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Blog Writing: A Powerful Tool for Brand Building.

Posted by on Jun 12 2012 | Blogs

In the era of cut throat competitions, blogging comes to the rescue of the company by catering to the varied needs of the customers. They provide them with customized services and are acknowledged as a good medium of viral marketing that attempts to seek the confidence of the target audience in virtual marketing techniques.

However, a blog loses its effectiveness if it fails to please its readers and hence, it is advised that blogs should be artistic and catchy (this can be achieved by giving it a nice caption). To keep blogs a perpetual success , bloggers should be capable of providing quality services through determined research and crisp sentences.

What you need to know about blog writing:

1.    Understand Your Client’s Needs: It is Important to know what exactly does our clients   desire and it is according to their expectations that the writer should put forth his designs or content. The blogs that attract readers are one with frequent updates.
2.    Personal  touch: If you wish to develop dialogue with your audience, comments are the best way to do so. It is an easy way of getting valuable feedbacks from your visitors.
3.    Develop a writing style: It is always advisable to write your blogs in a manner you speak, that is, you should refrain from using jargons and clinches and even avoid overusing thesaurus.
4.    Keywords: There should be optimum use of keywords while writing blogs, however attention must be placed of not clotting your  blog with too many of them as it hampers the natural flow  of  language.
5.    Say it with Pictures: Although content remains to be the king, supporting your writing with a suitable picture that would serve the purpose of highlighting your content is an interesting approach. Pictures should be relevant and copyright free!

Blogging is fun, once you get the building blocks right. It is always rewarding to see your posts getting noticed and you can always aim at getting better with the feedbacks that your articles invite. Shotgun approach should be avoided. Systematic content creation and traffic generation should be aimed at.

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The Pros and Cons of SEO Services in India

Posted by on May 22 2012 | SEO Copywriting

SEO services in India have recently taken the longest strides in the world of online marketing. The internet boom in a multicultural society like India has always been observed as the biggest platform for creating a plethora of opportunities not only for the people of the country, but also for those who depend on our IT aura. Information technology in the Indian sub-continent has gained immense heights in the last few decades. The upsurge in the creation of websites itself tells the story. Today, there’s a web portal for each and every need of a normal human being. Be it shopping, buying homes, starting a business, getting a life-partner etc., you just need to sit in front of your computer screen and ask your genie to show you what you need!!

SEO services in India and its demand adds to the peripheral of the outsourcing business in the country. Outsourcing in India has become a major contributor to the country’s IT revenue. What lies behind the success of an online business website is a successful online marketing campaign. The real problem lies in getting a particular website recognized on the web. For those who do not know much about SEO, trouble lies ahead if you are planning to bring the website on the top of the search result pages. Keeping a website on the top end of the game is not only a huge task, but at times it can be quite merciless as far as emptying your pockets is concerned. SEO outsourcing or hiring SEO services in India can be an answer to all such questions and fears.

A huge number of SEO services in India have popped in the recent past. However, one needs to be aware of both the bright and dark side of choosing the SEO services in India. The Pros and cons of choosing SEO services in India are listed below –

  • The primary reason of outsourcing SEO services from India is the advantage of the savings opposed to what it would cost a website owner to hire an in-house SEO expert. However, it is important to remember that outsourcing SEO reduces cost not only with infrastructure but with also training time as well, not to mention the overhead costs of recruitment, management, staff turnover, etc.
  • Globalized standards of living differ from location to location. SEO services in India have successfully adapted themselves with all kinds of SEO demands from various website owners all around the world and thus have established themselves as the best SEO service option in the world.
  • With the right documentation and effective communication, SEO services in India help in efficiently reducing the delivery time. This is because most of the established SEO firms in India have an evolved and have proved themselves to be diligent as far as work ethics is concerned. They also have SEO as their primary focus and have developed processes and best practices that a website can benefit from.
  • Since India is one of the biggest markets of the outsourced SEO services it is safe to say that there is the requisite knowledge base in the country. An outsourced SEO service in India is known for its good quality services for both on-page and off-page optimization, as well as for other online marketing activities. SEO services in India are affordable for most any size of international offshore companies.
  • Apart from all the above benefits, SEO services in India provides content development with effective keyword density, technical SEO compliance, image, local & industry-specific search engine optimization, participation in relevant blogs, forums and other customer touch-points and continuous monitoring, refinement of SEO strategy and much more.

But on the other hand, there are a few things which should be taken care of while outsourcing SEO services to India –

  • Outsourced SEO often means that the SEO service in India handling a website’s SEO projects is not in the same location as the other respective company. This could potentially be a problem if the website owner is not positive that the SEO knowledge of a particular SEO firm in India being hired is up with the ever-changing technology and times. One needs to make sure that the SEO firm chosen should not employ older techniques and practices.
  • Due to the difference in location, provisions must be made by both parties – the SEO companies in India as well as the client – to keep up to date. Time difference could be a problem during holidays or weekends when the time zone is not the same. This is both a pro and a con in its self. Clear and consistent communication is the key to bridging these gaps.
  • While outsourcing SEO or any other service, a website owner needs to make sure that the SEO services in India have done their homework to qualify that the company is appropriate one. Many times, it is hard to know how long a company has been in business.

Thus, SEO services in India are the next big thing in SEO outsourcing. However, one needs to take care of the above points before choosing for a SEO services in India.

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SEO Copywriting Services in India – The Changing Trends

Posted by on May 15 2012 | SEO Copywriting

When it comes to SEO copywriting, the only factor that keeps ticking in your mind is traffic. It is definitely way different from the honking carnival that you go through when you are in your vehicle on the way to your office. The website traffic I more of a friendly asset which actually brings prosperity to a particular kind of online business. All said and done, what is actually this SEO copywriting? Well, if you are into online business, SEO copywriting is the sole key to your success. SEO copywriting services always help you spread your wings in the online arena.

It’s the first few lines of a web page in a website which play a major role in engaging a reader. If the article or the SEO copy is worth reading, visitors prefer reading through the entire stuff. Quality writing is an essential part of creating a compelling SEO copy. Qualified and experienced content writers are the people who take the onus of writing engaging SEO copies for the websites. Another important factor which plays a key role in adding to the success of an online business is the selection of proficient SEO Copywriting services. Also, these SEO Copywriting services should be comprised of proficient SEO copywriters and content writers who possess the ability to write high quality and informative content copy.

India being one of the most competitive IT grounds in the globe; the visibility of the Indian online business sphere has increased exponentially during the past few decades. So has the need for SEO Copywriting services in India. A plethora of websites in the Indian sub-continent have surfaced themselves in the recent past. Starting from online shopping to all kinds of business portals, SEO Copywriting services in India have gained huge momentum in terms in their importance. As far as the new changes in the SEO Copywriting services are concerned, several new trends have been introduced in order to meet the demands of the ever-changing needs of the online business hemisphere.

It not only the keywords and its uses which matters these days in the SEO Copywriting services in India; these days,  a professional SEO copywriter always uses different optimization methods with the  web pages. These include image optimization, text optimization, flash optimization etc. Generally, this particular set of optimization activities is referred to as on-site optimization.  Another important SEO technique used these days is the Geographic optimization. This particular optimization technique is only used when demanded. The basic purpose of this optimization technique is to include web pages in search listings for internet users who search services in a particular geographical region, county or state.

Creating a host of content rich blogs on word press, BlogSpot, blog flux, hub pages are among latest trends and it has really proved effective in improving search engine rankings for most of the websites in India. Social bookmarking is in trend for a pretty long time now. Hundreds of social media websites that allow ‘follow’ backlinks helps in improving your link popularity as well as some quality traffic. Last but not the least, another trend in SEO Copywriting services in India is unique article marketing. Well, it is all-time hot favorite SEO technique for webmasters. However, one should prefer manual submission of unique article only in few top article directories rather than submitting in thousands through software.

Most of the new trends in SEO Copywriting services in India have been using these methods to create a new era in the online business market in the country. And the result is in front of us, online marketing has supposedly acquired the status of being the biggest and instant revenue generator.

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The Fall and Rise of Parallel Cinema in India

Posted by on Apr 21 2012 | Cinema, entertainment industry

The bug of being serious (not Cyrus) drains in an obvious yawn of over the head content. Especially for those who never prefer to be involved in serious discourse by any means. Being born in a multicultural society like India, witnessing all kinds of colors with respect to each and every societal contour creating endless socio-political and socio-economic upheavals is just inevitable. Stating the fact quite convincingly that media has played a major role in reflecting the ongoing state of affairs in the country, would need a skeptic take when it comes to referring the job as a money-making business.

Commercializing and fantasizing the real world may have been the winning formula in the Indian film industry for quite a long time. However, there were few visionaries who always wanted to take the untrodden path of showing the true reflections of the Indian society. Keeping them away from the usual spice that is often associated with ‘Bollywood’, these luminaries took the onus to showcase the real India to the Indian as well as the international audience. Post independence, visionaries like Satyajit Ray, Mrinal Sen, Shanta Ram and Sohrab Modi were among the few unique filmmakers whose films masterfully chronicled the societal transformation taking place in India.

Then came the dark and brooding 70s, when the entire Indian society came under the grips of extreme frustration and anger.  The strained Indian economy coupled with the ghost of emergency smacked out the normal life of an Indian from the track. Suppression of civil liberties and constitutional breakdown were core worrying issues for the Indian society. These issues acted as seeds for the birth of Indian New Wave Cinema or Parallel Cinema. Films being categorized in this particular genre addressed the growing frustrations of Indians during that period. The National School of Drama (NSD), New Delhi and Film and Television Institute (FTII), Pune has also played a major role in producing remarkable filmmakers who ushered a new life in the world of filmmaking in the country.

Names worth mentionable in this regard are Shyam Benegal, Adoor Gopalakrishnan, Buddhadeb Das Gupta, Basu Chatterjee and many more. If you have heard and even watched few of these masterpieces – Ankur, Aakrosh, Bhumika, Nishant, Manthan, Arth, Saraansh, Ardh Satya, Aghaat – you must know by now what parallel cinema is and what they tried to convey to the masses. The Indian New Wave Cinema saw its slow decline in the 1990s when the production costs started reaching sky high limits. The incessant commercialization hammered down the parallel cinema industry so bad that it had a bleak chance of revival.

However, since the advent of the 21st century, parallel cinema has revived itself quite notably. Films like “3 Deewarein”, “Dor”, “Iqbal”, “Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi”, “Is Raat Ki Subah Nahi”, “Maine Gandhi Ko Nahi Maara”, “Firaaq”, “My Brother…Nikhil”, “Dev D”, “Gulaal”, “Sikander”, “Udaan”, “Love Sex Aur Dhokha”, “Manorama Six Feet Under”, “Khosla ka Ghosla”, “Oye Lucky Lucky Oye”, “Tere Bin Laden”, “Peepli Live”, “Phas Gaye Re Obama” and many more have created a new definition for parallel cinema.

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Stay Alive With Your Clients – The Dos And Don’ts

Posted by on Apr 19 2012 | Advertising, From the Writer's Desk

When it comes to clients, frowning is the initial expression that develops in our face. That is of course not the same story for everyone. Yes, some people can take a sigh of relief on that, or pacify their hard feelings which was about to brew in! Dealing with clients is supposedly the most challenging task one can imagine in his/her lifetime. To generalize it, one of the toughest jobs in the world of business and marketing. Effective communication is what drives an interaction with a client. If you are bugged with amount of good work that is being reflected on your website, you are likely to end up with an extremely raised bar of expectations from the probable clients.

Few of us would definitely agree with the fact that sometimes, the frequencies of thoughts of the clients tend to change. Communication stands to be the sole tool to read the mind of the client. However, loopholes and gaps in this communication are bound to occur. We just can’t pretend to be anything else than humans! So, arguments and agreements are a part of this entire story. In order to avoid embarrassing and outrageous situations while interacting with the clients, here are some dos and don’ts

  • Start with a bang – Initially, it is extremely important to know each and every inch about the business of the client. The products and services, corporate culture and the USP of the client are the few features one needs to study before even starting the communication process. Understanding their needs and the sole purpose for the meeting also holds an important place in the interaction session. Some clients would stay a little skeptic before devoting time to the interaction. Staying with the passive mode of the client won’t help in making the encounter a fruitful. It is important to make them feel that this entire project aims at developing and refurbishing their entire business enterprise.
  • On the record – It is always a huge headache to get back to the client and retrieve all that was demanded. Moreover, it is extremely embarrassing. Keeping a good record of what the client has said is extremely important in order to focus upon the work lying ahead instead of going back and irritate the client for no reason! CRM systems have come up as the best weapon to deal with multiple clients at the same time.
  • Do the listening – A website and the business of a client is all about them, their marketing strategies, their customers and their take on the market. Sitting mum is absolutely not a solution, but it is important to be patient enough to listen to the requirements of the client.
  • Speak up Doubts are the biggest bug that can haunt you while interacting with the client. Do not let that bug grow itself inside you. Puke it out to wipe out all your confusions. There are a lot of facts which won’t be provided to you unless you ask for them from your client.
  • Be patient – You are good at what you do and this is the reason you are interacting with your client. Clients are not necessarily replete with the knowledge about your job. Pacify your hump of knowledge and experience in order to suit the needs of the client. Listen to them first and then explain them the entire scenario.
  • Make your communication count – The clients may not be available for reverting back your reply all the time. Thus, in order to make things easy for the client, it always advisable to collect all your questions and doubts in one single mail and send them. Since clients value their own time, they will appreciate if you increase the time that you have in communication.

Thus, following these precautions will always help you in making your interaction with the client a fruitful one. Moreover, they are not that tough to follow. You knew each one of it, but it’s just that you never wanted to implement it. Now is the time.

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Posted by on Apr 02 2012 | Content Writing, SEO Copywriting

Waking up at 3 am in the morning can be the worst nemesis for people like me! That doesn’t mean that I prefer opening my eyes after the world sits in front of the computer screen. Moreover, a two hour slumber is just not enough to invite your ‘nature calls’, at least for me. I will definitely prefer not to go into the details. Before I turn into the comically ‘gore’ details, let me enlighten you all with the reason behind my nemesis. Its TWO CHIMNEYS – a stark and lusciously beautiful resort in a small village in Nainital called Gethia.

Surviving in a mercilessly busy city like Delhi shoots up your urge to break away from its noise. Entering the lap of nature stands to be the last resort to freshen up your body and soul. TWO CHIMNEYS potentially ignites your love for nature and reminds you of the level of miserable life that you are leading in the city. Situated 340 kms (approximate) away from the capital city of Delhi, TWO CHIMNEYS is no less than a home for the entire ITALICS/MARKIGENCE team (I wish we all had the luxury to stay in such resort for our entire life). The entire ITALICS/MARKIGENCE herd was super elated about the trip to TWO CHIMNEYS.


Start the Sail

Travelling woes were puked out of the window while on the way to Gethia. The excitement to enjoy a couple of days in this beautiful resort surpassed all our usual ‘deadline’ cravings. Though the period for stay in the resort had a little frowning, the picturesque beauty of the hills wiped away all our apprehensions. A team of twelve people inside a ‘so-called’ comfortable tempo-traveler, a typically frustrated budding driver with no etiquettes, some confusing music playing, loads of laughter and finally a sigh of relief after reaching the destination – if that’s what a deliberately stretched 10 hour long journey should be, I would always love to have one each year, excluding the vehicle and ‘Mr. Macho Driver’.


Here WE Come!!

The first thing to do soon after we reach the resort was to put some relaxation and then sit for lunch. But when you make a plan to start the journey at 5 am and actually start it at 6 am and then, when you intend to reach by 2 pm in the noon and reach by 4 in the evening, you are least bothered about the beauty of the place. So, what do you do? The resort staff prepares awesome mutton platters! Don’t worry; you have other mouth-watering dishes too waiting for you. Make sure you leave a little of everything for your friends. Lunch at 4 pm may not be the same story for all, but you won’t disagree with the taste of the food being provided to you.


Let’s Get Started

After we hogged on our lunch, few of us dived into the cute-looking pool, few others settled themselves in the entertainment room with Table Tennis sessions and Television and the rest got busy with exploring the resort. What makes TWO CHIMNEYS a unique resort is the way in which each and every space in the area has been used. Both financial and emotional investment has produced a magical shelter which just stands apart from the other ones. Evening time was ‘Alcohol-time’ accompanied by some entertainment and music. After a 10 hour long journey, few of us were really excited to get a ‘footloose’. So, the onus was on me! Few of my colleagues were no different from college and University batch mates – they considered me to be the perfect entertainer of the evening. Well, by now they know how good I am at that!

After the entertainment session, it was time again for hogging on to the dinner. Post-dinner, sleeping was declared to be a sin, although few were allowed to commit the sin! A collectively stoned blabbering till 4 am wakes few of the male members of the team early in the morning. Nothing different with the female section too! After breakfast, pool party was another entertaining session. With a team of two swimmers and all amateurs, you can easily predict the pathetic picture of the situation. To make it worse, you have a ball game in the pool. All wearied out after the game, few of us took the challenge to trek the steep hills leading to the beautiful city of Nainital. Unfortunately, trekking even half of it was a distant call, but we were immensely awestruck by the wilderness of the surrounding hills.


Some More Entertainment

The second day evening session was probably the most hilarious laughter sessions we had in our life. What was so hilarious about the evening?  Well, we just polluted the traditional wear of a politician so bad that we were quite sure about the fact that he must have felt something while he was wearing it in the same day (or evening, irrespective of what kind of activities he was indulged in with his traditional wear). The night before we left TWO CHIMNEYS would go down the memory lanes of all those who managed to keep their eyes and ears wide awake. The darkest and the funniest secrets of some of our members were revealed during the age-old golden game of ‘TRUTH and DARE’ during the night. Each one of us who participated in the game should admit the fact that such close colleagues would be a tough task in the future.

The day we bid adieu to TWO CHIMNEYS, we promised to come back and hoped to have a longer stay in our next trip.

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Why Should Your Business Get Google+ed?

Posted by on Apr 02 2012 | Content Writing, SEO Copywriting

A sudden hysteria about Google+ had gripped in recently in the social media hemisphere. Every single social media addict saw another luring and engaging element in the internet. The world of social media finally received a vent for an even more engaging social media platform. With the biggest and the most popular search engine as its parent driving force, Google+ harbored the potential to break all social media records. Initially, Google+ churned out its own improvised version of FACEBOOK which looked like a little vulnerable feature developed by Google. That the FACEBOOK generation will flip in to another major social media venture instantly was way ahead of our imagination.

Today, post 90 million users, all of us need to give up our skeptic garbs. Google+ is successfully bringing in more user friendly interface and has been able to garner immense popularity among a considerable section of social media users. Talking about business in social media, a considerable section of businessman regard Google+ as a ‘too early to consider’ job. In that case, it’s time to refurbish the true business instincts. There is just one simple reason to station your business in Google + – the search engine visibility which can either completely take your business to unimaginable heights or kick you down from unbelievable crests of efforts!

A brand new key feature called the ‘Search +’ or the ‘Search Plus Your World’ algorithm promises to play an important role in improving business prospects. The output generated from the algorithm helps in displaying/promoting People and Business Pages in Google+. Again, it may look like an early consideration. However, we should remember that it is the biggest search engine in the world which providing some platform to businesses. The introduction of a new algorithm has increased the possibility of search results to a great extent both inside and outside the Google+ environment. Just like FACEBOOK, Google+ users also view updates from people being followed. However, what makes it stand out from the other social media networks is its high ranking facility for the posts.

If your Google+ status keyword and topic-centered, it helps improve the ‘AuthorRank’ along with content-specific engagement levels. Secondly, one can directly interact with the followers in specifically formed ‘circles’. This particular feature helps businesses interact with groups of people formed on the basis one’s own preferences. Creating a Google+ Resources circle is the first step towards building business prospects via Google+. Google+ Your Business Page is the initial page that should be added in this circle. Given below are a few recommended actions required for a full-throttle start-up page for a business page in Google+: -

  • The completion of the verification process while creating page, adding all recommended links and smart placement of keywords in the introduction section and subtitle areas helps you optimize your business page.
  • ‘Scrapbook’ photos and text editing features should be used in maximum in order to make the page visually appealing and resembling the brand identity.
  • Control over personal profile pages in G+ announcement and requests helps promote a business on other social networks. Using Google+ badges also enhances social media visibility.
  • Regular monitoring of stream by analyzing the +1’s, comments and shares of follower’s posts will help in keeping a track over the popularity level of a particular business.
  • Regular posting of videos and photos brings in more clicks. Creating influential first few posts encourages greater number of visits by followers.
  • The circles formed should be targeted accordingly in order to attain maximum responses for a particular business plan.

Following all the above actions can bring in a fresh air of ideas for popularizing a particular business in the cyberspace. Also, with Google, chances of success and failure hang in balance.

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Time For Day One

Posted by on Mar 30 2012 | Content Writing, SEO Copywriting

There are a lot of facts hovering around us which we are least interested in. Fortunately or unfortunately, we are also a part of these facts. You will definitely not be put through the same old astrological predictions about your future (No offenses for people who believe in it). However, our busy life never really allows us to ponder over these facts. Human psychology has been an endless well of myriad quests. Part of it leads to unexpected results and the rest of it achieves what it wants. A continuous streak of spiraling thoughts is garnered through a number of experiences that a human mind goes throughout its life on earth.

Delving no more into extremely serious discourse further, let’s talk about the habits which we often forget to ponder upon. Right now, the fact that’s crawling my mind is entertainment section of a magazine! Glitz and glamour are the top luring factors used by the magazine publishers to garner immense readership. How many of us have not really turned over the last page of an ‘OUTLOOK’ magazine as soon as it’s in our hands? Initially you would definitely deny the fact. However, the stealth of your desires would definitely agree with fact.

Why does the word ‘celebrity’ gain so much of hype? Today, even the slightest event of their life is never really hidden from us. Some of us are really disgusted with such unnecessary publicity stunts. But then you wonder how many people do really hate to listen or see such news! The obvious justification would definitely be their popularity quotient. Be it newspapers, magazines or the cyber world, a celebrity news always makes up for the perfect recipe for the day. It’s not about caring for the future generations, but it’s about the amount of heed that we lack in providing to the required discourses.

It is an obvious sentiment to get irritated by being bombarded of news about violence, corruption, poverty, global warming and many other such grim issues early in the morning. Refreshing information accompanied by some luscious images adds on to the spice for the day! Right now you may feel like stepping inside some boring philosophy class which you would never like to attend in your wildest dreams. However, denying the deteriorating human values would be too childish. We need to admit the fact that we are losing faith in our own conscience and in our own intellectual capability.

Reading news articles can never be termed as a monotonous activity as long as we keep on skimming through entertainment and lifestyle news. However, a greater inclination towards other important information will not only steer the readership of a particular region towards the required knowledge bank, it will also help in developing an optimistic framework for a country. An instant solution will definitely not surface itself, but taking the first step always helps in creating the required atmosphere to do so.

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Posted by on Mar 27 2012 | Content Writing, SEO Copywriting

Communication as a career choice has surpassed other career options in India. Though engineering and medical science continue to stay at the top, communication and journalism programs have created the much needed noise for an attractive alternative available for generation next! Media in the Indian sub-continent has been one of the most influential sectors in terms of entertainment business. The dissemination of vital information among the public has acquired special attention in the recent years. Being information rich is a job half done. Using the acquired information for the right purpose brings in the actual role of media. This is the sole reason behind the craze for joining communication programs in some of the top Mass Communication and Journalism colleges in India.

Freaking out with your parents while selecting the best suited communication college for yourself is nothing unusual! The list of Mass communication and Journalism colleges just does not seem to end. Every other day, a new pop-up about a new communication college surfaces on your screen and you wonder whether it is a better choice than the other options you went through a few days back?! Given below is a list of top five communication colleges in India which will help you contract your choices into an optimum and authentic level –

 IIMC, Delhi

Known as the ‘Centre of Excellence’, the Indian Institute of Mass Communication is recognized as the best Mass Communication and Journalism institute in India. In order to meet the present dynamic media environment, IIMC provides knowledge and skills to communicators in a number of disciplines. These include print journalism, radio and television journalism, photo journalism, development communication, communication research, advertising and public relations. The institute harbors a highly acclaimed and experienced faculty coming from various streams of media.

 Asian College of Journalism, Chennai

The Asian College of Journalism has been producing some of the best journalists in the Indian media industry. Offering post-graduate courses only to its students, this institute has been providing world-class journalism education keeping in lieu with the particular needs of the Indian media. It primary aim is to hone its post-graduates to the level of achieving the highest standards of work in all branches of the journalism. The ongoing trend and the convergence of technology in the media have raised the bar of information dissemination in the Indian sub-continent. This has also increased the consequent demands for multiple skills made on the contemporary journalist.

FTII, Pune

Established in the year 1960, FTII (Film and Television Institute of India) Pune has been the haven for India’s best filmmakers and production heads. Affiliated to the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, it has proved to be the apex body of direction, acting, production and many other vital communication courses. FTII resembles the rich legacy of Indian film industry. FTII provides three year Post Graduate diploma courses in Direction, Cinematography, Sound Recording and Sound Design, Editing, Two year Post graduate diploma in Acting, Art Direction and Production Design, One year Post Graduate Certificate Course in Feature Film Screenplay Writing, Television Direction, Electronic Cinematography (Television), Video Editing (Television) and Sound Recording and TV Engineering (Television).

Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication (SIMC), Pune

The Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication, Pune has proved to be one of the best communication colleges in India in the last few years. Strong academic environment and world class faculty has been the key winning combination for SIMC. A brilliant amalgamation of theory and practice in its programs and state of the art technologies has helped provide the best media and communication courses to its students. SIMC provides post graduate program in Mass Communication (MMC) with Journalism and Audio-Visual media as the primary branches of the course.

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E-book or Paperback – Who’s the Best Storyteller?

Posted by on Mar 12 2012 | Content Writing, SEO Copywriting

Some of us have still not isolated the idea of spending our leisure time with books. Although, we must ask the obvious question to ourselves once – do we really devote quality time in reading books, physically? A book in hands with our feet straightened in a lounge chair or in any other posture that one can imagine, while reading a book – how frequent is that sight these days? I dare question the revolution that technology has brought in to the human society and its elements of development. However, there are equal negative contours that technology has invited for the human race.


The Real Hard Work of a Writer

Sketching out a human mind’s fantasies or penning down real life experiences – the job of a writer includes tremendous hard work. Lifting a book in our hands conveys the appreciation that we decide to shower upon the creator of the book. When a reader succeeds in connecting with the story penned down in the book, he or she has just two ways to express the appreciation – call the book a trash or believe it to be a masterpiece. Thousands of writers worldwide have written about millions of stories till date. Some of them do succeed in cracking inside our heart; however, some seem to be too realistic or too fantasizing to believe in.

There is another way to look into it. We just can’t generalize the perception that a group of readers may have developed after reading a book. Every single region on this planet harbors a dynamic variety of human beings. We just can’t deny the fact that a story book would be equally loved and hated by a certain human population. Now, when we come to the ongoing cyber popularity of books, our definition of books as storytellers tend to take a completely different route altogether. Imagine yourself sitting on a chair for hours and trying to garner interest while reading a thriller by John Grisham. The answer lies within you and your love for books.


The New Short-Cut

Finding a book that you loved and craved for does not need money. All you need to do is click and you have your own personal piece of a ‘paperback’ novel. E-books have become the greatest source of building one’s own personal library. Reading e-books on laptops and desktops are passé. Tablet is buzz word for the new generation and it has almost cloned the feel of holding a book in our hands. Take it wherever and whenever you want it. So, does that threaten the publishing houses? Well, to some extent ‘yes’. However, they too have resorted to online marketing in order to stay in the competition.

The question is – who is the real storyteller? That may greatly vary from person to person. For those who consider books to be their best friends, a ‘paperback’ novel will always remain the best option to inject infotainment inside their cerebral faculty. However, people who are down the list of appropriate devotion to a story may resort to e-books for a quick understanding of the story!

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