A Two Line Story

Posted by on Oct 28 2011 | Content Writing

How difficult it is to describe a story in 200-300 words? Sounds like a not-that-a-big deal? Sure it does, but if the same description has to be written in two lines, brimming with emotions and inclusive of every detail, then? An instant retort would be “idiotic impractical demand!” Writing slogans, taglines and creating website pages that have minimal phrases and maximum expression is no runaway victory.

Imagine a campaign without a slogan, a product that has no definition so as to say, tagline and a company page that has nothing to welcome its visitors. None of them will appear to look an iota appealing and likeable to the patron, neither to the eye nor to the intellect. Expressing the inexpressible, ideating the unthinkable and making apparent the woolly matter with the help of words is what I would like to call ‘ a two line story’. There are millions of meanings and stories that can be weaved with the help of words. While some words are incomplete without the other there are some that represent an entire lineage of the connoisseur. It’s all about mating them together in a manner that the offspring not just symbolises their communion but describe a gamut of stories of their romancing.

To get a final outcome that is wholesome and speaks a hundred words rather than just a few apparent visible lines requires the writer to form a multitude of associations and interweave them. Starting from understanding the basic ideology, which is stemming to another offering that in fact will express and define the final goal of the company, is what- slogans, tagline and website home pages aim to achieve. The more a writer will love to do it, the more craftily ingenious will be the outcome.

The writing is an amalgamation of contrasts: crisp yet all-inclusive, comprehensible yet refined, witty yet subtle, and relatable yet goal oriented. Not to forget, these two lines define, represent and market a company and its products.

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