Boosting SEO for Marketing Automation

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As a concept, market automation is broad, dense and extremely channelized. But in a layman’s term, it can be defined as a process that uses technology to get customer feedback, automatically. Think of it as a system that will free you up from the redundant tasks of your business. An automated way of sending business reminders, invitations, notices, applications, promotional gifts and prizes.

However, when it comes to SEO, what is it that marketing automation can do? Businesses clearly understand the importance of generating leads. And, with marketing automation you can get a whole lot of visitor attention to your website. Awesome SEO is a definite advantage of marketing automation. You get those prospective leads without spending anything more than the justified inbound marketing costs.  What are savior tools? Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns, enhanced SEO and smart Social Media Marketing tactics.

If you are thinking about the innumerable channels (read: e-mails, direct mail, mobiles etc.) that you would be required to use for marketing automation, focus on the word “automatic” again. One you have created SEO friendly content, everything else from updating to sharing to feedback becomes automated. So, all that you are left with to do is creating quality content.

SEO has come a long way from being the days of simple optimization. Now, it is the foundation of interactive communities and social enterprises. If your SEO is right, your marketing will be incredible. Surely, nothing can beat the broad experience and knowledge of marketing; however, with SEO your business is 5 steps ahead always.

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    Totally agree with this. Most of the things you assert is astonishingly precise and that makes me ponder why i hadn’t looked at this with this light before. Very well done.

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