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SEO Content Writing: Simple Do’s and Don’ts

Posted by on Jun 11 2012 | Content Writing, SEO Copywriting

With the world technologically progressing at a fast pace and the barriers of geographical boundaries been broken, Web Content Writing becomes all the more significant, if an E-business wishes to maximize the sale of its products/services.  With the aid of website content writing, an online business can make the prospective buyers meet the prospective sellers as it is the content of the descriptions of the product/service that lures the consumer to purchase the commodity.

A content writer needs to have a focused understanding of a product, about the company’s marketing strategy and the target audience that the website is endorsing as providing relevant information is the primary objective of the website, and also helps to give it a better position among plenty of other websites that the web is thronged with.
Here are some simple set of Dos and Don’ts that need to be followed while writing a good SEO copy:

1.    Wise use of the Keywords: Identifying certain keywords would facilitate the user’s search for them, thereby improving the website’s position on search engines. However, attention should to be paid that the flow of the content is not hampered to accommodate the keywords.

2.    Simple and Precise: An SEO article should support catchy headlines, sub tags, bulletins and should be structured well. The sentences should be brief and the language to the point. It is advisable to hire a professional.

3.     Keep it exclusive: Content writing for SEO should have the capability to ensure that the company meets its organizational goals, and thus the article must stand out. SEO Writing helps to lay the foundation of a healthy customer-producer relationship.

SEO content writing services, if crafted well, have the potential to make the website visitor strike a deal immediately, obviously when they are done with their share of analysis about the product.

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Web Content Writing – The Do’s and Don’ts

Posted by on May 17 2012 | Web Content Writing

Writing website content is becoming a big challenge these days. People pay a closer attention to what is written on the websites they visit. Therefore, it becomes important to deliver good content to the readers so that they find it helpful and at the same time are engaged while reading the content. In order to make your website content helpful it is important that you follow the do’s and don’ts for effective writing.


Keep it Short and Simple: always make sure that website content should be written to the point. This is because most of the readers would not like to spend time reading something that is long. Readers would be ready to read short and brief content, clicking on links and may end up buying something.

Follow SEO Writing Rules: it is important that while writing content for website, you keep SEO in mind. This is important because you must have written the most engaging and interesting content for the website, but until and unless it does not appear in the search engine results then no one would be able to see it. Therefore, SEO keywords are extremely important for you to be able to make your writing visible in the results.

Importance of Titles and Subtitles: It is important that you break down your content into titles and subtitles. This is will make your content appear more organised, and the readers who are just visiting the websites for a few seconds can actually read the subtitles to get an idea about the entire write-up.


Never Use Sales Language: Avoid salesman pitch when writing for web. While giving all the information about the products, your language should be action oriented and not sales oriented.

Do not Sound very Formal: Remember you readers would like to read something that answers their problems in a friendly manner, therefore, use conversational style of writing.

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Why Outsourcing Content Writing Services is a Good Idea

Posted by on May 03 2012 | Internet Marketing, Web Content Writing

When it comes to generating content for web, the most important thing that comes to our mind is to look for a professional content writing company that can provide quality content. This is because we can surely trust a professional writing company for their quality content, and easily outsource our work to them. Outsourcing content writing services has become the need of the hour. With almost every kind of business employing this tool for marketing and generating content, it has become important to find a suitable content writing company to meet the needs and requirements of different kinds of writing.

A good content writing company will have the topmost professional writers, who are well qualified and highly skilled to deliver any kind of web content material. There are a number of advantages that a company can experience while outsourcing its content to a professional writing firm. To deliver perfect content it is very important that the writer you select should be an intellect. This is the reason why people prefer to hire writing services, because the writers at content writing firms are trained to deliver quality content, avoiding plagiarism and correct use of keywords. They are well aware of the new techniques and technologies that are used in writing industry also they know all the technical aspects that work behind producing original content. Therefore, it is better to outsource content writing services to get good content according to your requirement.

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Mobile Marketing: A Big Business in India

Posted by on Apr 10 2012 | Content Writing, SEO Copywriting

Mobile marketing is a new trend in the marketing world. Being an entrepreneur, if you are still thinking what this new trend is all about, you surely need to catch the business week updates. Mobile marketing defined in simple language means, use of mobile phone as a means of marketing or distribution of any kind of advertising message to the existing and potential customers. It means that your mobile phone is no longer only used for e-mails and accessing social media, it has become a marketing tool. So next time you get a message that offers you a discount on a product, you know you are hit by mobile marketing.

Mobile marketing includes, providing customers with personalised information, time and locations, promoting ideas, goods and services. Mobile has played a significant role in making marketing efforts successful, reason being the reach of the mobile phone. Presently, there are 330 million mobile subscribers, and the number is ever increasing. As far as reach is concerned, even the top most businessmen have confessed that a simple SMS has done wonders in promoting their business. Knowing the fact that mobile marketing is not as cost-effective as print or television, marketers are still ready to invest in it. This is because the advertisers know that if once the message is sent using mobile phones, customers will surely see the text message the next moment.

Apart from being a lucrative tool for the marketers and advertisers, mobile marketing has been intruding in the customers’ private space. In order to keep a check on this medium, the National Do Not Disturb (NDND) and NDNC Registry of the mobile number, who are not interested to get such promotional messages, work to safeguard customers’ private space.

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Add Followers to Flavour your Marketing Recipe on Twitter

Posted by on Apr 04 2012 | Content Writing, SEO Copywriting

Just three years and it is a big hit. Yes! If you are still not a tweeter, it’s high time for you to start your Twitter account now. Apart from SEO and article marketing, it is undeniable that social media marketing has become another viable means that has a great influence on people. An experienced tweeter can very well understand how effective Twitter can be in achieving marketing goals. Lately, it has become the number one platform to disseminate information in matter of seconds.

Twitter has provided a lucrative shelter to the marketing world to showcase their products and carry out their speedy promotions. Having twitter followers has become an asset these days, and this is the reason, why the new craze of buying Twitter followers has hit the marketing specialists. The more followers you have the more online influence you create.

• Followers on Twitter help in building awareness. It does not matter, whether the tweet is from friends or strangers, it has the capability to quickly disseminate information and make people aware with a blink of an eye.
• It helps the marketers to get the right customers for their product by getting right Twitter followers. It truly takes no time in converting the followers into buyers once you are following the right track.
• Twitter is not only becoming marketers’ favorite, but even interactive and feasible way to reach to others in your social environment.
• For those who are facing problems in increasing the followers on Twitter, you can easily try all your options and even buy followers from credible sources.

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Word Limits: Are they a Hindrance or Aide in Writing?

Posted by on Mar 31 2012 | Content Writing, SEO Copywriting

It is always interesting to read an article that is concise, crisp and conveys the message effectively. Writers certainly have to strive in order to get the message clear in minimum words or rather the word limit assigned to them. Sometimes, it may not be very pleasing for the writer to stay within the word limits, but if we look at the brighter side of using word limits, there are a number of advantages. At the very first place, it is important that the writer should respect the word limits, and comfortably produce an effective piece of writing.

A reader will definitely not spend more than a few seconds if he finds the very first paragraph of the article not addressing to his/her questions. This is the reason that word limits help the writers to stay focused on the main topic and not beat around the bush just to add to the length of the article. It becomes important to make the point clear with fewer words. Fewer and powerful words will also make the article thought provoking for the target readership.

Remember, readers’ time is valuable and a writer must take this into account while writing an article. Word limits help you generate a piece of writing that will definitely not waste readers’ time in reading something that is of no use for them. On the other hand, if a piece of writing involves all the required information in fewer words that requires less time to read will certainly satisfy the reader and as well as the writer. Word limit if utilized properly can be surely an aide for the writer and not a hindrance in the writing process.

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Let these Websites Take a Good Care of YOU

Posted by on Mar 01 2012 | Content Writing, SEO Copywriting

For all those, who have no plans for this weekend, i will give you the best idea in this world to spend quality time along with entertainment. Yes! Movies, this is the best way to entertain yourself. If you are thinking that i will tell you to go out and enjoy the latest movies in theatres, then you are absolutely wrong. Here is a list of four best websites where you can watch movies online, and at your convenience.


The name itself sounds interesting. This website is usually known for streaming a number of TV shows, but one can also stream more than hundred movies online. If watching movies is your hobby then you can also take the Hulu Plus membership of this website on affordable charges.


All popular movies and TV shows can be immediately watched on Amazon instant video. All you need to have is a connecting streaming device, so that you can connect your TV or computer to watch movie online.


Watch unlimited movies straight away and for free. Moviesdatacenter is a giant online community, where you can enjoy each and every movie by registering with the website without spending a single penny.


This is another website where you can explore a lot and for free.

The best part of watching movies online is that you can watch them at your convenience. Especially for the people who love cinema can explore a lot, by visiting these above mentioned sites.

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Say it! with Website Taglines

Posted by on Feb 21 2012 | Blogs

Taglines have always been an interesting element that can spice up the overall look of your websites. Taglines can actually make or break a business because they are considered an important marketing tool in order to catch attention of customers. Taglines help the customers to recall the brand name and relate with them. You must have heard and read a number of taglines, but how many you actually remember will depend on the nature of the tagline. Taglines create a unique identity for the brands. On the other hand, it also educates the customers about the product and service. Now days you will also find websites coming up with different taglines that make them sound interesting and add magic of words through taglines. So, now you know how a simple and interesting line can make a difference for your business. Here are some of the interesting internet taglines.

  • Maxim Philippines: The best thing that ever happened to men … after women!
  • The Best Page in the Universe: This page is about me and why everything I like is great. If you disagree with anything you find on this page, you are wrong.
  • Go Fug Yourself: Fugly is the new pretty.
  • Perez Hilton: Celebrity Juice. Not from concentrate.
  • TrafficBunnies: Making your hits multiply like rabbits.
  • The Sneeze: Half zine. Half blog. Half not good with fractions.
  • DumbLittleMan: So what do we do here? Well, it’s simple. 15 to 20 times per week we provide tips that will save you money, increase your productivity, or simply keep you sane.
  • YouTube: Broadcast Yourself.

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It’s Time to Taste Jargons

Posted by on Jan 24 2012 | Content Writing, SEO Copywriting

Jargon words are not only interesting to know, but quite educational at times. You must have heard people speaking jargons in their normal conversation and believe it or not, they make an impact on others. The most important thing with jargons is to use them properly and at the right time. Let us, look at the following jargons that are used by different businesses or by the common public.

“Ahead in the Count”

If recently your boss said that you are “ahead in the count” then it’s time to feel proud of yourself, because you are doing well than others in the organisation.

“Bang for the Buck”

This is mostly used and one of the favourite business jargons. This means the product that you are delivering is worth spending on.

“Connect Ear-to-Ear”

“Let’s connect ear-to-ear” will not bring someone close to your ear, but you will be certainly discussing the project in more detail in a meeting.


Do not think you will get some at the tea time. “Cookies” is a computer jargon that is referred to the data placed on your computers. It helps in keeping a record of the websites you visit, remembers the password and helps in loading the pages faster and in many other efficient operations.

“Riffle Approach”

Approaching focused targets and expecting high percentage is what is called as the “Riffle Approach” in marketing.

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Once Upon A Time the Knowledge was Free……

Posted by on Jan 20 2012 | Content Writing, SEO Copywriting

For twenty four hours you cannot accesses Wikipedia, yes a world without free information will be experienced by all of us in coming hours. How difficult it would be to get information without the giant encyclopaedia available online? It will be annoying isn’t it? The blacking out reason is to protest against the SOPA and PIPA bills that will soon be presented in the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate respectively. During the blackout time (midnight January 18) you will not be able to access any information on Wikipedia rather there will be a message seen on your screen that is to raise the awareness about the SOPA “Stop Online Piracy Act” and PIPA “Protect Intellectual Property Act.”

This kind of action by Wikipedia of blacking out has taken place for the very first time in the history because the Wikipedians feel that these two bills will severely reduce people’s access to online information, which is the major source of information for people. And it’s been over two decades that Wikipedians have built treasure of information for people to access. In this world where information is required to be free and open, does SOPA and PIPA make it restricted, this is the biggest concern faced by protesters and will affect individuals all over the world.

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