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Redefining the User Experience with Reddit

Posted by on Aug 14 2013 | Social Media

Facebook is notorious for changing its facade every now and then. However, the realization comes sooner that each step taken promises something better. For example, the latest design on Facebook is an attempt to make Facebook an exceptional experience on mobiles. While there is a certain section of users who resist and disapprove of the new look, the majority has been wise to support the platform.

That said, Facebook is not the only social media platform that allows change. Google Plus is another that has come far. Joining the league is Reddit. It’s surprising; however it is a fact that there was a huge jump in the site experienced in its unique visitors last month. The total number that the unique visitor slot held last month touched a whopping 71 million. As Reddit continues to grow, the need for modifying its structure that can cope with user experience is felt even more.

With Multi-reddits, the platform tried to up its performance. The Multi-reddits are Reddits way of introducing customization on the platform. Moreover, they are extremely use-friendly. Also known as subreddits, Multi-reddits are nothing but a way of grouping individual forums that are found on Reddit. Now even multi-reddits have become a passé. The focus is on moving customization to organized customization. The entire process is supposedly about to witness an overhaul. Much like what Facebook did with its ‘appearance’, Reddit too is preparing to face a facelift. There will soon by an altogether different way of showcasing the multi-reddits. Streamlining of the processes is due too. The new changes are focused on making Reddit more ‘Tablet’ and ‘Mobile’ friendly. Like every time, the Reddit community has reacted quite negatively to the change. That, however, isn’t an indicator of failure. Let’s wait and watch what the new Reddit has got!


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