All work and no play-“will give you a perfectly BORING copy”

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All work and no play was a topic of debate at times when people believed more in hard-work than in smart work. It is still a strategy adopted my many when students are competing for a seat in medical or a top-B school or preparing for any other exam that could “only to say so”, secure their future. Many a times it seems more beneficial than harmful to slog yourself at work and push your limits each day for that could fetch you if not a promotion, at least a raise. Isn’t it? Till a decade back the answer would have been a YES!!, but not anymore.

This is not something new being written or talked about but offers a fresh new perspective to the age old saying that all work and no play makes jack a dull boy. I would rather say that all work and no play would make anyone a donkey with a lazy attitude and muddled up grey matter. And if that donkey turns out to be a writer he could better be designated “Head-Bland writing”.

So why don’t you, yes you the zealous writer, just get up from your seat and go for a 10 minutes’ walk. Got loads of work, let your walk take you to an exploration spree. Now I am not talking about a walk through the World Wide Web, that you already must be regular with. It’s now time to write about what you see in the real world. Use live examples from your environment and you will be able to relate to words better.

To exercise your brains “ask question” and “give answer”. They may not be logical and may be precisely termed “non-sense”, but will surely give you a reason to contemplate and think.

Last but not the least, go for brainstorming, play with words and keep the humor alive!!

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  1. agreed, writing isn’t like something just just turn up and do. it’s an art form that needs creativity from the writer. a vomited out article will be just that.

    13 Jan 2012 at 1:46 am

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