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The Blog You like

Posted by on Nov 01 2012 | Blog, Blogging, Blogs

What is there in a blog that makes it so affable? As we know, the phenomenon of blogging started off as a personal log book and uneventfully went off to create a space where knowledge sharing is no more personal but public engagement. Blogging continues to mix the individual’s point of view and the public service in general with a subtlety of tone. For some it has evolved as a space for making money with content marketing, for others as a platform of communication. Whatever may be the purpose behind it, blogs take out a good percentage of overall online content space and in a variety of forms. At this juncture, we would like to see what kind of blogs top the list of online readers.

Technology: Technology perhaps has given pace to human race in more ways than one can imagine and has also mounted for a good amount of unanswerable questions. The latter is the cause of popular technology blogs that help users with answers on gadgets, features, usability and complications.

Marketing: For brands and products to talk about that special new aspect, blog is the best medium. No matter what, a simple communication through blog is the answer to the new marketing tool and a platform for consumer interaction.
News Feature: People like to prowl the internet for news and views. A plain news article may not be the catch everyday but with an opinionated blog, one is sure to grab more eyeballs. Video amalgamated news feature blogs are a hit in this category.

How To: Give rest to the textbooks because the new age formula for experiments is here. The ‘how to’ blogs are one of the fastest catching sensation on the net. From dressing up to cooking to fixing things, all the answers lie in a blog that deals with the specialized solution.

Travel: Men and women of the wanderlust kind found the answer in travel blogs. The readers and authors are of the same species here. This blog type has its very own kind of followers and it has come as a sigh of relief for people who could now visit places with virtual reads, since they miss out on it in physicality.

Humour: Laughter is the best medicine and the good news is it sells too. Blogs with the funny bone have tickled a huge amount of fan base on the web and continues to engage more with viral sharing via the social networking sites.

Image courtesy Miss Hamilton’s Class Blog

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How Do Videos help With Effective Blogging?

Posted by on Oct 04 2012 | Blogging, Blogs

This would not be a Ripley’s ‘Believe It or Not’ moment, if we say that a visual always makes a greater impact when it comes to presenting an idea. So, it is no surprise that while blogging, adding a video can make a lot of difference to the overall content that is being put together for the audience.

There are plenty of reasons why a blogger would like to add a video to the subject in question. To begin with, the video can elaborate better on the matter. Secondly, the video will bring in the element of conversation with the audience. Lastly, an audience would show more interest in looking at the color, sequence or even background where things happen, than just plain text, thus, achieving entertainment. The kinds of videos that are more popular with the blogs are as follows:

Do It Yourself: Lovingly known among its followers as DIY, these videos are handy tools for people who like to pick up techniques from the web and learn to do things by themselves. This tool has led a variety of people to share their ideas to the world and get a fan following for all kinds of fancy things; things that people don’t usually think can be done with ease.

Instructions: There are instructive videos, mostly working on the idea of ‘how to’. A web audience comes looking for questions and an assortment of it. Now, if a blogger can let the viewer have a complete step by step view of how to achieve a particular end result, this gets appreciated. A lot of query based, cookery and fashion blogs make use of these videos.

Sharing the Idea: Another important facet of adding a video to the blog is of sharing the idea with the audience. A video lets the viewer enter a zone which is actually perceived by the author of the blog. At that point, the author and the viewer/reader/listener connect better, which is also the triumph for the former as the purpose of communication meets success in the latter’s satisfaction.

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The Other Side of Blogging

Posted by on Aug 11 2012 | Blog, Blogging, Blogs, SEO

A simple yet profound thought says that the success of a blog depends on how it is optimized. Another, intriguing school contemplates that just like business; blogs too have a human side to them. It puts forth the idea that it is the softer side of a blog that decided its fate.

Supporters of the “business is human” philosophy argue that one of the main purposes of a blog, be it personal or corporate, is to initiate connection. Until THAT has been done, there will not be any returns. Long-term profit is a distant dream until you have achieved the first milestone, which is to “build a community”.

Why Build a Community?

 They talk about creating and increasing lists rather than about building relations. Why not endeavour towards creating communities (read: forums, common interest groups, knowledge-centres) instead. Even if it’s virtual it is still a world operated by REAL people. Behind every post, tweet or comment there are beings that put some effort and emotion in creating them. Should they be treated as a tool of sales propagation, the business will definitely loose its vision from myopia.

Because It Matters

 Not just for SEO purposes but for a human-touch too. You need to comment, reply or like every other post, because it matters to the entire blog community. The purpose of a blog is to generate interest and brew-up conversation. Don’t kill the rendezvous by not participating. Connect with the content. Take it forward.

What’s The Catch??

 You will be surprised to know, but the human approach to blogging supersedes the results of “spreadsheet marketing”. The plus point is that with this approach you won’t have to spend much time on SEOing your posts; and, still keep your community running.

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5 Tips for Writing for the Fashion Industry

Posted by on Aug 09 2012 | Blogs, Content Writing

The fashion Industry, around the world is constantly evolving. Contrary to people’s perception, the industry is producing a number of writing jobs and is giving all those fashion addicts a chance to showcase their talent in writing through Social media as well as blogging.  Here are some of the tips for starters who wish to create a name for themselves in the fashion industry-

  • Be an Extrovert - Being an introvert in fashion industry will get no results at all. A writer needs to have journalistic abilities to extract information out of the people of the industry and hence strong communication skills are a must.
  • Industry Knowledge and Research – Fashion Industry requires an individual to have an in-depth knowledge about the trends and products. There is no pre defined style that works for a longer period here and hence, a fashion writer must be aware of the ongoing changes in the products of the industry.
  • First Hand Information - If you are writing about a certain topic, e. g high waist pants, you must go and try the product by yourself. You need not necessarily indulge in the products but get first hand information of what you are going to write about.
  • Make your Article Interactive – Fashion is a subject that everyone relates to. While writing for the Fashion industry, keep your article interactive and creative. Ask your readers questions to keep them hooked to your article.
  • Follow other Magazines and Blogs – While you are in fashion writing business, subscribe to fashion magazines (E.g. Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Elle etc.). Reading such biggies will give you a great knowledge of the ongoing issues and trends.

Apart from the above mentioned tips, a writer can polish his or her skills by reading a number of fashion blogs and forums.

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Corporate Blogging

Posted by on Aug 07 2012 | Blogs, SEO

In today’s times of blog-boom, corporate blogs seem to be a great idea for marketing your company and its offerings without indulging in selling. Blog is a powerful way of attracting your customers and increasing the traffic to your website.

Now there is an art to corporate blogging and one needs to follow certain simple steps to master this art:

Think out of the box:

Now your blog doesn’t have to be the place where your readers get minute by minute updates on your latest offerings and other news bulleting pertaining to your company. Bring a more personalized touch rather than strictly keeping an official tone. There aren’t many people out there who are interested in reading a pamphlet-style blog explaining the policies and products of your company.

A blog must feel like a conversation between a blogger and a reader, rather than a brand and its customer. The latter part makes people feel they are conversing with a robot with a pre-loaded set of instructions

Keywords is the key

SEO is the focus when you write anything on the internet, blogs are no different. Include words which are search-engine friendly but look for keywords that are related to your industrial sphere as it will make search engine prioritize those keywords and drive traffic to your website when a user enters a query that relates to your industry.

Don’t Sell

Your website has plenty of pages to educate readers that they can buy your offerings and services at such and such prices. Don’t let blog be the place where you are selling. Self promotion is useful, but only if done discreetly.

Choose a Theme

Choose a theme that relates to your company’s expertise and also focuses on what readers would want to read. Make sure you have listed the topics you and the other bloggers are to write on. Creating editorial guidelines follows next. With listed guidelines, it is easier draw the verticals for blogging

Encourage Interaction

Blogging is much more than just writing something and posting it online. Blogs should be written by intent to build a blog community where users read your blog and comment on it. Some comment might just be more opinions and some of them may be questions that await your answer. Make sure you answer each query. A blog is different from a regular website in the sense that it encourages two-way conversation, giving your readers a fair idea what your company is all about.

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Reaching Out With LinkedIn

Posted by on Jul 18 2012 | Blogs, SEO, social media optimization

This blog is for anyone and everyone who is on LinkedIn and still not able to figure out “How the hell is it helping”. The contents of the blog are a must read if you have….

…just made your account on LinkedIn and hoping for someone to add to your connections

… been using LinkedIn for a while but have never really got a hang of it

…are looking for interesting ways to make a value addition via LinkedIn

Let us first get our facts right. LinkedIn, unlike what many people think, is not a job search board. It is definitely not a place to discuss personal matters and absolutely not a place for unlimited chit-chat. So what is it then? Well, firstly, LinkedIn is a social media site with the purpose of making business-to-business transactions/happenings/connections simpler, faster and convenient.

Why should you join it? Even if the rapidly rising share prices of LinkedIn fail to convince you to open an account then we give you another 100 plus reasons to join it. But for the sake of space, as well as to retain the essence of this blog, let us stick to 5 such ways to use LinkedIn that it enhances your social presence.

Have A Blog? Publish It

It is a very intelligent feature of LinkedIn that its users can publish their blogs and posts on it. This is not just a great way to divert more attention towards your LinkedIn profile but also a good strategy to grab more eyeballs for your blog. The ‘motive’ here is to establish a common platform for people and allow knowledge sharing. You social presence automatically gets established when people are drawn towards your works and would like to know more about you.

Build Brand “Me”

There are a zillion ways to build your personal brand on LinkedIn. We will share a secret here. LinkedIn works in a manner similar to the one that Google used a decade ago. So if you wonder where the rankings are being calculated, be assured it is just another SEO game. The wiser you are at using the keywords, the more searchable you are; therefore the rank-wise categorization. And, a better ranking means more visibility.

Be the First to be on Google’s Mind, Always!!

If you know the trick then creating a smart profile on LinkedIn won’t be much of a trouble. And, we have already given you the key to this secret, which is SEO. Apart from that, taking care of some basics will make your LinkedIn profile be at the top of the Google search page.  For enhancing your web presence, make sure that you make your profile public, give your profile a proper title, mention your website links accurately and keep adding to your list of skills in the “skill box”.

Get Involved

You have been an active participant of events and forums on Facebook, then what is holding you back from joining the rendezvous taking place on LinkedIn? When you participate in the discussions that are being held you enhance your social presence and reach out to a larger audience. You can debate, discuss, opinionate and share your views via LinkedIn and become a crucial part of various groups. For maximum benefit, target the most popular discussions happening, and also the recent ones.

Attend and Hold Conferences

You can also hold tradeshows here if you want to, but webinars are tried and tested. Since LinkedIn is a learning ground for professionals, it is always a good idea to get together and throw light upon some emerging business trends that are of interest to all. Doing this through web means time, place and space advantage. An increase social presence automatically spawns from dedicated social networking and interaction.

There is a lot more to LinkedIn than we can ever imagine and no matter how much is known about it at present, there will be something new about it the next time we explore it more. But to sum it precisely, if you want to build some truly influential connections online, LinkedIn is the place to be.

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The Travelling Shiva

Posted by on Jun 13 2012 | Blogs

All hail the advent of virtual communication – connecting Man to others on the global sphere and bestowing upon it a bit of cyberspace for him to fill with the renderings of his innermost thoughts. And so the man can now fill up his rucksack with his tent, pegs, saucepans, canned beans along with a laptop and a wireless modem and is off into oblivion. The Travelling Shiva drives past cities and towns alike, documenting his discoveries and eventually posting them on his blog for all to see. The matted beard of the hermit at the Ganges, the Gadaria tending to his sheep, the fishermen returning home with their catch – all of his personal discoveries are now read and viewed by a growing list of subscribers. The Travelling Shiva knows how to keep his audience hooked. He posts VLOGs, filming the “Ganga Aarti” for the devout Hindus, he conducts riveting conversation on his sights on his public forum, generating public opinion. In doing so, he has a greater connect with his followers than the average blogger. For the Travelling Shiva understands that reaching out to the followers is much more important than just putting information out there. Communication is a two way process and is deemed effective when it gets a dialog going. So the average blogger, enjoys a weekend with family and comes back home to blog about it, with the memories already filtering off; while The Travelling Shiva, VLOGs, blogs, live-streams action, posts pictures, tags them and makes an everlasting memory out of a mere passé moment. The followers of The Travelling Shiva are left with an enriching experience, so personal, they feel that they have lived the moment themselves.

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Blog Writing: A Powerful Tool for Brand Building.

Posted by on Jun 12 2012 | Blogs

In the era of cut throat competitions, blogging comes to the rescue of the company by catering to the varied needs of the customers. They provide them with customized services and are acknowledged as a good medium of viral marketing that attempts to seek the confidence of the target audience in virtual marketing techniques.

However, a blog loses its effectiveness if it fails to please its readers and hence, it is advised that blogs should be artistic and catchy (this can be achieved by giving it a nice caption). To keep blogs a perpetual success , bloggers should be capable of providing quality services through determined research and crisp sentences.

What you need to know about blog writing:

1.    Understand Your Client’s Needs: It is Important to know what exactly does our clients   desire and it is according to their expectations that the writer should put forth his designs or content. The blogs that attract readers are one with frequent updates.
2.    Personal  touch: If you wish to develop dialogue with your audience, comments are the best way to do so. It is an easy way of getting valuable feedbacks from your visitors.
3.    Develop a writing style: It is always advisable to write your blogs in a manner you speak, that is, you should refrain from using jargons and clinches and even avoid overusing thesaurus.
4.    Keywords: There should be optimum use of keywords while writing blogs, however attention must be placed of not clotting your  blog with too many of them as it hampers the natural flow  of  language.
5.    Say it with Pictures: Although content remains to be the king, supporting your writing with a suitable picture that would serve the purpose of highlighting your content is an interesting approach. Pictures should be relevant and copyright free!

Blogging is fun, once you get the building blocks right. It is always rewarding to see your posts getting noticed and you can always aim at getting better with the feedbacks that your articles invite. Shotgun approach should be avoided. Systematic content creation and traffic generation should be aimed at.

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Predicament of a new Blogger

Posted by on May 07 2012 | Blogs, Content Writing

Alright, here we go. After repeated reminders from my boss and “Writing a Blog is no big deal” statements from my colleagues, I am finally Blogging! But, what is it that I am supposed to blog on??

Well, that is the question that lingers in on just about anyone’s mind, worse some of them never get the answer. Whilst some folks only decide to blog because they hear someone making a fortune through blogging, there are also some who get *inspired* to write a blog after they come across a wonderful blog from their favorite celebrity. And probably that is the very reason they do not know what topic to write on, since it is not the love of writing that is drawing them to blogging, it is something which has absolutely nothing to do with writing. Let us have a look at why people wanting to blog don’t blog:

  • No Love for Writing Really

As pointed out above, blogging is all about wanting to express yourself through words. Money can be one of the motivations, not THE motivation.

  • Lack of Confidence

Not being sure if what we write is up to the ‘standards’ is the primary reason why people stay away from blogging. People read other blogs and start comparing the quality of writing on those blogs with their own writing capabilities and that is where the doubts start creeping in. This is what must have prompted Mark Twain to say, “All you need is ignorance and confidence and the success is sure”

  • Expecting Too Much Too Soon

Web is full of stories of people churning out heaps of money by just blogging. So when some new writers on the block do not see the riches pouring in with just a smattering of blogs, they quit writing.

  • Who has Time?

In this hustle and bustle of our daily lives, squeezing out some time for blogging makes up for one challenging task, unless you are a professional writer. You need an uncluttered mind to write blogs, and that is the only thing one never has a luxury of. Writing a blog requires time and an internet connection and while latter can be easily acquired, you cannot buy time!

There must be further more reasons for you not writing a blog even after registering yourself with number of websites. It’s time you give up those reasons and give in to the gratification you get from writing. I for one, surrender!

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Viral Marketing through YouTube

Posted by on Apr 14 2012 | Blogs

Viral Marketing as an advertising tool is probably one of the most innovative and cost effective techniques to tap the social media popularity for a brand awareness. It generally spreads by word of mouth publicity on the internet and has the potential to make or break a brand’s image. Talking of one of the successful viral marketing campaigns from the past, who doesn’t remember the Roller Babies advertisement for Evian mineral water? The ad garnered 65 million views and was crowned one of the most-watched web commercials in the world.

YouTube undeniably is a giant in the world of videos on the World Wide Web, especially with its features that allow any user to like and share any of the videos on his favourite social networking website. If it was not the case, who would have ever knew Why this Kolaveri Di? The music video by Dhanush gained immense popularity on the website and millions of viewers shared it on social media. The song was successful in creating a buzz and became one of the most successful viral video in India in 2011.

However, many a times, marketers misunderstand the concept to achieve their marketing objectives marketers and tend to make mistakes which leads to the wastage of effort and time. Here are some tips for a successful viral campaign-

  1. Creativity – While you are designing your viral marketing campaign, make sure that it is creative. You can take ideas from the popular trends as people easily associate themselves with it.
  2. Human Touch – If you are planning a viral campaign on YouTube, make sure that it does not try too hard to sell the brand advertised. Instead, focus on the concept. The viewer himself will get intrigued after watching the video and would want to know more about your brand as well.
  3. Headlines – While you are uploading your videos, make sure that you give it a headline that in itself creates a buzz.

YouTube has led many companies and businesses to reach out to their customers in an effective way. For many brands yet to see the day light, viral marketing on YouTube can definitely be an effective launch pad.

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