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The Importance of Web Design for a Business

Posted by on Nov 06 2012 | Web Design, Web development

As the Internet is saturated with a plethora of websites, the only thing that can make a website stand out is its design. Design plays a crucial role in defining the overall experience of an Internet user on the website. The points listed below illustrate the impotence of web design for a business.

1.       Initial Point of Contact: For most of people, the initial point of contact with an organization is the organization’s website. Keeping in mind that the first impression is the last impression, the design of the website shapes the overall image of an organization in the mind of the relevant public.

2.       Effective Communication: A website often plays the role of the primary source of information regarding an organization. It is important that the website coveys the information effectively to the visitor. The website’s design must present the information well so that it is readily accessible to the user.

3.       Stand Out: With an appealing and intuitive web design, an organization can easily stand out among its competitors. A website is also a great tool for small and medium scale businesses for projecting a formidable image to their key demographics.

4.       Greater Business Prospects: A website says a lot about a business organization. An efficient web design will efficiently communicate the ideology and purpose of the organization. With only a little investment, websites can increase the scope of their potential clients and business prospects.

5.       Connection: A bad web design can eliminate all possibility of establishing a discourse with your relevant publics. If your web design seems to be unique and innovative, it also projects a positive image of the organization.

The website of an organization must carry a design that is intuitive and confirms with the overall ideology of the organization. A good web design is not something optional but critical for the success of an organization in the contemporary scene. So, get your website designed by the experts today!

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Is Rebranding Necessary? An Analysis

Posted by on Nov 04 2012 | Advertising, branding

The over saturation of brands in the contemporary marketplace can make your brand fade into oblivion in no time. It may come as a shock to most people but leading brands of the world like Apple, McDonald’s, Harley Davidson were once at the verge of extinction. The need of the hour is to strategically place your brand so that it maintains a formidable presence in the minds of the key demographics.

What is it?

Rebranding may involve altering the name, logo, tagline or anything else inherent to the identity of the brand so that the brand is infused with a new look and feel. This process essentially alters the statement brand is projecting to the end user. Rebranding can vary in extent from very subtle to a complete facelift depending on the need and the current conditions.

When to Do it?

Rebranding is certainly not an option which you should use only when your brand is going out of business. Rebranding can be done to do hone your brand better to the changing landscape. The priorities of today’s consumer remain in a constant state of flux. In order to sustain a brand, you must keep wooing your key demographics which can be done by rebranding. You can rebrand by extrapolating the probable changes in consumer’s tendencies or when a shift in their priorities is registered.

The Risks Involved?

One of the most obvious risks of rebranding is of losing the present brand following. Rebranding should be orchestrated very carefully, so that it confirms with the expectations of the target consumer. You can open a Pandora’s Box if your new image just confuses your present brand followers. Rebranding should eliminate the weak points of the brand image and supplement with stronger ones. However, it is critical to ensure that you do not eliminate an aspect which is inherent to your brand identity.

In this fast paced world, the lifecycle of a brand is fairly short. Rebranding is highly recommended for brands which are close to their demise. Though, this exercise can also be practiced if you want to infuse a new life into your brand.

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Ideas for Blog Monetization

Posted by on Nov 02 2012 | Blog, Blogging

Blogging has gained a religious following among the digital population and has apparently become their new vocation. The potential of a blog is limitless if it has something useful and unique to say. You can also make a decent amount of money from blogging if you  do it the right way. Below are listed some neat tricks which can help you to transform your blog into a rich income source.

1.       Place Ads: This is one of the most common ways to start generating revenue from your blog. You can sign up at Google Adsense or any other another network to get some ads placed at your blog. If your blog caters to a niche audience and has a decent following then you can also sell the ad space of your blog at business forums, online communities and other groups. 

2.       Go Affiliate: Affiliate marketing can generate a fat stream of revenue from sale commissions. You can put up links of products and services that are relevant to your blog. There are various affiliate network programs which you can opt for such as Amazon, LinkShare, Commission Junction and Click Bank.

3.       Paid Reviews: You can post a review of a product, service or a company on a blog and get paid for it. However, you need to be picky about the reviews you post as you might risk losing your blog following if your post irrelevant/false reviews. You can work your way around business forums to find such opportunities or can also try websites such as ReviewMe or PayPerPost.

4.       Donations: Many blogs earn a lot of money just from donations of their followers. If you are providing very useful and informative content, then you can certainly ask for donations. You might be surprised by how generous your followers can be.

 5.       Sell Something: You can always use the conventional method of making money. Sell any product or service that is relevant to your blog. For eg. Sitcom and movie fan blogs make a lot of money by selling merchandise and other collectible items.

Do take into account that any of the methods listed above will only work if you have a decent amount of traffic on your blog. The first step of monetizing your blog is putting up original, interesting and informative content on the blog. If your blog has some substance to offer then only it can be monetized. So, make sure you use the right resources to create impactful blog content.

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An Insight into Blogvertising

Posted by on Oct 30 2012 | Blog, Blogging

Blogging seems to be the new past time for the people of the digital realm. A blog essentially acts as a channel through which individual opinions and views can be voiced. This unique platform also serves as a highly lucrative channel for brands to advertise their products or services. Below are listed some points which can help you to advertise better through blogs.

1. Enhanced Credibility: The unique thing about blogs is that they are individual opinion pieces and hence have more credibility. It is important to shape the content on a blog in a conversational as well as slight informal style.

2. Sponsored Reviews: Blogs are getting increasingly popular as a medium to promote sponsored reviews. An informal review on a blog serves as a genuine testament of the quality and effectiveness of the product/service. With blogs, you can also establish an indirect discourse with your target audience.

3. Contextual Ads: An advertisement which is in context of the content on the blog is certainly much more effective than conventional advertisements. The reason being that the ad will serve to be much more relevant and will also fetch a greater click through rate (CTR).

4. Keyword Mix: You must choose the right mix of keywords to promote your product/service through blogs. Blogs can attract a great amount of organic traffic if you use relevant keywords by doing ample research.

5. Backlinks: A blog can be much more powerful with a decent amount of backlinks. You can interact with your fellow bloggers and post their links on your blog to get the same favour back. With greater amount of backlinks, your blog can also rank higher on search engines.

The predicament of the advertisers is the oversaturation of conventional channels of advertising which often renders their advertisements as invisible to the target audience. Ads on blogs, however are not relegated into oblivion like conventional ads.

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The Role of Social Media in Brand Positioning

Posted by on Oct 27 2012 | Social Media

Brand positioning involves placing your brand favourably in relation to your direct competitors. This is done by effectively communicating the unique attributes of your product/service to the key demographics in order to gain a competitive advantage. Read on to know how social media can play a critical role in positioning of your brand.

1.       The Wavelength: For effective positioning of a brand, you need effective communication which can only be sustained if you        are at the same wavelength as your key demographics. Social media helps brands connect with their target audience on terms and conditions.

2.       Recall Value:  As the urban demographics is increasingly spending a substantial share of their time using social media, there is a need to position brands across social media to enhance recall value of the brand. Recall value defines how strong the impression of the brand is on its target audience.

3.       Conversation Value: Brand positioning is all about how the target audience relates to or perceives a brand. By sparking conversations through the outlet of social media, brand can effectively shape their opinion in the minds of their target audience.

4.       Tapping the User Generated POI: Consumers now interact with a brand by an exceedingly dynamic and complex process. Online reviews, discussion forums, social groups now also serve as a Point of Interaction between the brand and the consumer. It is vital for the brand to carefully modulate the experience of its key demographics at all points of interaction.

5.       Listening: In order to effectively position your brand, one needs to know where it stands. Social media is not just used to disseminate but also to garner feedback from the target audience. Social media is a unique channel which lets the marketers to know what is being talked about their brand among their audience.

The powerful of social media can cement a brand’s position among the target audience. Social media is a highly organic and dynamic realm which can be exploited in several ways to reach out to the consumers and position the brand formidably in their mind.

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5 Tips for Effective Social Media Optimization

Posted by on Oct 10 2012 | SMO, social media optimization

Social Media is surely is one of the most lucrative and rewarding platforms for promoting any website. SMO or Social Media Optimization involves the use of social networking as well as social bookmarking and news sites to make a website more prominent on the web. Below are some pointers which can help you to optimize your SMO efforts.

1. Make your website SMO friendly: The first of the steps towards SMO should be to integrate social media handles/buttons in your website. Facebook “Like Box”, Twitter stream and bookmarking buttons help you to keep your website alive across various social media channels.

2. Promote Shareable Content: Generating shareable content is one of the key requisites of SMO. Shareable content can be anything that is intuitive, essentially relevant to your target audience and has an element of substance or value in it.

3. Update: You need to be aggressive in your approach to make your SMO efforts effective. You must build a rapport with your audience which can only be done by consistently updating your social media handles at regular intervals.

4. Initiate Conversation: Give an ear to what people are talking about. The key thing to understand about social media is that it is for people and people talk. Take your involvement to another level by initiating and participating in conversations across social networking sites.

5. Analyse: You can better direct your SMO efforts if you keep a close watch on the various statistics and use analytics. SMO warrants a targeted and logical approach which can only be done by taking various all information, facts and figures into account.

SMO can help you to catapult your website into widespread recognition. All you need to do is follow a genuine approach to connect with your target audience.

Image courtesy Web Next Solutions

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5 Tips for Effective Blogging

Posted by on Sep 27 2012 | Blog, Blogging

Blogging has become a fairly popular activity due to which thousands of new blogs surface every day. The challenge is how to stand out and build a genuine base of followers.

1.    Build Individuality:  A blog is something very personal and it must carry a personality otherwise it will just be another webpage. The Internet is saturated with generic content and people read blogs to break this monotony. Always accentuate your posts with a personal touch to make your blog essentially unique.

2.    Maintain Consistency: There is no substitute for posting regularly on blogs as it naturally generates a trail of followers. Posting consistently also ensures that your followers have minimal trouble following you blog. Greater content on your blog will also help your blog to rank better on search engines.

3.    Interact: Interaction is central to the very idea of a blog. You must respond to comments so that your audience feels involved with your blog. Techniques like polls can also be used to invite opinion and feedback from your followers.

4.    Talk to Them: A blog must talk to the readers not inform them. No matter what kind of information you share, your writing style must build a rapport with your audience. Know your audience and write accordingly. Wittiness and humour also helps to build a bond with your followers but it must be used with caution.

5.    Accentuate the Content: Your page should not look like a chronicle of information. Adding photographs and videos will enable your blog to cast a better impression on your readers. Your blog should also have a well defined structure, so that the reader can navigate through your blog easily.

An ideal blog is a unique, creative and personal webpage. It must project the individual personality of the author. There are no set rules that pertain to blogging. So, never be shy of doing something out of the box.

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TV Advertising vs Social Media Advertising

Posted by on Sep 25 2012 | Advertising, Social Media

Social media has given advertisers a powerful tool to connect and influence the younger generation. Owing to the increasing penetration of Internet, social media has emerged as one of the most important elements in the advertising mix. However, conventional media like television still maintain their stronghold on the India subcontinent.

Ubiquity: Though, the pervasion of Internet has been remarkable at the least, it still cannot match the ubiquitousness of television. Television is something that is rudimentary to every household while internet is still somewhat accessorial.

The Reach: Television still continues to be the closest bet to a universal medium. While television connects with almost all demographics, social media can only reach the urban and semi urban population. Social media is still light-years away from reaching rural and backward areas.

Simplicity: Social media certainly cannot compete with the simplicity of the idiot box. Television can be operated and understood by most masses, even the illiterate. Social media requires its user to be internet savvy in order to exploit its potential.

Targeted Approach: Social media extends advertisers, the privilege to acquaint themselves with their audience. With social media, advertisers can adopt on a highly targeted approach and tap on niche markets.

Feedback and Analysis: Advertisers can never garner instant and accurate feedback for television advertisements. The number of views and popularity for a television advertisement can also be only ascertained. The feedback and statistics of any social media campaign is instant and accurate. Due to this unique advantage of social media, it has also emerged as a test platform for television advertising campaigns

The various facets of advertising have undergone many changes in the recent past. While television still continues to be the dominant medium, it is also apparent that social media poses a veritable threat to its dominance. From a long term perspective, advertisers cannot afford to ignore the potential and reach of social media.

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Reddit as a Marketing Tool

Posted by on Sep 21 2012 | digital marketing, Social Media

Reddit is a unique social news website that operates on a very simple concept. Owing to the exceedingly simple interface of Reddit, marketing on Reddit requires a slightly different approach.

1.    Work on the Title: Reddit is basically a bulletin board which lists titles of currently trending posts. Apparently, the title of the post play a major role in inviting clicks from other users and therefore also influences post’s ranking on Reddit.

2.    Tag it: SEO practices like adding tags can significantly augment the chances of your post being found by other users. However, don’t stuff the post with tags and only use relevant ones.

3.    Participate: Reddit is a social community that rewards participation. If you wish to solely promote your business on Reddit, then it probably would not favour you. The more you vote other articles up, the more followers you garner. With a large base of followers, the chances of your article being ranked higher also increases.

4.    Submit Quality Content: In order to rank your posts higher, you must only submit quality links and content which may be of some use to other users.

5.    Track the Trend: An analysis of Reddit’s top link section can offer a deep insight into the trending topics on Reddit. It is viable to create posts based upon the trending topics on Reddit.

6.    Be Consistent: Posting prolifically and regularly will help you to build your reputation in the Reddit community.

7.    Network: Your friends have a ready access to all your posts. By making more friends on Reddit you can market your business much more efficiently on Reddit.

8.    Add Visuals: Visuals always go a long way in making your posts look more attractive and appealing.

Reddit attracts a more than 35 million visitors every month. Though, Reddit is not as popular as other mainstream social media sites, marketers cannot afford to ignore the rich potential it offers.

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Website Content Writing: Top 5 Things to Know

Posted by on Sep 15 2012 | Web Content Writing

The realm of writing for websites differs greatly from traditional writing. The prime reason being is that the attention span of an online user much is fairly low. In order to generate effective website content, you need to adhere to some principles:

  1. Flow: The online user is not very likely to put a real effort in going through a webpage. So, it is critical to maintain an effortless flow and cohesiveness in the content, so that the user can easily wade through it. To introduce the aforementioned elements in your writing, you must use conversational tone and direct speech.
  2. Economy of words: Wordiness absolutely mars the readability of any piece of writing. Website content must be to the point, concise and consistent. Remember that the online user is always in a hurry.
  3. Accentuate: In order to enhance the readability of your content, you must supplement it with images, hyperlinks, bullet points, headings and subheadings. There can be overwhelming amounts of content on a webpage, making an arduous task for the user to find what he/she may be looking for. Therefore, the content should be laid out in a well defined structure with clear and concise points illustrated with images.
  4. Adapt: While writing, you must be aware of the kind of user would be reading your content and where exactly the content would be placed. It is important that the content on the webpage confirms to the overall theme of the website and the audience it would cater to.
  5. Invert It: The age old principle of inverted style of writing holds good for website content writing too. Position the crux of the content right at the beginning and shift the accessorial details to the bottom.

In all probability an online users is going through a web page because he/she needs a ready access to useful information laid out in a simple fashion. A content writer for a website must serve this primary and basic need of the online user.

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