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Top 5 Benefits of Outsourcing a Thesis

Posted by on Dec 28 2012 | Content Writing, Thesis Writing

Thesis writing is taken as a form of very personal and opinionated work. But when there is a time crunch and plenty of research in hand to be compiled, it is best to outsource an expert help for thesis writing. It cannot be denied that trained and expert writers do wonders with a thesis writing job.

Here are 5 advantages of outsourcing thesis writing:

  1. Save Time: The outsourcing of a thesis helps save a lot of time for other projects at hand. An individual can appreciate the time that he can utilize against any other engagement. This also allows for the work to be finished in an organized environment.
  2. Expert Help: The process of outsourcing a thesis work does not mean that it would be of average consequence. In fact, an outsourced work puts the other side in a more responsible position, thus, ensuring that an expert deals with the work and produce desired results.
  3. Thorough Research: People who work on outsourced thesis writing do thorough and complete research before landing onto conclusions. A thesis is meant to be based on certain facts that are verified, illustrated and acknowledged accordingly. All of these aspects are well taken care of by the writers.
  4. Meeting Deadline: The best part of outsourcing thesis work is that the responsibility of meeting the deadline is kept as priority by the writers. They know that a thesis submission is an important and final step of a research practice, hence, complete the work in due time.
  5. Fool Proof Work: One thing is for sure that a thesis work delivered by a content agency is always fool proof. There are various stages of writing that he thesis goes through before the final delivery, which sees editing and fool proofing. So, there are fewer chances of the work turning out to be wrong or with mistakes.

Looking at the five mentioned benefits here, it is established that outsourcing thesis writing is going to deliver better work quality. However, it is best to see the competency and experience of the agency in the field before handing out the responsibility.

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Top 5 Functionalities Your Website Must Have

Posted by on Dec 18 2012 | Web Design, Web development

With the surge in competition all around you, how do you ensure your business stands out amongst the crowd?  Moreover, with the competition getting even tougher in the digital space, it is even more imperative that you make your online presence even stronger. How can all this be achieved?

A compelling and functionality-rich website can help you win half the battle. Read on to know 5 features you MUST load it with:

  1. Social Media Widgets: In a world where sharing dominates the value of a brand and enables faster brand awareness and recall, the integration of social media buttons is a must. Since social media activities influence the search results of a website heavily, this feature becomes very important to be included.
  2. Calls to Action: Whilst a user may land up on your website, there must also be relevant calls to action for him or her to take an action. The action could be to register, contact, sign up or subscribe. The idea for you is to covert as many users as possible.
  3. Responsive: You must remember that a large percentage of your users may be viewing your website on their tabs or mobiles. The traffic to your website should not suffer as a result if this trend. Keeping that in mind, enable a smooth user experience even on mobile phones by making your website responsive.
  4. Search Bar: You know what can be found where on your website, but your audience doesn’t. Make their journey through your site easier, and include a search bar on the site.
  5. Meta Data: A pretty website sitting in the virtual space is practically of no use at all, unless equipped to be found by users in search results. Thus, it is essential to ensure a well-optimized site, with meta titles and meta tags in place.

Building a good website is like packaging your offerings well. The user will get attracted only if the appearance looks appealing enough to come closer. So, make sure your website development has that creative edge it needs.

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3D Is the New Big

Posted by on Dec 16 2012 | entertainment industry

Aren’t we glad to watch movies in 3D? Without a doubt, yes. Bless the nuances of technology that would not come easy to a layman’s logic but offers amazing cinematic experience. One would risk the big awkward glasses required to view a 3D movie, any given day. It is all worth it. So, what exactly makes 3D so popular for the makers and the viewers?

The Third Dimension: It was all about the length and breadth of it until of course the depth caught on. One very crucial aspect of 3D films is the clarity with which the depth of sequences can be captured on screen. It is in fact a time taking process as it requires the reels to go through complete reprocessing to turn the effects into a 3D movie. The result is the details that are served to the viewers to enjoy.

Larger than Life: The movie makers and the movie buffs, who are die-hard fans of the larger than life cinema, get the real deal with 3D. With movies that require animation, special effects, and action try and work it out in the new available technology as it gives the desired presentation. They know well that the viewer would appreciate it, if a hornbill flies straight out of its nest into his face. It is like mixing the art of storytelling with a roller coaster ride.

Entertainment Redefined: Believe it or not, 3D is one of the features that have added to the competitive market of film production and distribution. Apart from the fact that the consumer is getting a new dimension of entertainment, the movie houses, distributors and theatre owners are making the most out of a high end cinema product.

If humans are sensitive to experiences then, 3D has just taken it on to a whole new level. It does not come as a surprise that people are already talking about the four dimensional effects. So, until that hits the screen, 3D is going to rule the roost and anything that misses out on 3D would be entertaining but not superlative.

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Social Media War: What’s a User Got to Do With It?

Posted by on Dec 13 2012 | Social Media

If it is a competitive scene, things can get ugly anywhere. It just did in the social media scene, when Facebook managed Instagram restricted the way the shared pictures were used on Twitter. After Facebook took over Instagram early this year, people hoped for change of policies. However, one very unwelcome one has gone right into the face of Twitter.

The reason why Instagram took a strong stand on this one was referred to the way the pictures or ‘cards’ used to appear on the micro blogging site, Twitter. In some of the instances the images were not true to its original form. In complete denial of being subjugated by Facebook, the Instagram authorities liked to stress upon the fact that the decision was entirely from Instagram’s end as it would help restore the genuineness and quality of the pictures.

However, looking at the complete scenario, it sure looks like a storm brewing. This also directs to the fact that the growing web of social media platforms are mutually dependent on each other and cannot break free easily. Not only that this brings the audience and users of the site into a complete circle where all are inter-connected. In such a scenario, do the users get a right to vote on such policies? It is a valid question. It would make sense if the policy has rather been formed based on user’s feedback but if it is not then, things are definitely at stake.

Another hint from this event is towards the future of the social media turf war, where sites may lock horn over issues of web space and information sharing. Given the fact that a user generally shares a lot of personal and professional information online, he would be at the receiving end of a bitter policy. So, though it is accepted that the social media platforms are nothing without their users and they humbly acknowledge that, let’s hope the users still have a good say in matters that affect them.

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Communication ahead of the 7C’s

Posted by on Dec 12 2012 | content, Content Writing

Gone are the days when communication was said to be effective if it qualified to the 7 C’s parameters viz. completeness, conciseness, clarity, concreteness, courtesy, and correctness. In marketing essence, communication needs to leave an impression. Speaking particularly about the content writing industry, communication is much more than interaction (and the way your do it); it is about reader psychology.

We list the new parameters of communications as follows:

  • Affability: We would like to mention again that we mention the rules of communication in this blog strictly with respect to writing. So, the affability rule is applicable here because, believe it or not, the user gets to know your interest levels in the subject by the way your write. Now by affability we do not mean that you use smileys wherever possible, but make intelligent use of humor and niceness wherever you can.
  • Awareness: The purpose of the content should be to “make aware”. Remember, people are looking for new events, findings and freshness (Even if it is about the same old thing).Make them aware about the new and they are likely to keeping on your site for more interesting information.
  • Assumptions: Assuming and anticipating the audience is critical to writing. Moreover, it is only when you perceive a particular target market for your work that you will be able to write as per their preferences. It is a golden rule of writing and communication: to write as they like!
  • Attitude: Every work of writing has an attitude, which gives it a personality. Positive or negative, apprehensive or confident, casual or friendly, these are only a few examples of the attitudes of communication.

Having listed the various parameters of communication we also need to make readers aware that writing this list is not inclusive. The scope of communication cannot be summed in a few points; and, they are just measures for ensuring quality.

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Moving onto Multiplicity

Posted by on Dec 04 2012 | entertainment industry

When the television was not there, one could just dream of it but now, everything seems possible. The vast expanse of technological possibilities has just touched another milestone with multiple platform features. Multiple-platform is a simple idea that would allow people to watch videos, movies, telecasts over any chosen medium of mass communication, be it television, computers or mobiles.

Maximum Coverage: If a tele-series or a movie feature is going to be telecasted or can be viewed on multiple platforms, it becomes a total win for the producers. In none of the other ways can one imagine to cover a larger part of the audience as this one brings increased viewership.

More Sponsorship: Use of multiple-platforms allows for more media space and new opportunities of sponsorship. This one is a welcome thing for both the feature makers as well as the advertisers, who can catch on the prime time slots.

Connecting the Dots: Multiple-platforms allows producers to set up a virtual environment where viewers can be involved in a game setting and the plot be spread out over different slots. They would have to chase the story over platforms to keep pace and get the story together.

Ease to Fleet: For viewers, it becomes an easy option with a feature that may have compatibility with multiple platforms, allowing them to reach out to any available option at hand to watch it. This leaves out no issue of missing out on the favorite show.

Catch on Later: In other case, one may choose to do otherwise, if the same feature has different slots of appearance on multiple-platforms, one can choose to catch on the show later if missed out on an episode. Apart from that one always has the option of recording a show for a later watch.

With media houses vying for developing products that has multiple platform compatibility, people are just in for more entertainment, with flexibility and ease redefined. Life could not get more entertaining than this.

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Resume Writing: What a Professional Writer Can Do

Posted by on Dec 01 2012 | Resume Writing

As a job seeker, I had applied for many companies by sending my resume, but to my surprise, the answer that generally came was that they will call me back. But I never got a call from any of the companies. I was disappointed. Even after having the highest qualifications, I could not understand what went wrong. Later, I was able to understand that this is the most common situation for many and the reason was a vaguely written resume.

A professionally written resume helps you get employed more easily. Therefore, if you wish to have a resume that would sell you to potential employers, then hiring an expert resume writer proves to be the best option. Here are the top 4 reasons why:

  1. Writing Skills: Professional resume writers have the skill to highlight the key points, which an employer is looking for. They cautiously but briefly analyze the strengths, qualifications, aptitude and proficiency of the applicant making him or her fit for a particular job.
  2. The Right Matter: Adding the right kind of matter required for your resume is done by these professional writers by collecting all the details pertaining to the job seeker. The bio-data of the job seekers plays the foremost role even before the final call for the interview.
  3. Eye for Detail: Writers keep in mind, that the resume should not be too long since the employer will not read each and every line. The key details have to be written in a catchy manner, making it easy for the employer to go through the qualifications, experiences and other important details.
  4.  Professionalism: Professional resume writers help in creating a promising resume by writing different types of resumes, which include, entry-level, mid level, senior level and executive level. They not only write resumes for experienced candidates, but also for freshers.

So, don’t take a chance if you wish to climb the success ladder, instead take professional help and work in your favourite company. Seek the help of professional resume writers to get that edge, just like I did.

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