks for Twitter.

1. For Retweets, Tweet with Minimum Characters: There are many tweets which followers love to retweet; therefore you must leave room for retweeters to exercise, as they may want to add a point of their own.

2. Come in the Limelight by Using the Right Keywords: The use of keywords in your tweets is very essential for search purposes, as people track conversations based on keywords. For instance, if you are having a conversation on time management, then use the word ‘Time Management’ instead of time mgmt or efficiency.

3. Avoid the Use of Abbreviations: People don’t wish to spend several seconds deciphering your tweet. Therefore, avoid short forms and keep your message clear.

4. Tweet Regularly: You can also grab a lot of attention by posting your tweets on a regular basis, as no one is going to follow you if you haven’t tweeted in a long time. Try to tweet at least a few times in a week or maybe on a daily basis.

5. Followers: By posting something exciting, people will automatically start following you. Generate meaningful, interesting and unique content so that you can organically increase your followers.

The experience of using Twitter is considered as a skill through which people get a chance to share their thoughts and views and also promote their business. It is not just communication but a channel of conversations.

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An Insight into Blogvertising

Posted by on Oct 30 2012 | Blog, Blogging

Blogging seems to be the new past time for the people of the digital realm. A blog essentially acts as a channel through which individual opinions and views can be voiced. This unique platform also serves as a highly lucrative channel for brands to advertise their products or services. Below are listed some points which can help you to advertise better through blogs.

1. Enhanced Credibility: The unique thing about blogs is that they are individual opinion pieces and hence have more credibility. It is important to shape the content on a blog in a conversational as well as slight informal style.

2. Sponsored Reviews: Blogs are getting increasingly popular as a medium to promote sponsored reviews. An informal review on a blog serves as a genuine testament of the quality and effectiveness of the product/service. With blogs, you can also establish an indirect discourse with your target audience.

3. Contextual Ads: An advertisement which is in context of the content on the blog is certainly much more effective than conventional advertisements. The reason being that the ad will serve to be much more relevant and will also fetch a greater click through rate (CTR).

4. Keyword Mix: You must choose the right mix of keywords to promote your product/service through blogs. Blogs can attract a great amount of organic traffic if you use relevant keywords by doing ample research.

5. Backlinks: A blog can be much more powerful with a decent amount of backlinks. You can interact with your fellow bloggers and post their links on your blog to get the same favour back. With greater amount of backlinks, your blog can also rank higher on search engines.

The predicament of the advertisers is the oversaturation of conventional channels of advertising which often renders their advertisements as invisible to the target audience. Ads on blogs, however are not relegated into oblivion like conventional ads.

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Why the Viral Gets ‘Viral’

Posted by on Oct 29 2012 | Social Media

We are sure to have a unanimous opinion of not understanding one bit of South Korean music sensation PSY’s ‘Gangnam Style’. In fact that ‘s the only phrase that one can spell out of all the jibber jabber but can give him some credit, which is to let everyone around the world share the video or at least comment on this video on their Facebook page once. It’s crazy but it’s there and people love it or the better way to put it would be ‘hooked’. So, the question, what’s with everything from some sensible to absolutely nonsensical things going viral on social media?

There’s no corollary but there’s definitely a psyche behind why things go viral on web, especially social media. One thing that goes inevitably with the given situation is the availability of the Internet. Technology certainly has made things easier to be shared and people just can’t wait to do that. It’s like starting up a whole new platform for gossip and self representation is a big part of it. So, one shares a song, an article or a blog to carve that special niche of ‘self’. We do not deny that sometimes it goes without any deep purpose but just for the sake of it.

An interesting facet to sharing of viral videos on the web is the psychology of association. Self-identification with a genre of work is undermined over the bigger picture of getting attached to the crowd so, if a friend gets to like a video, one feels like liking it, tweeting about it, sharing it or commenting on it. It then, would not boil down to matter of opinion but the fact that it was noticed and ‘you’ participated.

Another side to it is more rational, like the feeling of getting attached to a cause, which is closer to heart. This may be anything from a personal choice of perfume brand to saving the environment or going vegan. The motto behind sharing is getting others to know, spread awareness and join the cause that one is so passionate about.

Before we close the discussion, shared here is a video that speaks of a unique research done in the area, enlightening us on the sides of why people share before embarking on the marketing side of how to get the content shared. So, the first five and a half minutes of interaction adds a new perspective to the view of ‘shares’ that goes ‘viral’.

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The Role of Social Media in Brand Positioning

Posted by on Oct 27 2012 | Social Media

Brand positioning involves placing your brand favourably in relation to your direct competitors. This is done by effectively communicating the unique attributes of your product/service to the key demographics in order to gain a competitive advantage. Read on to know how social media can play a critical role in positioning of your brand.

1.       The Wavelength: For effective positioning of a brand, you need effective communication which can only be sustained if you        are at the same wavelength as your key demographics. Social media helps brands connect with their target audience on terms and conditions.

2.       Recall Value:  As the urban demographics is increasingly spending a substantial share of their time using social media, there is a need to position brands across social media to enhance recall value of the brand. Recall value defines how strong the impression of the brand is on its target audience.

3.       Conversation Value: Brand positioning is all about how the target audience relates to or perceives a brand. By sparking conversations through the outlet of social media, brand can effectively shape their opinion in the minds of their target audience.

4.       Tapping the User Generated POI: Consumers now interact with a brand by an exceedingly dynamic and complex process. Online reviews, discussion forums, social groups now also serve as a Point of Interaction between the brand and the consumer. It is vital for the brand to carefully modulate the experience of its key demographics at all points of interaction.

5.       Listening: In order to effectively position your brand, one needs to know where it stands. Social media is not just used to disseminate but also to garner feedback from the target audience. Social media is a unique channel which lets the marketers to know what is being talked about their brand among their audience.

The powerful of social media can cement a brand’s position among the target audience. Social media is a highly organic and dynamic realm which can be exploited in several ways to reach out to the consumers and position the brand formidably in their mind.

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Content Writing Services at your Door Step

Posted by on Oct 26 2012 | Blog, Content Writing, Web Content Writing

In this emerging online world, the power of words is simply matchless. No matter how catchy the layout of your website is, if it does not offer complementing content, the website will automatically lose its gleam. Writing according to the requirement is necessary for your business and your website. A content writing agency is the perfect solution to help you grow your business by writing compelling content to attract visitors. These agencies offer a number of services.

Website Content Writing

Website content writing is one of the most significant aspects of your web page. Good content is the only means to communicate with your visitors and as you know, first impression is the last impression, so why not write content which is perfectly written and persuasive for the visitors. Good content is one of the best ways that can bring success to your business. For this, you just a write-up which is written in an aesthetic manner with all the business technicalities to satisfy the need of the viewers.

Blog Writing

Blogs serve to be the most effective tool for internet marketing, as through blogging you can share your company’s proficiency and connect with your clients and customers. Trained content writers write exact theme-based quality blogs on your behalf to boost your business.

Article Writing

Whether you wish to promote your business or your brand, an effective theme based article on the website generates traffic on the website. When you regularly submit articles, it gets indexed by the search engines like Google and increases traffic and profits. To create and rear your identity, creative and experienced content writers are involved in this task.

Press Release Writing

In this era of the Internet, a press release is an easy and effective way to reach out to your audiences. A well-knit press release can bring your company to the forefront and increase your sales. Experienced writers provide the best of services and also make sure that the information is newsworthy.

You can take your enterprise to great horizons by the numerous services provided by content writing agencies.

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It’s Raining Sale

Posted by on Oct 24 2012 | Ecommerce, Festive, Social Media

There is something magically wired about people investing and shopping extensively around festivities. If the product is big, the larger the showcase and if it’s small and costs dear, slash the price and watch the rush. Everything works because it is festive season.

Now, if the print, radio or television were not enough to get the consumer’s attention, there’s a better way to get to them, go viral on the web or better yet, post the latest deal on the brand’s Facebook page and tweet about it.

Web Banners: This has typically been working for brands on web pages for quite long. It has almost achieved a veteran status when it comes to web ads and continues to attract attention. This is one classic way of a brand’s approach on the web. Brands representing home furnishings and clothing line prefer to take this route.

Advertorials: It is considered to have been providing the right platform for online marketing. Brands use the advertorial format to publish the festive deals on new product categories or bundled products on the website. Travel deals and packages take on this form to engage the travellers.

Flash Ads: When a festive giveaway flashes on the screen, one is simply tempted to ‘click’ on that button. That is enough to open the box of opportunities that lands the consumer on the website where there’s more than one could have imagined. The rest becomes history. Sale is sealed.

Viral Videos: Give a bow to YouTube because they simplified the job of viral video sharing. All a brand has to do is make an impactful video that speaks of the product ‘more’ in a 30 second blink-and-you-miss-it commercial and share it on social media. Technology products exploit it to have the prospects glued on the offered features.

Social Media Site: Now, that we have let the cat out of the bag, social media has worked wonders for brands this festivity. Gadgets, jewellery, clothing, all brand categories are hogging the limelight to maximize the profits by giving out the best deal of the season. The Facebook page, Twitter handle or even Pinterest is loaded with discount talk.

Now, the question remains if you have been making the most of this or not? You sure know what is going on there so, why wait? Hurry now.


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Politics and the Role of Social Media

Posted by on Oct 23 2012 | Facebook, Social Media

Big Push in Politics

The impact of Social Media is throughout the world. The uprising in Arab, the upheaval in Tunisia and several petitions online have reformed the political structure of the world.

The political structure is now being redefined with the help of social media as many political figures are now available on many social networking websites. With increasing number of followers, the impact on the political system is lucidly visible and much more tangible.

As the electoral year approaches, the mould is set to provide data, which is going to be available to everyone and thus become a key aspect of shaping the public opinion.

The New Approach in Politics: Getting Yourself Discovered

Social media has the ability to connect people to each other and what better way to let other know about your presence than being an active member.

Engaging yourself and having a large number of followers on Twitter is the key to let yourself get discovered. The simple rule is universal to all and that is the reason US President Obama is known for his web presence. With a page on Facebook and several followers on Twitter, the number of likes, shares and re-tweets make his dominance visible.

Sharing is Caring, and Attracting Votes

The content that is shared has now shifted from a political approach towards a personal one with politicians sharing their thoughts not on television or radio. A piece of personal life has made the outlook towards the politicians more sensitive as it shows the hint of the “normal-daily-lifestyle.”

A personal website, a page on tumbler and an enormous following is the approach the Presidential campaigns are opting on social media.

With both presidential candidates Barack Obama and Mitt Romney gaining acclaimed following and web presence, the election can be pretty much called a social battle as we see them doing more than the overused clichés including kissing babies and the conventional handshakes.

Strength Amongst a Few and the Youth

The impact of social media is observed widely in India where a lesser section of population is exposed to the trending web pattern. Protestors who are the backbone of the protest shaped the campaign that is still prominent are the ones who have fanned the flame of anticorruption.

The social awareness and ideas have also spread across the nation as the youth cries for a better system. Various campaigns have come into prominence and they rely solely on social media to meet their goals.

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The Changing Face of Facebook

Posted by on Oct 22 2012 | digital marketing, Social Media

If this was not a marketing kill then what else is? Facebook did that to Orkut long before the frontrunner even knew that it was being threatened by the former. Starting from a dorm room experiment to having 1 billion users on their social network site, Facebook evolved and how!

The site continues to astound and keep the users engaged with new features. There’s no bargain on that. The minute the feeling sinks in that the site is losing the user ‘connect’, we have something bigger and better. It is just inevitable here to share some of the aspects that made the users stick around for more.
Timeline: Facebook knew from the beginning that the site is just as much about digital socializing as it is about self representation and what better way to do it than by chronicling the events of your life. This led the brand bandwagon to hit a new social network marketing formula.

Integration: Facebook made the user engagement happening with apps but it gradually went ahead with integrations. From Scribd to TripAdvisor to Bing, Facebook integration now allowed the users to share notes, search and even plan a journey, when they feel like it.

Video Chat: The Facebook and Skype integration gave the users the leisure of video chat. This in fact was quite an event that took place when Google dropped the bomb with Google+. The former sure was ready to take on the competition’s attack and nicely so.

Subscription: This was something quite ‘awaited’. For people who sought the friendship status but were not successful, could now subscribe to the posts, allowing the community to grow and seek out more acquaintances.

Photo Albums: This has been one aspect of Facebook which has been constantly innovating. With increasing pixel sizes, easy navigation, tagging and bigger views, Facebook photo features are a revolution and are definitely a popular category amongst users.

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Animation gets Real

Posted by on Oct 20 2012 | Cinema, entertainment industry

Animation gets Real

There are some things in the world that we are biased about mostly because of their ‘not-so-real’ status. Admitting to that, it is a given that very few of us like to take animation for anything serious, even making a statement. True. Animation is something inanimate put into action and is mostly for the purpose of humour, but why should that come to limit the possibilities of the medium?

It is hard to know how many parents are thankful to Walt Disney, but they don’t really take animation for serious stuff. This definition has come to redefine itself by some of the creations of past few years. The movies have not only questioned societal norms but unusual genres and not to miss out the superior technology. Animation in fact has questioned and brought more ‘life’ to reality, with the films trying to get closer and closer to the nuances of something alive and less fictional.

Persepolis: The mix of a graphic storyline merged with animation, this film brings the point of view of a young Iranian libertine woman, who sought freedom of thought when her society was struggling with religious turmoil.

Mary and Max: An interesting representation of clay animation gives Mary and Max that magical feel. The plot that layers the emotion of two lonely souls set apart in different continents learn to deal with life through letters.

Fantastic Mr. Fox: Imagining the furry beings of your closet coming to life is the ultimate effect of this one. Working on the techniques of stop motion animation, this is a story of a shrewd Mr. Fox, who decides to define his freedom by outsmarting humans, sending out quite a message.

Up: Nobody talks of the old anymore but animation does. A septuagenarian Carl decides to take a trip and manages to do that by flying along with his home on balloons. The movie captures the plot with the effects of photo realistic animation at its best.

Frankenweenie: With Tim Burton’s direction and a perfect setting for the mysterious mix of graphic, gothic and animation, this one is to be watched for the amalgamation of stop motion and digital animation.  It is more a work of ‘difference’ than just a new-age adaptation to Frankenstein.

There is no better conclusion to this list, which is always under construction. To that effect, these are only a few master pieces out of the animation box but for the ones who think ‘it’s not quite worth it’ are missing much.

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Writing for Social Media

Posted by on Oct 17 2012 | Social Media

Facebook numbers have been on an increment loop ever since Facebook was founded. Same goes for other social media websites. And there seems to be no signs for the rate to slow down. Not that it should, as marketing folks have found a BBC3 in the form of Facebook and Twitter to broadcast the updates, news and all the marketing mambo jambo related to their products.

Having said that, you should give your users ample reasons to like your page and stay on it.

Just KISS. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Keep It Short and Simple. And that doesn’t mean just number of words but also the length of the sentences. If you have more than 8 words, break them into 2 sentences. You will see how total number of words are reduced (by using this method- I didn’t use the last 4 words. Did you miss those?) Attention span on web is the shortest and so should be your content. Hook your users with the first 4 words.

It All About SOCIALising

‘Educating’ your readers takes a backseat here. You want to keep your audience, you have to engage them. Generate interesting and potentially viral content regularly. Post some fun stuff that goes well with the brand image, something that doesn’t have to remind users that you represent brand (the profile picture with the brand name does more than a job here). Deafening your users with self-promotional noise will only lead to more ‘Unlike’.

It All About Socialising, Not Stalking

Yes, you should keep reminding your users that you exist. There is a difference though- You are one of those friends that someone wouldn’t like to hear much from. You will only end up annoying your users if they see too many updates from your page on their feeds. Sharing updates a tad too many times in a day might reduce you to a status of a pushy salesman.

Humour Never Fails

Now that goes without saying. Unless you are keeping a Facebook page for a Morgue, there is no reason why you should not add a little humour. Users don’t waste much time from coming across a funny update to hitting the ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ button. Just make them laugh and seem them stick around.

Social media is stranger to none and a vision to everyone. The marketing messiahs will tell you how easy their job has been made by social media platforms. All you got to do is to pause and listen to your customers, even if the sales pitch was delivered ages ago.

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