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Content Writing Services Company – Bringing The Worlds Of Words Together

Posted by on Feb 15 2010 | Content Writing

The widespread popularity of the internet has turned the World Wide Web into a major arena for marketing and promotion. Every company in the world now finds itself vying for a share in the potential that the internet has displayed of reaching out to millions across continents on a 24/7 basis. The internet is now “the place” to not only advertise and promote but also to check the credentials of any company. With every passing generation turning more tech savvy than the earlier, people are going online for their tiniest needs.

The internet has gained so much in popularity that people prefer to search for a company’s credibility over the web than rely on word-of-mouth. This trend has in turn resulted in all modern day businesses to turn to the web and create a space of their own with their web page or website. However, with all businesses going online and with millions of web pages to search through, how does one ensure that their company is listed in the top 10 sites found by a search engine? This has in turn resulted in the advent of SEO or Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the latest buzz in internet marketing and is how a business can ensure a good ranking and visibility for its site.

This is where a business would require a content writing services company. Since the content of a website decides the visibility it gets on a search engine, hiring a professional content writing services company has become the need of the hour. The content on a company’s website should not only educate the visitor of the services offered by it but should also be SEO friendly. Besides drafting company profiles, content writing services companies also offer to write articles, blogs as well as press releases. By publishing blogs and press releases, a company can again improve its visibility over the World Wide Web. These companies that offer content writing services are experts in writing original content that incorporates keywords appropriately, which helps in making the pages of a website SEO friendly, or simply put easier to be picked up by the search engine. However, the one thing companies should refrain from is to stuff their web pages with keywords, as not only does it make for an annoying read but also runs the risk of being shunned as spam by the search engine.

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When The Copy Is Your Playground!

Posted by on Feb 05 2010 | Copywriting

Copywriting services have witnessed a sudden spurt in the recent past in India. The services of a copywriting firm are not only limited to advertisements or brochures but have also extended to cover website content and online marketing content. The scope of a copywriter has increased immensely as the internet has emerged as the latest tool in marketing. Every business now intends to gain from the popularity and far reach of the internet. Therefore, the approach to copywriting services in India and worldwide has changed to adapt to the shift in marketing strategies.

Copywriting has emerged as a progressive career option for those who like to play with words and a creative copy proves to be a fruitful playground in this case. It is an option for those who are not only quick with their words but also quick with ideas. Simply put, a copywriter puts into words, what is initially just an idea. And to effectively put an idea into words could very well be compared as to painting one’s thoughts on to a canvass. If due care is not taken, the whole point can not only be missed but completely be misinterpreted.

Thus, one of the best ways to come up with a good copy is to focus on what the client needs. Now this is the most de-glamorized part of writing a creative copy, as clients can not only wish to stick to the tried and tested copy but also be completely vague about their requirements. As a copywriter one of the biggest challenges is to understand and crack what the requirements of the client are. Once that is taken care of, it becomes rather simple to put the concept into words as now one has a definitive structure to work with.

The services of a copywriter or a copywriting firm have become vaster now as they have come to include any write-up that generates interest in a person, product, service or idea. However, ad copies, tag lines, content for websites, brochures, sales letters, case studies, Search Engine Optimized content or SEO content and newsletters are the general services offered by a copywriting firm. Also the basic tools that help a copywriter come up with a grasping copy are research, attention to detail, understanding the client’s requirements and most importantly recognizing the target audience. With new marketing strategies evolving due to the internet opening new markets, freelancing has also become a feasible option for copywriters.

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When being opinionated pays off

Posted by on Jan 20 2010 | Content Writing

Writing a review is a delight for any writer, as this is one of the few opportunities that a professional writer gets to share his or her own opinion and experience. Though, a word of caution is that one should not get too personal with a review. The first key to writing an engaging review is to understand the target audience. Yes, the cardinal rule of professional writing applies here as well. One must know the forum on which the review is to be posted, whether it would be published as a professional review or as part of a blog. The tone of the review would need to be adjusted accordingly.

However, no matter where the review is to be published, one must avoid too many dear diary moments. If it is to be published on a professional platform, then the information needs to be kept to the point, enumerating the specials of the place along with the charges. However, if it is to be published as a blog, then the tone can be kept conversational and an effort should be made to keep it interactive. You can feel free to express yourself; however, refrain from deviating from the subject too much or filling it with too many comparisons.

Another word of caution would be to refrain from getting into the intricacies of the ingredients or style of cooking too much unless you are a qualified professional in the field or a food critic. The focus should be kept on the final dish, which is a concoction of the ingredients and the final taste is what matters and your taste buds will be the best judge of the same. Since, people would more or less trust your opinion do your homework before trashing a place. A few common points which are to be included in a review are the ambience, décor, staff, service and price. Rest feel free to put into words whatever your taste buds tell you.

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Donning the hat of a researcher.

Posted by on Dec 29 2009 | Content Writing

The particular assignment I am about to discuss in this piece is part of the various SEO oriented articles that I write. But this assignment is different from the rest as it requires a great deal of research that can at times make me feel like a reporter on a wild goose chase. The articles are essentially profiles of a certain industrial giant and require information of all sorts, from the financials to the board of directors’ composition, to be incorporated.


To get the profile right a prerequisite I have emphasized upon earlier as well is “Research”. Once you have your facts right, putting them together does not take much effort. However, the tricky part is the amount of time and effort it takes to get the right kind of information. This is a two way SEO exercise as the information one needs to gather surfaces only when the appropriate keywords are used, so make sure you are very clear about the information you need. And since this information is about such a reputed industrial house, cross-checking information is a virtue.

Financial Information:

Putting together the financial information is not about the words, rather the facts. Since this information is not quite readily available, be prepared to shuffle through some company audit reports along with websites with share market updates and other financial information.

It’s all about the facts:

Writing these profiles involves more of reporting and putting facts together, therefore the tone should always be informative. Since, SEO articles are all about marketing, most of us have become accustomed to that format of writing; however, when putting together a company profile such style of writing should be refrained from. Avoid rambling on or using frilly words as to-the-point information is much more appreciated.

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The Art of SEO-centric Rewrites

Posted by on Dec 17 2009 | Content Writing

Now, most of you would wonder what’s in a rewrite? Simply jumble up the words, add a little jazz and voila, you have a wonderful potpourri of a re-written article. Right? Not really!

The Catch

The re-write is all about making it an SEO article for the promotion of something or someone. That something could be as mundane as a health issue we read about in the daily paper or as bizarre as an engineering advancement in the field of aerodynamics.

The Solution

  1. Keep it simple: From the language to the concept, keep it extremely simple. Even if yours is the first article picked up by Google, a reader would abandon reading if the first few lines do not make sense.
  2. Appropriate keywords: The keywords should not only be appropriate, but also be well placed. Since half the job is already done with the reference material right in front of you, the placement of the keywords should be such that it does not meddle with the flow of the piece. This would not only ensure a smooth read but also accomplish the incorporation of keywords in a meaningful way.
  3. Be original: Even though the material is readily available, the re-written piece should have an element of “you”. Make sense of the information and formulate the piece as though it were to be written for the very first time. Resist the temptation of putting in synonyms and simply jumbling the order of information.
  4. Experiment, though within limits: Experiment a little with the way you want to present the information. Treat the source article as just a guideline and source of information. Pick your own theme and flow for the article along with making the keywords fall in place at appropriate intervals.

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Chartering unknown territories

Posted by on Dec 08 2009 | Web Content Writing

I have always been the sort to take on challenges and experiment. However, when I was given the responsibility of handling a project where I would have to write about drugs and pharmaceuticals I had never even heard of, I was completely bowled over. For someone whose interest in science begins and ends at the fact that Newton discovered gravity when an apple fell on his head, writing and researching pharmaceuticals was something I found like trying to decipher an alien language. But I guess this is something that comes with our domain. So herein I shall try to give my readers a few tips on how you can make sense of something completely alien and still come up with a great piece of writing.

The challenge:

Putting together an article on drugs and chemical compounds, which are either under trial or have recently been introduced to the pharmaceutical market or are being developed to be the next breakthrough cure for a chronic disease.

The approach:

  • Research

Given the sensitivity of the subject being written on, research is the key and your only savior. I cannot begin to emphasize how important it is to get your facts right. Right from the chemical composition to the disease it shall cure or prevent to how it will accomplish the same, needs to be thoroughly researched and cross checked with other websites. Get your facts from authentic websites, especially those ending in ‘.gov’ or ‘.org’. Wikipedia is a rich source of information; however, it may not have the complete information and at times any information at all, so be prepared to widen your search options.

  • Unbiased reporting

Always remember, your opinion does not count. Whether a drug will be successful or not, whether it will successfully cure or prevent a disease or not is not up to you to decide. This is determined by clinical trials and clinical trials alone, so keep a neutral approach when writing. Do not try to interpret the facts your way, this is sensitive information and should be reported as is without any add-ons.

  • Short and crisp information

Anyone could end up reading your article: a doctor, a pharmacist, a volunteer for the next phase of clinical trials, or even a patient with the condition. The information has to be to the point and presented keeping in mind that the person reading it could be a professional or a layman. The best way to ensure that the reader gets the point is to not beat about the bush and keep the information as crisp as possible. These articles do not require flowery language and are intended only to be informative, therefore do not even bother to create a poem.

  • Simple language

The article should not read like some sort of an alien code. The whole point is to report it in the most responsible manner and yet keep the simplicity. Anybody who stumbles upon it should easily be able to understand what the correlation is between the constituents in the drug and the effect they would have on the condition. The best bet to make it simple is to first understand the information yourself, which makes me point towards the first point where I talked about research being the key. Unless you do not understand what you are writing about, the confusion will carry over to the article.

All I can say to sum up is do not treat this as just another piece of writing since the person reading it may actually be in desperate need of the drug and may be looking for alternative cures and your article may influence his decision.

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