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Creating a Unique Identity with Your Company Logo

Posted by on Nov 07 2012 | branding, Logo

A logo is a valuable asset to the company. It makes people remember them and therefore a logo is regarded as more than just a visual representation of the company.

While designing a logo, the set of skills required go beyond the conventional graphic designing. The 5 things to keep in mind are:

Initial stage: While the logo is in the initial stage, there are sketches to form a basic understanding of the logo and the application of balance to make it appealing. During this stage various ideas are generated but each should be kept in mind to progress further.

Use of Colours: Colours come in a variety. A clever use of a combination of colours can be powerful and can create a bigger impact. While choosing colours, the visual appeal should always be pleasing, too much brightness can repel the person from looking at a logo. The logo should also be able to look appealing while in grayscale or black and white.

The Right Typography: While designing the logo, the type should be in harmony and should be readable when scaled down. The use of custom fonts can create a larger impact as they stand out from amongst the overused common fonts.

It is all about the Size: A logo is all about the size. When it comes to designing a logo, it should look good in all sizes. A cluttered logo will lose its purpose when scaled down. A logo should also be in as much vector form as possible.

The Level of Details: A logo should be simple and elegant. The present tools have many effects that can be applied to the logo. Too much detailing can make the logo bulky and will also make it harder to work with since resizing it can become difficult.

Designing a logo is an essential step towards creating a unique brand identity. Not only do you need to choose the right combination of font, colours and details, you also need to make sure you have chosen the right designer to create that impactful logo!

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