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Profile Writing For Pharmaceutical Industry

Posted by on Aug 18 2010 | Profile Writing

Most writers would agree that profile writing for pharmaceutical industry is a job, which is very sensitive because one has to be very careful about each word he writes.

It might seem boring; however the truth is that it is quite interesting. Writing about different elements of pharmaceutical industry makes one alert and knowledgeable about the risks and benefits associated with each medicine.

Here are a few pointers that can help you write an effective medical write-up:

Say NO to plagiarism:

Plagiarism anywhere is a crime. You cannot copy word-to-word profiles and pass them off as your own. If you are unable to understand certain terms, either call up your project in-charge or search on the net for a more comprehensive meaning. Understand it and write in your own words. While doing this however, you have to keep in mind that certain terms and expressions in medical writing cannot be changed.

Do not put unconfirmed information:

While writing such content, you have to keep these two words in mind – ONLY FACTS.  Medical studies are an integral part of Science and Science is based on cold facts. You just cannot cook up content.


Remember that spelling mistakes are akin to crime in not only medical profile writing, but also content writing in general. You cannot afford to make spelling mistakes in the medicine’s name. The content will be read by people who are frantic to find an effectively curative medicine for their medical condition. A spelling mistake will only result in the reader growing suspicious of your content and moving away from your site.

Profile writing for pharmaceutical industry is all about ethical and unopinionated content. Therefore, write ethically and sensibly. Remember – somebody’s life is in the words you write. `

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