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Blogging seems to be the new past time for the people of the digital realm. A blog essentially acts as a channel through which individual opinions and views can be voiced. This unique platform also serves as a highly lucrative channel for brands to advertise their products or services. Below are listed some points which can help you to advertise better through blogs.

1. Enhanced Credibility: The unique thing about blogs is that they are individual opinion pieces and hence have more credibility. It is important to shape the content on a blog in a conversational as well as slight informal style.

2. Sponsored Reviews: Blogs are getting increasingly popular as a medium to promote sponsored reviews. An informal review on a blog serves as a genuine testament of the quality and effectiveness of the product/service. With blogs, you can also establish an indirect discourse with your target audience.

3. Contextual Ads: An advertisement which is in context of the content on the blog is certainly much more effective than conventional advertisements. The reason being that the ad will serve to be much more relevant and will also fetch a greater click through rate (CTR).

4. Keyword Mix: You must choose the right mix of keywords to promote your product/service through blogs. Blogs can attract a great amount of organic traffic if you use relevant keywords by doing ample research.

5. Backlinks: A blog can be much more powerful with a decent amount of backlinks. You can interact with your fellow bloggers and post their links on your blog to get the same favour back. With greater amount of backlinks, your blog can also rank higher on search engines.

The predicament of the advertisers is the oversaturation of conventional channels of advertising which often renders their advertisements as invisible to the target audience. Ads on blogs, however are not relegated into oblivion like conventional ads.

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