Cashing in on Social Media as a Business Tool

Posted by on Aug 01 2012 | SMO

The controversy about a proper way to sell through social media still lingers. Investments and gestation are other concerns in social media advertising/marketing/sales. Despite all the hype about social media as an emerging sales strategy, it must be by-hearted by all the social media supporters that social media will always remain a “strategy”. To put it in the simplest words, social media is not a typical tool as a direct sales channel.

Without powerful content the foundation of social media is weak and fragile. However, what is sanguine about social media is its irreplaceable value as a communication tool. It is also one of the strongest potential sales channels to argue about. The main objective of content as a sales tool is to nurture the needs, wants and desires of customers. Social Media is a bridge or rather a platform through which content reaches the masses as a driver of sales. It is a way of interacting with potential as well as current customers to keep them in the loop.

“Awareness” is at the heart of communication through content; and so is “attraction”. A fine balance in the amount of factual and creative information is vital for creating powerful content, which sells. The purpose of content is to spread awareness about you, your brand, your products and your services; and, to do it a manner that attracts as well as retains audience. Content creation should be then viewed as an opportunity to interact and engage with masses.

Social media teaches a very important lesson in marketing. It does not put the cart before the horse. Due to the advent of social media as a marketing strategy, marketing gurus have started believing that it is wiser to build and engage an audience for your brand, rather than deciding to win an audience post framing the product strategy.

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  1. Anamika

    I believe it is a tool, a media tool with which the marketer engages in advertising activities (name it the social media way; apps, contests, campaigns, video features) and gets to the consumer. Also, this is the only tool where once your consumer is ‘in’, you get to talk and interact.

    01 Aug 2012 at 6:10 pm

  2. shivangi

    Yes, social media is a tool..but not a typical “direct marketing” tool. It is more of a platform to attract potential customers..

    01 Aug 2012 at 6:14 pm

  3. shivangi

    sorry, i meant to say not a typical, “direct sales” tool

    01 Aug 2012 at 6:14 pm

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