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It’s Raining Sale

Posted by on Oct 24 2012 | Ecommerce, Festive, Social Media

There is something magically wired about people investing and shopping extensively around festivities. If the product is big, the larger the showcase and if it’s small and costs dear, slash the price and watch the rush. Everything works because it is festive season.

Now, if the print, radio or television were not enough to get the consumer’s attention, there’s a better way to get to them, go viral on the web or better yet, post the latest deal on the brand’s Facebook page and tweet about it.

Web Banners: This has typically been working for brands on web pages for quite long. It has almost achieved a veteran status when it comes to web ads and continues to attract attention. This is one classic way of a brand’s approach on the web. Brands representing home furnishings and clothing line prefer to take this route.

Advertorials: It is considered to have been providing the right platform for online marketing. Brands use the advertorial format to publish the festive deals on new product categories or bundled products on the website. Travel deals and packages take on this form to engage the travellers.

Flash Ads: When a festive giveaway flashes on the screen, one is simply tempted to ‘click’ on that button. That is enough to open the box of opportunities that lands the consumer on the website where there’s more than one could have imagined. The rest becomes history. Sale is sealed.

Viral Videos: Give a bow to YouTube because they simplified the job of viral video sharing. All a brand has to do is make an impactful video that speaks of the product ‘more’ in a 30 second blink-and-you-miss-it commercial and share it on social media. Technology products exploit it to have the prospects glued on the offered features.

Social Media Site: Now, that we have let the cat out of the bag, social media has worked wonders for brands this festivity. Gadgets, jewellery, clothing, all brand categories are hogging the limelight to maximize the profits by giving out the best deal of the season. The Facebook page, Twitter handle or even Pinterest is loaded with discount talk.

Now, the question remains if you have been making the most of this or not? You sure know what is going on there so, why wait? Hurry now.


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