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Looking back a few years, there was no word such as “Blog” but today blogs have carved a niche for themselves in the internet domain. Just to give an idea as to what exactly a blog means, refer to the diary that one used to maintain in nineties. Now, look at your blog, which is just like a diary, but one that is maintained online, with a plethora of added features. Earlier it was not that easy to have access to internet, but today, with so many innovations lined up, internet is found in everybody’s pocket. Easy access has made individuals known in the online world. Blog, also known as a web log, is a platform where one can share thoughts, actions, opinions and reactions.

Instantly, you must have noticed that, be it a personal site or a corporate site, all have made a new addition of “blog” on their home page. The influence and importance of blogs has seen a tremendous, rather exponential, growth in the last four years. Blogs have become promotional tools that provide you with recognition, not to mention enhancing the communication channel.

Anyone can start blogging, but not everyone knows the right track that is to be followed while doing so. The basic approach while writing a blog should be to make other respond to your opinions or to make people identify with your ideology. There are certain golden rules that a blogger should always remember and understand the importance behind them. How to go about writing a blog?  Blogging needs to be in sync with your opinion, what you want to say and the manner in which you want to say it. Sometimes, provocative things said on blogs make people comment and participate to support or disabuse opinions. If you want people to come back to your blog post for more information or follow-ups, it is important to make your writing interesting. An appropriate tone along with consistency in your writing style is the key ingredient here. People love to read blogs because they contain opinions and reactions that come from public and not from any professional’s mind that is probably well-trained to write content. It is a place where you will find public expressions on topics people are passionate about, that they wish to express. It becomes a necessity that defines the nature of a blog, to speak what’s on your mind related to a particular subject or a situation.

Be honest and openly express yourself while blogging. The basic idea behind a blog should be to entertain readers and directly strike their thinking so that they participate in it.  Keep a blog personal; let the writings define you, your thinking that makes you different from rest of the world.

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