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Creating a Unique Identity with Your Company Logo

Posted by on Nov 07 2012 | branding, Logo

A logo is a valuable asset to the company. It makes people remember them and therefore a logo is regarded as more than just a visual representation of the company.

While designing a logo, the set of skills required go beyond the conventional graphic designing. The 5 things to keep in mind are:

Initial stage: While the logo is in the initial stage, there are sketches to form a basic understanding of the logo and the application of balance to make it appealing. During this stage various ideas are generated but each should be kept in mind to progress further.

Use of Colours: Colours come in a variety. A clever use of a combination of colours can be powerful and can create a bigger impact. While choosing colours, the visual appeal should always be pleasing, too much brightness can repel the person from looking at a logo. The logo should also be able to look appealing while in grayscale or black and white.

The Right Typography: While designing the logo, the type should be in harmony and should be readable when scaled down. The use of custom fonts can create a larger impact as they stand out from amongst the overused common fonts.

It is all about the Size: A logo is all about the size. When it comes to designing a logo, it should look good in all sizes. A cluttered logo will lose its purpose when scaled down. A logo should also be in as much vector form as possible.

The Level of Details: A logo should be simple and elegant. The present tools have many effects that can be applied to the logo. Too much detailing can make the logo bulky and will also make it harder to work with since resizing it can become difficult.

Designing a logo is an essential step towards creating a unique brand identity. Not only do you need to choose the right combination of font, colours and details, you also need to make sure you have chosen the right designer to create that impactful logo!

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Politics and the Role of Social Media

Posted by on Oct 23 2012 | Facebook, Social Media

Big Push in Politics

The impact of Social Media is throughout the world. The uprising in Arab, the upheaval in Tunisia and several petitions online have reformed the political structure of the world.

The political structure is now being redefined with the help of social media as many political figures are now available on many social networking websites. With increasing number of followers, the impact on the political system is lucidly visible and much more tangible.

As the electoral year approaches, the mould is set to provide data, which is going to be available to everyone and thus become a key aspect of shaping the public opinion.

The New Approach in Politics: Getting Yourself Discovered

Social media has the ability to connect people to each other and what better way to let other know about your presence than being an active member.

Engaging yourself and having a large number of followers on Twitter is the key to let yourself get discovered. The simple rule is universal to all and that is the reason US President Obama is known for his web presence. With a page on Facebook and several followers on Twitter, the number of likes, shares and re-tweets make his dominance visible.

Sharing is Caring, and Attracting Votes

The content that is shared has now shifted from a political approach towards a personal one with politicians sharing their thoughts not on television or radio. A piece of personal life has made the outlook towards the politicians more sensitive as it shows the hint of the “normal-daily-lifestyle.”

A personal website, a page on tumbler and an enormous following is the approach the Presidential campaigns are opting on social media.

With both presidential candidates Barack Obama and Mitt Romney gaining acclaimed following and web presence, the election can be pretty much called a social battle as we see them doing more than the overused clichés including kissing babies and the conventional handshakes.

Strength Amongst a Few and the Youth

The impact of social media is observed widely in India where a lesser section of population is exposed to the trending web pattern. Protestors who are the backbone of the protest shaped the campaign that is still prominent are the ones who have fanned the flame of anticorruption.

The social awareness and ideas have also spread across the nation as the youth cries for a better system. Various campaigns have come into prominence and they rely solely on social media to meet their goals.

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5 Lucrative Jobs in the Advertising Industry

Posted by on Oct 03 2012 | Advertising, Online marketing

The rapid growth of the Advertising Industry has made the aspiring youth to channel their creativity and ideas into a lifestyle unconfined to the daily rut that a typical 9-to-5 job has to offer.

Its most remunerative jobs are:

  1. Account Supervisor/Sales: The sales and account supervisor positions are best suited if you are a people’s person and have a sales background. The annual salary is based on your past experiences and the number of new accounts you bring in. The day-to-day responsibilities include client communication, keeping the company competitive, and creating client billings and reports.
  2. Copywriter: People with the talent to write and are not willing to settle for meager wages like Journalists can pursue a career in copywriting. By writing print, web or radio ads, the copywriters can earn fast cash.
  3. Creative Director: The position of a creative director is to create and manage ad concepts and their execution. A long experience in advertising and a sense of art and design are the right ingredients to make big in the position of a creative director.
  4. Online Brand and Marketing Manager: Online Marketing Managers are hired to manage the clients’ presence on the web. Good knowledge in social networking and a marketing background can make this a top-paying position.
  5. Chief Communications Officer and Chief Public Relations Officer: To pursue a career as a Communications Officer or Public Relations Officer, you need an excellent written and verbal skill. A good network and being a people person are the traits which are essential. The job encompasses reputation building therefore the job can be expected to pay very well.

The stiff competition and the knack to emerge from the growing completion have certainly made Advertising Industry a one stop solution for various career opportunities.

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