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Blogs have come to fore recently to become a source of advertisement or even a livelihood for some people. Blog is a short form of Web Log that is essentially a record of the constantly changing content of the website. Readers who are interested in new content will look for the articles at a blog and will subscribe to receive them. These readers will be notified as soon the content is updated. This is highly beneficial for the people who own businesses as through a blog they can communicate with their customers on a regular basis. Businesses can inform and advertise important developments about their company and products and that too without incurring any costs.

Blogs writing is increasingly used for article submission where people post their articles to share their thought or look for people who would want to buy them. A blog is preferably a private space with the freedom to express freely and with no restrictions. Blog writing is also taken up by individuals as a freelance activity where they write articles. Any person who wants to start blogging have essentially two modes to start i.e. either through Blogger or WordPress. Any person who has the requisite skills, blog writing can become a lucrative career option. The basis for writing a blog is ability to understand and applying a bit of common sense.

The first step for becoming a freelance blog writer is to create a blog of your own. It serves as a platform to display the work on a large platform. Blogs are meant to be updated on a regular basis so it is essential that the writer updates them not just timely but also with high quality content. As the readers start liking the articles, traffic will increase at the blog, establishing the blogger in the market. Blog writers can then start earning money by doing freelance writing full time at earn a decent amount too.

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