Adding credibility to a press release

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Press Release is a cost effective way of announcing a new product, a new service or an upcoming event. Press release writing is different from advertising writing, in the sense that you cannot really brag in press release content.  The content for press release has to state the facts as they are. Sure you can list down the plus points and hide the negative ones, but you cannot use too many adjectives and make the content all fancy.

For press release writing, there are certain things to be kept in mind. The first being the title of the press release. A catchy title is what will make the reader, read the content. If the title isn’t attractive enough, no one will really give a glance to the content. Press release content should be presented in such a manner, that the reader can visualize what you are trying to share; therefore providing a detailed description along with examples can be beneficial. When writing content for press release, make sure you add the sources from where you got the news.  If you are stating statistical facts and figures in the content, make sure that what you share is absolutely correct. Another point which is to be remembered is that, you don’t add jargons in the content. To make the readers, read the content till the very end, try including reasons about why the press release is meant for them. The last important factor of a press release is the news it carries. The news should actually be substantial enough to be made into a press release.

Press releases add a lot of credibility to the product as well as to the company, so it is necessary that the content has the ability to attract the targeted customers.

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