4 Ways of Effective Marketing on Twitter

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The world now mobilises with the help of Twitter. The “SMS of the Internet” has pervaded into the life of more than 500 million users worldwide. Naturally, Twitter is eyed as a one of the most lucrative platforms by marketers and advertisers.  However, marketing on twitter requires a little slant in your approach.

1.    Trigger Grapevine: Twitter is purely people-to-people communication. Marketing strategy should focus on engaging people and initiating them to talk about your brand. Rather than disseminating promotional messages, give people something to talk about.

2.    Go Personal: On Twitter you cannot adopt your run-of-the-mill mass communication approach. When using social media for marketing, it always pays to target people individually. Twitter is about real people and adding a personal touch to your tweets helps to actually connect with people.

3.    Reason to Follow: This goes without saying that sans followers all marketing strategies would amount to nothing on Twitter. Listen to people, talk to them and help them out. Unless you offer some value in your tweets, people would not have a reason to follow you.

4.    The Syntax: On Twitter, you have to follow a specific syntax to be heard. Twitter is about being crisp and to the point sans the fanfare. Your hash tags also play a critical role in making your tweets more prominent to your relevant demographics. It also helps to maintain a syntax that can be re-tweeted easily along with comments.

In the realm of Internet marketing, Twitter is a unique platform which is exceedingly nifty and instant.  The most apt use of twitter is not as just another channel of communication but as a catalyst of conversation.

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  1. Jyotika

    Also, very targetted following should be done, such as brands, groups and people relevant to your business. Retweeting, replying and favouriting their posts increases the share value.

    02 Sep 2012 at 11:37 am

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