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Let your resume click the employers through great editing

Posted by on Apr 25 2011 | Content Writing, Copywriting

Do you really want to get selected in your first interview? Well, for that you don’t necessarily have to try hard, it is all about being familiar with resume editing tips. For this one main goal, the resume has to be well presented in front of the employers to get clicked at the very first instance. Do you think that your resume is perfect? It’s better to check because at first it might have certain grammatical errors which are to be corrected to rank on top among lakhs of other resume. Before posting your resume, it is important to proofread it for any kind of error which can make it a disaster.

You should know basic resume editing tips so that you can give a new life to it. Nothing can make as worse the impression as misspellings and grammatical mistakes in the resume, it is important to read the resume word by word after creating it because at times, even spell checker fails and this can let you lose your job also. You are deeply judged by your resume’s content and appearance, and one of the essential factors that are considered is of capitalization. Majority of the employers pay attention to your writing and vocabulary skills through resume, which is exactly why right kind of editing is required.

Is your resume running into long sentences? It certainly won’t help you because employers do not want to read just anything in the name of resume. It has to be clear and to the point. Resume editing will also help you maintain consistence in terms of the format followed, be it date, time or any other thing, it just has to be same all throughout. Let us take your educational qualification as an example, always mention the year of getting the degree as it will have a great impact on the employer. So, next time you want to give your best shot, make sure your resume does half the work for you.

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Are you able to spot great opportunities as a freelance writer?

Posted by on Mar 28 2011 | Copywriting

Do you have some spare time with you while completing your studies? If so, then it is better to work as a freelance writer and earn a good pocket money. Are you planning to just enter this filed and write for anyone? This is not the right thing to do; instead you should search for some of the best and lucrative options to maintain your standard in the industry. If you don’t want to be counted among the penniless writers, then you have to do a background research of the website offering the positions for the freelance writer. Search for the website’s existence in the internet world.

As a freelance writer, you have to be selective while accepting the writing proposals. Are you just limiting yourself to articles and blogs? This is not going to help you make a mark for yourself in this field. You have to look for out-of-the box opportunities and explore other writing styles like technical writing, travel writing because there is a huge demand in the market. If you want to work as a freelance writer with projects that really interest you, then that’s your actual win and the right deal. Your efforts as a freelance writer should be worth the payment you receive for your writings.

Remember that you are not working for charity, so always got for high paying opportunities. By doing this, you will move one step further as a freelance writer. Freelance writing profession can be highly enjoyable and lucrative, only if you grab the high paying writing options. Why don’t you try getting some tips from the expert writers who can surely guide you with rolling good amount of money? Spotting the right opportunities can only take place with the experience, so keep going.

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Traits of a website copywriter in India

Posted by on Mar 18 2011 | Content Writing

For any search engine content is the right kind of nutrition and only a skilled website copywriter in India can offer this. An expert can give a different perspective to the concept of online marketing for most of the companies. He has to be a word tamer and understand the entire strategy behind getting good page ranks in the search engine. Getting the most creative ideas is a key to good website content. The online world is highly competitive which is why there is a need of a unique creative brain who can make you win over other websites.

If you are looking for an edge over others in the world of web, then only a skilled copywriter in India can come to your recue. He should understand this complicated game of page rank because only then he can write a competitive content for the company or a client. Copywriter India has to play with his ideas as much as possible because you never know when another idea can get triggered of the main idea. He, when writes has to take the ownership of the complete project and look into the editing part as well. Copywriter has a much bigger role to play in the success of a website as it is generally perceived by a common man.

Do you want a unique and creative content for your website? Copywriter in India makes sure that out of the box ideas are generated so that it becomes easier to handle the competition. Your survival or exit from the online marketing world totally depends on the writer you are hiring because he is going to create content for your website. One of the main traits of a copywriter is to understand the target audience’s perspective and then write the content. Copywriter, in reality is a person who has wider potentialities and expertise in various domains and subjects.

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Honing the business writing skills

Posted by on Mar 14 2011 | Content Writing

Are you actually struggling with the tricky business letter or the proposal? Id that’s the case, then perfect and professional business writing comes to your rescue. Before beginning to write any business letter or the proposal, you have to keep in mind target audience. Written word is always more effective than the spoken one and when communicating business with the related audience, it is important to write sense. While undertaking business writing, make sure that the readers re looking for solution any professional writer should provide them with the same.

While writing for the business audience, you have to be crystal clear in your approach. Use of simple yet formal words should be used in business writing. Do not forget to mention the background details in the writing as it will give a clear idea to the business readers. To anchor the readers, start your business writing with the factual representation of the current situation. While writing a memo or a business report, try and highlight the problem which unsettles the readers. Present the things in questions answer format like what we should do in such a situation and how to do it.

In business writing, you must avoid double negatives and present the things in a positive light. Make sure that you are presenting at one time, do not get into too much complexities. Right placement of the right word is essential to any effective business writing; therefore writers need to be extra careful with the usage of words. Do you create a value through your writing for the target audience? If no, then you must aim at this because it will help you hit the main emphasis of the problem highlighted through your writing. All you have to do is to start your writing, establishing utility and relevancy.

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Content writing in India – A great online marketing strategy

Posted by on Feb 25 2011 | Content Writing

We all are familiar with the virtual world but what makes us attracted to any website or a product? Well, they are the creative words which grab our eyeballs instantly. Only well written lines can do this wonder to any business which is trying to convert visitors into the users. Content writing in India is emerging as a great marketing strategy for the businesses that are expanding their network in the online world. Content writing for the web has to be simple yet effective. It should have a mass appeal and easily understandable words. A well designed and developed website can be effective way to promote the business online and content plays a crucial role in this.

Content writing India is a growing trend and more and more people delve into this field as this has become the pre-requisite for a great online marketing campaign. Most of the countries like US, Europe and UK are outsourcing their marketing tasks to India, which is why content writing in India has turned out to be a demanding field. In India, a lot of businesses have entered the online medium because it gives them immense visibility and a great scope to sell their products and services to the customers.  Content is like an elixir for any website and for that great skills are required because it is not just about writing anything.

Most of the businesses opt for best content writing India services to market their services online. No website is complete without effective and attractive content and this call for professional content writer. When creativity comes in the content, it becomes little easier to convert the visitors into the users. A number of content writing India services are available for the online businesses to choose from. Let your website’s content say all about your business, its products and services

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How to write an informative article?

Posted by on Sep 22 2010 | Content Writing

Writing informative articles is not a difficult task and with the help of some good writing advice, you can writer perfectly.

The first thing to keep in mind while writing the articles is that you should write about things that you really know about. It is important to conduct a search to be able to find out details of the subject. This will help you in getting more knowledge. The knowledge will show in your articles. Using a search engine, finding information will be much easier. It is a fact that many of the people who come to read your articles have much more knowledge of the subject than you. This is why you should write about topics that you have knowledge about.

Readers who come across your article will take more interest if you tell them how you solved a particular problem. This will help them as well if they are facing the same issue. The article will then become informative as well useful for the readers.

Do not clutter up information while writing the articles. It will be wise to leave some space between the paragraphs. This makes reading easier. You can also give sub headings to the article so that the reader can sift through the information and read what he is looking for. Reading full article may be a pain for people who do not like to read much and have some problem in neck and eyes.

Do not make paragraphs too big. Small paragraphs are easy to read. Reading long paragraphs is also very monotonous. The last thing to do is to edit the articles more than one time to make sure that they do not have any mistakes and wrong information. If you follow these tips and make available the true facts to the readers, your articles will be read by a bigger audience.

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How To Write Effective And Original News- Views Articles

Posted by on Sep 13 2010 | Content Writing

Giving views on any reported news is a challenging task. Writer needs to be extra careful while giving his own opinion on certain news item as that news could influence many others. Writing needs to be responsible enough to give analysis on the issue which could either be sensitive or bizarre. Originality needs to be maintained while writing news-views articles as your opinion can be of use to the reader who is reading the news article. Writing for news and views articles depends on the contribution of the writer who would want to share his experiences, opinions and ideas with the readers about any campaign, project, development or an initiative.

Before giving his view, writer needs to be careful with his words and the statement as even a use of single wrong word can change the meaning and it might project a changed picture to the readers at large. Following guidelines will help you write effective new-views articles

Give a suitable customized title to your write-up. Ideally, the title should be between 30 and 40 characters and must include the keywords. Be precise and clear while titling.

Lead of an article is a summary which tells the readers what is in store for them. It comes second in the list of news-views articles and gives a general idea to the readers.

The text of news-views articles has to be original and interesting so that readers stay engaged in it. The view and the opinion of the writer matters the most here, therefore a careful thought needs to be put in before analyzing the news. Do not sound like a promoter of your opinion about a certain political issue or any other topic. Views of the writer should be thought provoking for the readers and let them dig deep to know more.

Attach the related document which supports your argument. This will give credibility to your view which is a real and original analysis of the news item.

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Ghostwriting: A Lucrative Career Option

Posted by on Aug 19 2010 | Content Writing

Ghostwriting, as the name suggests, is the process wherein a writer puts down content for a client without publicly crediting the work to himself.

Nobody knows when ghostwriting actually came into being, but as far as human memory goes, ghostwriting has always been a part of the literary  and cultural world. Brushed under the carpet, kept mum about for ages, ghostwriting has now gained a status it could never have before. It is now brought out of the closet though it still remains the writing industry’s best kept secret. In the older days, individual writers hired ghostwriters secretively to edit and rewrite their plot. Once the work was done and the success and appreciation garnered, the ghostwriter was paid a pittance for his work and sometimes even cheated of his own hard earned work.

However, things have now changed. With the advancement in technology and media communication, hectic and competitive lifestyles, ghostwriting, that was once labeled to be cheating on the part of the credited author, has been recognized as a necessity. Writers actually don’t have the time these days to concentrate on one book, autobiography, blogs and even tweets!  Sometimes, ghostwriters are hired to carry on the legacy of the dead popular author. For example, remember the ‘Nancy Drew’ series? Carolyn Keene was the pseudonym used for the collection of ghostwriters who wrote the series long after the death of the author, who, by the way was male.

Ghostwriters now get a very good amount of money for the services they provide and many are even acknowledged post the death of the credited author. Therefore a career in ghostwriting is quite profitable and for the creatively stimulated. You have to be creative and proficient in the matter given to you by the client. Take up the work only if it stimulates and excites you. You can be reassured that the paycheck will be fat and the creative satisfaction immense.

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Writing An Advertising Copy

Posted by on Jul 29 2010 | Ad Copywriting

In the world of consumerism advertising is the biggest marketing tool. An advertisement can make or break a marketing campaign. It not only helps in getting your product/service heard but it can actually persuade a consumer into buying the product. Given its huge impact a lot of thought process goes into writing an advertising copy making it one of the most difficult tasks of the advertising world.

To write a successful ad copy you need to keep a lot of things in mind.

Knowing you prospective clientele: It is very essential to know who your prospects are as it is to know about the product/ service you are selling. These would help in conceptualizing the idea behind the copy.

Stick to the constraints: Before writing an ad copy one needs to understand the constraints of the media for which the advertisement is being developed. While for a television or radio advertisement time is the man constraint, for a billboard campaign word limit becomes the constraint.

Understanding the objective: One needs to be very clear about the objective of the campaign. A clear understanding of the objective generally leads to a focussed copy.

Focus on the elements of a good ad: Keep in mind the elements of a good advertisement:

Attention: Getting noticed is half the battle won. In our chaotic world the hardest thing to do is to draw attention. So there has to be something about the advertisement—-the punch line, the illustration, the layout–that would make the viewer or the reader sit up and take notice.

Clarity: In the clamour to vie for attention one should never forget to make the message underneath crystal clear. The viewer should not keep wondering about the functionality of the ad.

Persuasiveness: the ad should be persuasive. It should be able to convince the viewer of the necessity of the product or service being offered.

Keeping the above points in mind you can conceptualize your idea and start to write the ad copy. Finally some tips which may further help you:

Play with words to your heart’s content. Be innovative. You can paint your canvas with words, but always sticking to the constraints given.

Use short sentences without wasting words.

Instead of preaching or declaring talk to you reader or viewer or listener in active voice and present tense.
Avoid clichés and make the copy as unique and innovative as possible.

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Brochure Writing – Your Sales Stimulant

Posted by on Jun 24 2010 | Content Writing, Copywriting

For your business advantage, brochure is a tangible and effective marketing tool which will help you reach out your target customers in a credible manner. Before starting to write for a brochure, you must identify the main purpose of creating that brochure. Depending on your sales cycle, the marketing message you deliver in your brochure may outlive your other forms of advertising. Your message will have cumulative effect on your corporate branding due to the long shelf life of your advertising message printed in the brochure. You must understand that a brochure is an integral part of your company’s communication strategy and it will further strengthen your advertising message in ads, banner, fliers and direct mailers.

As a professional writer, you must take care of certain things while drafting content for the brochure. You have to be really persuasive while writing for the brochure because you don’t know your customer, he can touch it, flip the pages of the brochure or can absorb the benefits of your product mentioned in the brochure. You should beautify the face of your company by writing saleable words.
Brochure copy should begin with your customer and not your product. You should touch upon the pain areas and then later address those areas persuasively by offering solution to the problems.

Start persuading your customers from the cover page itself. When you begin to write the cover, you must mention the name of your company and the product name. You have to build the credibility with your readers

You must motivate your readers to look inside. Ideally you should include benefits of your product and not the features as benefits will provoke the thoughts of your customers.

You might lose your readers if you make your copy sound too technical. When you want to discuss the technicalities of your product or services, then use table, chart or diagram.
Your strategically oriented brochure copywriting, based on a sound persuasive structure can help you make the most of your investment in marketing and advertising.

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