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A Guide To Writing Effective Landing Page Copies

Posted by on Sep 10 2010 | Content Writing

A landing page is a jump page from the email your client gets to the website you want the client to go to. The importance of a good landing page can be seen by the way it generates leads and diverts traffic to the website.

These pages thus, need to be full of lucid and crisp information that will pave way for greater interest and retention. You need to write them in a manner that is engaging yet not overwhelming.

When you write a landing page, make sure you focus on only one theme

Your jump page should have one explicit premise; this includes event registration or completion of an information page, whitepaper downloading etc. Do not have too many distracting leads on the landing page as it can pilot your visitor away from your site to some other website and that is so not what you aim for.

Build an unambiguous call for action

Place your call of action button on the top or side of the page. This means that you need to place your ‘call for action’ trigger at a convenient, highly visible location around a compelling copy.

Capture your prospect’s personal information and keep it private

To retain your visitors, you need to have your prospect’s information with you at all times so that you can send promotional data to them and induce them to come and visit the site again. However, nobody likes to give away their personal information online for the fear of SPAMS and other such inbox flooding programs. Promise privacy and stick to your words. It will only help your website be trusted and visited more often.

Ensure that the ad campaign matches what you say on your website copy

Use the same images, designs and words you have used in your website copy when you begin an ad campaign. This helps in telling the visitor that he is not lost and has come to the right destination. It thus helps in reinforcing the message you are trying to get across and increase the credibility of your content and as a result, your website.

Thank the visitor!

Last but not the least; thank your visitor for coming to your website. This helps in maintaining a personal touch and also making them realize that they have come to the right link.

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Profile Writing For Pharmaceutical Industry

Posted by on Aug 18 2010 | Profile Writing

Most writers would agree that profile writing for pharmaceutical industry is a job, which is very sensitive because one has to be very careful about each word he writes.

It might seem boring; however the truth is that it is quite interesting. Writing about different elements of pharmaceutical industry makes one alert and knowledgeable about the risks and benefits associated with each medicine.

Here are a few pointers that can help you write an effective medical write-up:

Say NO to plagiarism:

Plagiarism anywhere is a crime. You cannot copy word-to-word profiles and pass them off as your own. If you are unable to understand certain terms, either call up your project in-charge or search on the net for a more comprehensive meaning. Understand it and write in your own words. While doing this however, you have to keep in mind that certain terms and expressions in medical writing cannot be changed.

Do not put unconfirmed information:

While writing such content, you have to keep these two words in mind – ONLY FACTS.  Medical studies are an integral part of Science and Science is based on cold facts. You just cannot cook up content.


Remember that spelling mistakes are akin to crime in not only medical profile writing, but also content writing in general. You cannot afford to make spelling mistakes in the medicine’s name. The content will be read by people who are frantic to find an effectively curative medicine for their medical condition. A spelling mistake will only result in the reader growing suspicious of your content and moving away from your site.

Profile writing for pharmaceutical industry is all about ethical and unopinionated content. Therefore, write ethically and sensibly. Remember – somebody’s life is in the words you write. `

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Does Your Resume Have The ‘IT’ Factor?

Posted by on Aug 11 2010 | Resume Writing

I have applied to a lot of companies for jobs in the past and the answer that usually came back was that they will call me back. The calls never came. I was shattered. I just could not locate where I had gone wrong. I have been a good student, a keen team worker, have had good feedback about how I have the makings of an outstanding leader; what happened?

Is this your story?

A lot of things contribute to your appointment as an employee in an organization that you have always dreamt about. One of them, which I think is the most important, is the Resume.

Yes, the resume is your first impression on a prospective employer. Contradict me as much as you like saying that we must not be judgmental, but the truth is that the first impression is definitely the last impression in the professional world.

A lot of water has passed under the bridge since they taught us to write resumes in school. Resumes are not staid and boringly structured information about the self anymore, but are pieces of art, a very important way to sell yourself to the employer before you even meet him.

An impressive resume has that ‘X’ factor that will make the HR person pause and notice you while sifting through thousands of other resumes. A good resume can be an eye opener for you. You may be brilliant to work with, have great work credentials or have worked with the best companies but who will tell that to the employer? Your resume has to subtly and intelligently sell you to the world. It has to show that you are the best person for the job.

Resumes can be extremely wacky sometimes depending on the profile you are applying for in the company concerned. These days, employers are looking for people with a great sense of humor and have a reservoir of creative contributions to the growth of the company in them. So, don’t worry if your resume comes out to be wacky and funny. There are chances that the prospective employer will nail you for the job on the basis of your cleverly crafted, creatively processed resume.

For those who want themselves to be shown in a more serious fashion, there are some extremely good resume writing companies that specialize in writing winsome resumes for job hopefuls. You just have to give them all the requisite information about yourself and collect a revamped you. Such is the brilliance of their craft that both the employer and candidate himself is convinced that (s)he is the best person!

Surf the net and be a part of this grand wave!

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