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Smell The Rat

Posted by on Sep 29 2011 | Content Writing

Ever encountered these words- ‘the greatest’, ‘the grandest’, ‘extraordinary’ ‘invincible’, ‘never seen before’ and host of other adjectives used to describe the services on a company website? Well you must have, because these are the terms that are most conveniently used to entice customers. Using such a jargon grabs attention and projects an image that is next to flawlessness.

Websites that are miles away from the reality create a pseudo identity in the minds of the customer where the naive customer falls in the trap of believing that he is going to get a deal of his lifetime but ends up with just a regular product available in every second shop. Disheartening and tricked is what the customer feels, making him vanish only to never come back. False promises and exaggerated promises come to the fore only to haunt the company. A loop that was once prepared to hook a potential customer becomes a hangman’s death trap for the company itself.

On the other hand, what happens when the content on home page or in the product description segment is laden with such humongous vocabulary after every two words? It definitely turns the reader off! A customer who for once would have believed the superior service, which even might have been the case, now feels amused and astonished and begins to doubt at every step just like a suspicious spouse constantly trying to find clues with a magnifying glass in hand.

Well, both are impending disasters waiting to emerge out of the falsity of facts provided. The key is honesty, after all that’s what every customer would expect from the seller. Heavily blown facts that are out of proportion will take to a road leading to ‘nowhere’.

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How to get the best from outsourced content

Posted by on Sep 21 2011 | Content Writing, Copywriting

“The key to great SEO is high quality content.” This sentence has been repeated so many times that it should now be permanently etched onto your brain. But are you good enough to write quality content for your company on your own? If your answer to this question was ‘no’, don’t fret. There is a simple solution to your trouble. It’s called outsourcing.

There are some simple techniques that you can use to get the best content possible from the writer.

No such thing called too much information

There is a very good chance that the writer who is working on your project has absolutely no clue about your company. So it is an extremely good idea to give him as much information as possible, whether by links, or a quick phone call. There more information he has on the subject, the better content he will be able to create.

2. Don’t pester the content writer

The writer knows that the content that he is working on is important to you. Do not keep repeating that to him. While feedback is always welcome, try to be more specific about it. Telling him that the article is missing that ‘X-factor’ and he needs to add a little “spice” to it doesn’t make any sense at all. Remember that a writing a creative job, not a manufacturing one. A writer’s happiness will be reflected in his work.

3. Find good writers

There are a huge number of writers who can write high quality content for you, but the problem is finding the good ones, from a crop of bad ones. The first thing to do is not to choose the cheapest writer because there is a good chance that you will get what you pay. You can hire an expert to check up on the content that is provided to you. This way, you will get the best content at the lowest price.

If you follow these simple steps, you are guaranteed to get the best from your outsourced content.

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Target Those Smartphone Savvy Users With Mobile SEO_blog_19-9-11

Posted by on Sep 19 2011 | Mobile SEO

There might come a time when, using computers will become very restricted and most of the work will be done on other smart gadgets like iphones. Technology-driven-Smartphone- fanatics are increasingly choosing a platform that has much more things on offer than just a phone. They want instant social networking, emailing and all the services that internet has to offer on their mobiles. And indeed they are getting it too! As customers shift to other platforms, time has come that businesses turn their heads and look at other unseen ventures. Consumer is the ‘king’ for all businesses and no business would want to use an obsolete mode of communication to reach them.

Mobile SEO is an aspect that would become completely un-ignorable in the coming years. On a mobile platform, website dynamics never look the same and can have major discrepancies. This not only makes it a pain for the viewer but also makes the website look clumsy. After adjusting the design of the website by creating a mobile website, the next step is to utilize the most effective tool i.e. SEO.

In Mobile search mobility is the ruling factor that determines the visibility of the website and optimizing the mobile site will make sure it rules the ranking. Another important fact that is forgotten is: A Smartphone equips not only the user with various apps but also the website owner who by optimizing the mobile website can make use of all the facets of these brilliant new age gadgets. All Smartphone users are adept in making use of visual searches and optimizing the website accordingly will definitely please the Consumer king.

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