Can Writing Be Taught? Why Not!

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If not many then at least a few within this particular group of writers (the ITALICS team) would agree that they never had a thing for writing, until it happened. For some it would have been a god’s gift, a talent that came to them naturally. The remaining would of course have learnt it anyway. And I belong to the last category. I still remember my childhood days when I struggled with essay writing. My English teacher was generous enough to give me a 6 or 5 on ten, when I managed to scribble a few lines that at least related to the essay topic even if they were no less than just beating around the bush.

The real turn came when I as in 6th grade and was just admitted to a convent. Today I thank my stars for taking me to a place that transformed not only my perspective towards writing but also my approach towards it. So now when I am a writer by profession, I always keep one thing in mind, “the writer’s block is his greatest asset and his greatest liability.”

At the time I was stuck with writing, I was made to learn “the flow”. By flow here I mean a structured approach that should be followed while penning down something. Using this methodology will never make you feel lost. So I was a taught a number of ways in which one could raise the curtain. There were many interesting concepts that I came across for example the Like-Hate starting to an article, the question-answer session, the regret-proud paragraph, the motivational storyline method and not to forget, my favourite Typical-Unusual starting (you can see the satire in the methodology itself).

The next big task for me while writing, is to come up with “good” ideas. I often wonder till date about the coining of this term. It is quite a confusing terminology for me for I have never understood what exactly a good idea is and whether an idea ever can be sufficiently good? Even if it is can it not be that another idea waiting to lash the right next second in my brain would be a little or much better one? So I simple was taught to work on expressible ideas. This term makes much more sense to me and I can relate to it better. So, what I learnt was that expressible ideas make good ideas for they are explainable, comprise opinions, feelings, justifications and description. What makes the elaboration of ideas commendable is the element of interest with which they are jotted down together.

With so much learning on my platter I set out to explore the writer within me. I have been doing that till date and will continue to do so for the years to come. In the process I have come across some great teachers of writing including books, experiences, photographs, people, animals, and of course the pen.

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  1. sonam

    Well said Shivangi, good ideas and flow is something that takes your writing skills to a next level…

    07 Apr 2012 at 6:31 pm

  2. Siddhartha

    So true!! Writing is an endless learning process. The more you write, you get to know about your drawbacks. The more you know them, your writing skill keeps sharpening up…

    07 Apr 2012 at 6:32 pm

  3. shivangi

    sonam…indeed they do…
    sid..that’s the crux of learning

    07 Apr 2012 at 6:33 pm

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