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WOM and Social Media: The Similarities

Posted by on Jun 28 2013 | Social Media

Word of Mouth marketing has stuck around since ages. No one knows when and how it originated, but every time you hear your mom spread the word around about how delicious her new recipe has turned out to be, you get reminded of the marketing technique. The only difference between WOM then and WOM now is that the medium of spreading the word has changed.

A few years back your mom would talk about her new recipe during kitty parties. Now, she talks about them via Facebook, Twitter, and Google Hangouts. How very interesting, isn’t it? Does it mean that social media marketing is nothing but WOM with the V for virtual replacing the W for word? As far as the following similarities are concerned, yes; however, not entirely:

  • What to Talk About : Every social media marketer, just like a WOM pro, will think of something about the  product/service to talk about. For example, if your mom is talking about her recent recipe, she won’t just talk about how well it turned out. She will also give little details like whether the recipe is a snack, a dessert, or a drink. An added advantage that social media gives her is to pin up the picture of her recipe and feel like a chef!
  • Who To Talk With :Believe it or not, but your mom knows all the secrets to becoming the talk of the town. She knows the foodies amongst her friends. Yes, even at the times when WOM was hotter than SMM, she would know whom to target with her food delights. Now that she has the World Wide Web and Social Media platforms to her aid, she targets ‘groups’ and ‘likers’ like a boss!
  • Who Will Talk About Us/The Product/The Service : Every marketer knows the originating point of gossips. They also know who nourishes and cherishes talking about ‘the latest’. WOM pros and Social Media Marketers are great with figuring out the target audience and early adopters too. You’ll never find yourself tensed about finding their way to the right audience.
  • Why Would Anyone Talk About (Us/Me/Service/Product)

Well, this is something that both WOM and SMM professionals are always caught up thinking about. It’s their work after all. They have to understand the nature of the object that they are marketing. Only then will they be able to make the best out of WOM and social.

Last but not the least, the key to WOM and social is all about putting the communication across in the right manner, leaving no scope for misunderstandings.

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Online Reputation Management for the Socially Conscious Souls

Posted by on Jun 26 2013 | Online marketing, Online Reputation

Here is a fact – and that too, a statistically proven one – “70% of consumers trust recommendations from their friends and family, a whopping 92% trust the opinions posted by other consumers online”, publishes Forbes. I am surprised, aren’t you? But those who have been there done that, would literally be laughing it off. The pros know that out of those 92% that the real users trust, 60% is a trap. Those 60% make the world go round, at least the virtual one. Those 60% comprise the force that work towards creating or belittling a firm’s online reputation.

What’s the Deal? How Online Reputation Management Happens

In its simplest, ORM is just like competition. You pull someone down to get to the top. In a way its economic – just like the free of the economy, on the basis of certain factors, a winner emerges from absolutely nowhere. And if you still haven’t got it, think PR.

ORM is all about pushing the bad stuff about your company down and inflating the good stuff in the virtual world. It’s just like saying that you scored total 7.7 GPA in your annual, pushing down the fact that you scored a D in Economics (guess what no one really knows how much you scored in which subject). You passed with a distinction and that’s what you should leverage on.

With ORM it is all about getting your content and information on the first page of Google. Solely that can earn you a good amount of organic traffic. Plus, no one is going to read what is being written about you on the third page of Google, unless it’s SEOed too well. However, what most people know is how to positively promote. Only a handful of them are able to cut through the negative hype being created.

Why ORM is Important?

It is believed that just like dreams, if you don’t control your brand online, someone else will. Let us quickly look at how online reputation management helps you with. There are basically four things that ORM helps you with: enhancing search results, enriching snippets, personalizing search, and boosting universal search.

The stakeholders of ORM comprise consumers, business partners, marketers, journalists, coworkers and last but not the least, your personal contacts. If done correctly, ORM can be the key to the success of your business.

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