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Writing Product Descriptions – A Little Should Say A Lot

Posted by on May 24 2012 | Internet Marketing, Product Descriptions

Words hold the power to convince and contradict, even in the case when they are being used as an instrument of sales. Selling products online is a task that cannot do at all without the support of crisp and concise copy that conveys a lot about the object of sale. A good product description should hold the power of convincing the prospective buyer to purchase the product after spending a few seconds on reading the information that is relevant, appealing and sufficient to sum up the “Why Buy” of the product in 50 -100 words. Seems tricky, right? Was the same for me until I figured out the strategy for getting my product descriptions right. So, here is what I did, and what professional writers usually do too:


Read about No Touch Sales: It may be surprising but it is true that people are more drawn to ecommerce because it minimizes human contact. People purchase online when they read about a product and are longing to see the words take a shape (in the form of the product that is for sale.) So the words have to be really powerful to draw maximum consumer attention.


Understood the Tone and Language: Point to be noted. It is as important to hold back certain information as much it is to give out the rest of it. This simply means to focus on the ‘good points’. You should also refrain from giving out too many details about the product to an extent that the customer loses interest. Make your content compelling, unique and intelligent.


Kept It Original: Of course I refered to some great sites that gave me ideas on writing ome really whacky product descriptions, but managed to keep my content absolutely original. Keping your product descriptions original is important because your site can be penalized in case any copied content is published on your website.


Besides the above points, a definite structure to the product descriptions proved to be of great help. So in 100 word descriptions content writers should spend some 40 words writing about product features, approximately 30 words on style recommendation, another 20 on its utility and the remaining 10 on catchy lines and adjectives. But, often 100 words are also too much for a product description and at that time focusing on the “core functionality” + USP of the product suffices.

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Tell a story to your readers while promoting a product

Posted by on Dec 19 2009 | Product Descriptions

In my last article I have already discussed about product promotion. You must have got a pretty good idea how to promote a product through your writing. However, this method may not work all the time, especially when you are dealing with a common product like perfume, toys and many others. It is indeed useless to tell your readers why they will use perfume, why they will buy toys for their kids. Therefore, a different approach is required here to help the manufacturer help convert through content. Why don’t you tell your readers a story related to your product? You may be surprised, but this idea really works and will definitely lure your readers to buy the product.

Christmas is knocking on the door and the ring of the Christmas bell is getting louder. Did you buy anything for your beloved wife? If you have not bought anything, then you may buy a perfume and add fragrance and freshness to your festivity- no doubt, if you write on a perfume sticking to this idea, it will definitely entice your readers into buying the product. Similarly while writing on a bubble mower, which is meant exclusively for kids, you just try to make your readers feel how enjoyable it would be when their kids try to catch the bubbles but cannot do that. Indeed, a well-written story always tickles readers’ fancy for a product and ultimate boosts the sale.

Nevertheless, the popularity of a story intending to promote a product is largely dependent on the adoption of a right approach. While you are plotting a story on a product, you should keep in mind two basic things; your idea should be clear and your language should be as simple as possible. Needless to say, if your idea is not clear, you cannot intrigue your readers and it will not make your story as well as your product popular among readers. Similarly obscure language will distract your readers’ attention from the story and will ultimately create a big hindrance in your effort to make the product sell. Therefore, if you want to promote a product just by narrating a story to your reader, first think of the plot and then write it in an interactive way.

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Guide to Reviewing Games

Posted by on Dec 14 2009 | Product Descriptions

Reviewing games for Nintendo DS and PlayStation Portable seems pretty appealing but I must tell you that one needs to be a hardcore gamer in order to write interesting reviews. You can easily find thousands of game reviews all across the internet but the main motive should be to write your review in a very unique manner so that it stands out. The first and foremost thing is to write the reviews in a very simple language so that it could be easily understood by teenagers and youngsters. Following are some of the most important tips that would definitely help you while reviewing a game.

  1. Starting from a brief overview of the history of the game is very helpful in building the flow. Most of the games are a sequel of the previous game and you can mention this while starting the review. If it is not a sequel then you can talk about the genre of games it belongs to.
  2. You should always write about the initial reaction towards a specific game. It may or may not be completely different from what you think about it after playing it for several hours. The initial reaction matters a lot because there are many gamers that would simply lose or build interest in a specific game on the first look.
  3. Another very important thing that is very important to define while reviewing a game is the controls. Some games have pretty easy controls while in other you may need sometime to get used to. Explaining or writing about the interface is very important and helpful.
  4. The most important thing that a gamer would look out in a game review is the graphics of a certain game. You can define if the graphics are 2 D or 3 D. Defining the sound and how well it complimented the video is another thing that you can incorporate. Most games include voice acting and you can talk about it as well. The sample clips were up to the mark or not can be another thing to talk about.
  5. You can even talk about the level of difficulty that this game offers. Telling this would help the gamers to have any sought of false conception.

While reviewing games you should try incorporating some technical words that are specifically associated with games. For learning such words you can read game reviews on the internet.

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Interactivity the Key in Product Reviews

Posted by on Dec 04 2009 | Product Descriptions

Have you ever thought of reviewing a product that you have never used? It was a challenge on the first go but gradually I understood that interactivity was the key for this project. The biggest challenge was reviewing a varied base of products from home appliances to backpacks and even more. In the beginning it was quite difficult for me to understand the exact requirements of the clients but with continuous feedback from my seniors and some discipline I have understood the dos and don’ts of the project.

Writing reviews is a time consuming job because you will have to research for the exact specifications of certain products. I do enjoy researching because sometime the products were so weird that it captured my curiosity. While writing a review one must take care that the specifications are dead right so that audience are not misguided. I believe that a review of a certain product must be informative and it should not look like an advertisement. Writing a product review will definitely test your researching abilities and general know how because sometime you may fail to find any specific information on a particular product.

I have understood that information should be provided in an interesting or interactive way. The text should be framed in the best possible manner so that it puts an impact on the reader. The best way to write a product review is to collect relevant information and then rephrase it in a very interactive and informative way. By writing product reviews I have learnt many new things. I do enjoy writing reviews of a number of home appliances, DIY gadgets, backpacks, etc. But I must admit that reviewing games for the very famous Nintendo DS and PSP is my favourite. It is because gaming is my favourite pastime. That is the reason that I knew some gaming terminologies before hand but now I know quite a few many things about gaming.

Reviewing games without even playing them is not that easy but research is the key to it. Watching videos on you tube and accordingly judging graphics of a game is quite interesting. Completing the set target of a minimum number of product reviews per day and maintaining a new tone in each of them is pretty difficult. The best way that i found to maintain a new tone in every article is to make the article as interactive as possible. This project is a learning process for me and still a long way to go.

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Product Promotion-a challenge to fit into the customers’ shoes

Posted by on Dec 03 2009 | Product Descriptions

Any product, be it electronics, retailing, manufacturing or others, has a certain target market. And the role of a copywriter is to promote the product in a way that will help it to fit in customers’ shoes. My first assignment in the company was product promotion which was quite challenging for me. I had to handle various kinds of products and honestly speaking, some of them were quite unfamiliar to me. However, my colleagues helped me a lot to adhere to the tactic of promotional writings and gradually, I found my niche in product promotion. Today, I would like to share my experience of learning the tricks of writing for product promotion.

Know the USP of the Product:

A copywriter handling a project like product promotion must have an idea of the USP of a product. What is the unique part of your product? How is your product different from other products? All these things matter a lot in promotional writings. The first thing I learned was to understand the unique part of a product. For example, you are going to write on iPod accessories, now your first job will be to find out the advantages of these accessories. Why would your reader go for these accessories? First find this thing and then write a promotional piece on iPod accessories.

See the product from a customer’s point of view:

Seeing a product from a customer’s point of view is another challenge of a promotional based write up. In such cases, a copywriter should try to put himself in a customer’s shoe. Think again and again if you were a customer, what would you have checked in the product? Truly, this trick helped me a lot to promote various products in an attractive way. For example, while writing on an electronic product, I used to describe the product in different angles. What are the technical specifications of the product? Is it energy efficient? Does it look stylish? – The answers to all these questions will definitely make a write-up on any electronic product worth reading.

Make your write-up crisp, simple and attractive:

Last but not the least; a product promotional writing should be crisp, simple and attractive. It is true that we hardly get time to read anything minutely for a long period of time. So, it is a better idea to make a product customer-friendly through crisp, simple and attractive write-ups.

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